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Best Adidas crew socks

Which Adidas crew socks are best?

Socks play a crucial part in our everyday fashion, where many people highly value their look and comfort. They are just as important as every other clothes we wear because you generally need them when wearing shoes to prevent blisters and other annoyances, and they also provide comfort. Crew socks are longer types of socks, as they go up to the lower calf area and are commonly used by athletes today for extra ankle support. The cushioning in these socks is not only great for athletes but for those who need cushioning when they walk throughout the day. If you’re looking for Adidas crew socks that offer a great look and extra padding, the Alphaskin Traxion Lightweight Cushioned Crew Socks is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy Adidas crew socks


The size of Adidas crew socks will depend on the type of sock you’re getting. A men’s medium-sized sock can be anything under 6 inches, a large can range from 6 to 12 inches and XL can be 12 to 15 inches. However, this isn’t a set size chart as sizes will vary depending on the type of sock. 


If you’re an athlete, Adidas offers crew socks designed for specific sports. There are crew socks labeled for specific sports and activities such as football, basketball, running, training and hiking. These socks designated for these sports may have a certain build structured for that sport and use extra cushioning to support the activity. 


Sets of Adidas crew socks commonly come in standard colors such as white, black and grey. But if you want more colors to choose from, you’ll have to opt for special pairs of socks with different colors such as red, blue, yellow and more. Socks that come in these non-typical colors tend to come in smaller packs and are more expensive. 

What to look for in quality Adidas crew socks


Cushioning helps provide shock absorption and comfort for your feet when walking or being active. For maximum cushioning, football, basketball, and running socks have the most cushioning out of any other type of socks. Just because they are designed for certain sports or named a specific type of sports, you can still wear those socks casually. Adidas football socks provide padding in the heel, Achilles and other areas that non-athletes use for everyday activities, whether at work or running errands around town. If you prefer not to have cushioning in your socks, there are Adidas crew socks with little to no cushioning, but still use a soft and comfortable fabric. 

Recycled material

If you want more eco-friendly clothing, you can find Adidas socks made from recycled materials. These materials can include cotton, polyester or nylon that is reused to make new socks. Using recycled materials helps reduce the amount of materials wasted to create socks and other clothes. 


Many Adidas socks use a moisture-wicking fabric, meaning that the socks absorb moisture and dry it out quickly. This helps keep your foot dry, especially when in warm conditions and when you’re running, training and playing some type of sport. 

How much you can expect to spend on Adidas crew socks

Expect to spend $10-$25 on Adidas crew socks, where the price will mainly depend on how many socks come in a pack, what colors and designs are offered, and the special features of the socks. So if you’re looking for socks with extra cushioning and breathability, those will cost more in the $15-$25 range. But if you want some simple crew socks, you should find pairs in the $10-$15 range. 

Adidas crew socks FAQ

What is the length of a crew sock?

A. Crew socks typically have a length between 6 to 10 inches, usually going up to the mid-calf area or right below the calves. This is one of the longest socks you can find and it will provide ankle and lower leg support whether it’s for athletics or casual and business attire. 

How do you wear crew socks?

A. You can wear crew socks in any fashion you prefer, but they’re commonly worn with casual attire such as jeans and shorts. Crew socks are heavily used in the sports industry, especially sports such as football, basketball and skateboarding, as the socks are light yet provide ankle support when playing these sports. 

What are the best Adidas crew socks to buy?

Top Adidas crew socks

Alphaskin Traxion Lightweight Cushioned Crew Socks

What you need to know: These socks feature a modern design that’s unique from common crew socks you see today, featuring a cushioned base that comforts the feet. 

What you’ll love: The specially designed footbed of the socks have a hugging-fit that conforms to the shape of your feet while providing shock absorption. The design helps wick heat and moisture away. 

What you should consider: Only one pair of socks is included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Adidas crew socks for the money

Trefoil Crew Socks 6-Pair Set

What you need to know: If you don’t need anything too fancy, you get a great deal for this pack of six pairs of socks.  

What you’ll love: Using a classic design, these socks use a moisture-wicking material that also acts as a cushion for the feet. The socks feature the classic Adidas trefoil design.

What you should consider: Not many color variations. 

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas

Worth checking out

Roller Crew Socks 3-Pair Set

What you need to know: With this three-pack of socks, there are three different colors included, giving you options for whatever outfit you feel like putting on. 

What you’ll love: Features a classic Adidas design with the traditional logo and the three strips along the top of the sock. The ribbed cuff helps the socks stay snug on your feet throughout the day. 

What you should consider: Not as much cushioning compared to athletic socks. 

Where to buy: Sold by Adidas


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