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Best women's ski suit

Which women's ski suit is best?

Ski suits are the jackets and pants you wear while skiing and snowboarding, winter sports where you need to stay warm without being restricted by your clothing. Most ski suits consist of tops and bottoms with inner and outer layers designed for active participation in outdoor winter sports, recreation and exercise.

If you are looking for a two-piece waterproof and windproof ski suit for a woman, take a look at the GS Snowing Women’s Ski Jacket and Pants Set.

What to know before you buy a women's ski suit

Along with gloves, goggles and a helmet, you need to put on an outfit made especially for skiing before you strap your boots into your bindings.

The undergarment

The purpose of the layer closest to your body is to avoid or reduce perspiration and condensation.

  • Upper: This thermal layer includes a snugly fitting shirt with long sleeves. Special wicking polyesters are best because they let heat and sweat escape, which means you always stay dry, unlike cotton layers that retain water or fabrics that don't breathe.
  • Lower: Called thermal underwear or long underwear, these fit more like tights than pants. If you choose tights that stop just below the knee, you avoid friction and jamming from the heavy socks you wear with your winter boots.

The outer layer

The purpose of the outer layer is to provide an effective barrier against wind, rain and snow, as well as harsher conditions such as sleet and hail. All women’s ski suits have jackets for the upper torso, and some also have insulated pants for the lower torso and legs.

  • Wind: Outer layers need to prevent wind from penetrating your inner layers.
  • Moisture: Outer layers must be fully waterproof, not just water-resistant, and should also wick away any unwanted moisture.

Consider an intermediate layer

An intermediate layer acts as a transition between the extremes of the inner and outer layers, ideally working together with them to wick moisture away while adding a thin layer of thermal insulation.

Fastening system

One sure way to beat the cold and wet is to have a ski suit where the top and bottom fasten securely together and adjust to fit what you’re wearing underneath. The other is to choose a one-piece ski suit that zips up.

Jacket types

  • With wadding: Also called filled jackets, this is the jacket type most used by skiers and snowboarders. Wadding is padded fabric that helps retain air and creates a natural layer of thermal insulation, but jackets with wadding are heavier and provide less freedom of movement.
  • Without wadding: These thin jackets are the choice of mountaineers and people who perspire heavily.
  • Down jackets: These are made from the feathers of ducks or geese. The more feathers you have, the warmer you are, and the more they look like puffy jackets. They’re soft, but they’re also bulkier and less breathable.

What to look for in a quality women's ski suit

Freedom of motion

When it comes to ski suits, the big balancing act is between keeping the wearer warm and dry without restricting their movements. Rather than piling on bulky layers, it's important to find pieces that allow you to move your arms, legs and torso freely.

Waterproof zippered pockets

Look for ski suits that have pockets that are easy to get to when you want your ski pass, lift ticket and personal items.

Antimicrobial underlayer

Active people perspire. Fabrics that wick the perspiration away from your body and pass it along to the surrounding air are a great way to reduce odor, but they do the job even better when treated with germ-fighting solutions.

How much you can expect to spend on a women's ski suit

Most one- and two-piece ski suits cost from $100-$300, with fashion suits costing $1,000 and more.

Women's ski suit FAQ

Which is better, one piece or two?

A. One-piece ski suits give the most protection in the harshest winter weather. Two-piece outfits allow you to add or subtract layers as the weather changes.

What do the permeability numbers on the label mean?

A. They’re numbers that indicate levels of waterproofing and breathability. The bigger the number, the more efficient the membrane. Choose garments with sealed seams and an index of at least 10,000 for most skiing and 20,000 if you plan to spend a lot of time on fresh snow.

What’s the best women's ski suit to buy?

Top women's ski suit

GS Snowing Women’s Ski Jacket and Pants Set

What you need to know: This windproof and waterproof set comes in 30 colors.

What you’ll love: The pants have an adjustable waist and elastic trouser legs to keep out the cold and wet. The short lamb’s wool jacket has adjustable cuffs, a zippered mesh underarm that breathes, a detachable hoodie and a zippered side pocket.

What you should consider: Choose a size larger if you’re going to wear an inner layer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women's ski suit for the money

Mous One Women’s One-Piece Insulated Jumpsuit

What you need to know: This one-piece design zippers up the front and back for quick on and off and for using the bathroom easily.

What you’ll love: No need to attach tops to the bottoms in this one-piece ski suit for extra protection in harsh winter weather. The polyester fabric is waterproof and breathable, and the seams are doubly reinforced. The storm hood is built right into the collar, and the suit has seven zippered pockets.

What you should consider: Not everyone likes the bright safety color.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Nooyme Thermal Underwear for Women

What you need to know: This base layer is made of 65% bamboo carbon, 27% nylon and 8% spandex.

What you’ll love: The top and bottom come in six mix-and-match sizes. The one-piece knitting method stretches four ways and reduces seams by 90%, while the ergonomic compression provides support and promotes better blood circulation. The fleece lining is ultra-soft, the label won’t chafe and the snug fit at the ankles keeps out cold air.

What you should consider: This inner layer takes a while to air dry after use.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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