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Best Oakley ski goggles

Which Oakley ski goggles are best?

There’s plenty of time left before winter officially hits, but once the snow starts to fall, it’s time to gear up for skiing season. Whether you’re a casual skier or a high-level competitor, having the best equipment is crucial for safety and performance.

Goggles may not seem important, but they’re necessary to protect your eyes when skiing. If you’re looking for a high-quality pair, Oakley offers several terrific goggles, such as the Oakley Fall Line L Prizm Goggles. Skiers love them for their durability, lens and comfortable fit.

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What to know before you buy Oakley ski goggles


The way your ski goggles fit may vary depending on the shape of your face and head, but it’s essential to have a pair that rest firmly on your face. They shouldn’t feel too tight as they can constrict your face and cut off blood circulation, which can be dangerous. However, ski goggles that are too big can easily fall off your face when you’re skiing down a bumpy hill.

Cylindrical vs. spherical lenses

Ski goggles have lenses with a cylindrical or spherical build:

  • Cylindrical lenses curve horizontally and stay flat vertically. They’re more affordable than spherical lenses but still provide excellent performance.
  • Spherical lenses curve horizontally and vertically, providing a broader field of vision and reduced glare.

Visual light transmission

VLT refers to how much light a lens lets through. The higher the percentage of light a lens allows, the more effective the goggles are in low-light conditions, such as when it’s overcast or snowing. If you plan on skiing on a bright, sunny day, it’s best to have lenses hit a low VLT percentage to block out as much light as possible, letting you see better.

What to look for in quality Oakley ski goggles

Prizm lenses

The best Oakley ski goggles have a proprietary technology embedded in the lenses that lets them efficiently adapt to changing light conditions. It’s accomplished by the lenses blocking specific color wavelengths to adjust the contrast. Prizm lens goggles are expensive, but they’re excellent if you don’t want the trouble of switching lenses when the sun starts to go down in the evening.

Anti-fog coating

Ski goggles are designed to help you see better, but they’re useless if they fog up easily. Fogging is an issue many who wear glasses are forced to deal with at times and is most likely to occur if you’re emitting a lot of body heat. For that reason, wearing ski goggles with an anti-fog coating on the lenses is essential to ensure your field of vision remains uncompromised and you can see your path clearly in front of you.

Ultraviolet protection

Being out on the slopes all day has a similar effect to being in a swimming pool when it comes to sunlight. You may not feel the sun’s heat against your body, but it’s there and can take a toll on your skin if you don’t wear sunblock or layers.

UV rays can fatigue your eyes, especially at higher altitudes where they’re more intense. For that reason, many ski goggles have lenses with filters to prevent UV light from entering, keeping your face and your eyes protected.

How much you can expect to spend on Oakley ski goggles

Oakley ski goggles are made with high-end materials and offer elite performance, so you can expect to pay $150-$220 for a pair. However, there are more affordable models in the $100-$150 range if you’re looking for something more barebones.

Oakley ski goggles FAQ

Does lens color matter?

A. While lens color depends on your preference, some colors offer a more significant VLT percentage than others. Generally, yellow, blue and red lenses let in more light than black, gray and gold lenses.

Can I wear a helmet at the same time as goggles?

A. Yes, most goggles have a strap long enough to accommodate helmets of nearly all sizes.

What are the best Oakley ski goggles to buy?

Top Oakley ski goggles

Oakley Fall Line L Prizm Goggles

What you need to know: These goggles feature high-end technology and are excellent for skiing and snowboarding in any weather.

What you’ll love: The lens enhances color, contrast and depth perception, giving skiers optimal visibility on the slopes while protecting their eyes from sunlight, snow, rain and debris. The rimless frame offers a broad field of vision, and the silicone strap backing fits well with most helmets.

What you should consider: They run large, so they might feel awkward on those who are used to wearing smaller goggles.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Oakley ski goggles for the money

Oakley O Frame 2.0 Pro M Goggles

What you need to know:  These goggles are great for all weather conditions and offer long-lasting comfort.

What you’ll love: These goggles have a wide frame design that boosts peripheral vision and include a secondary pair of lenses so you can adjust when light conditions change. The anti-fog coating keeps the lenses clear, and the frame has a comfortable fleece-lined face foam that wicks away sweat.

What you should consider: Some users complained that replacing the original lens with the replacement is complicated and time-consuming.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Worth checking out

Oakley Flight Deck L Prizm Goggles

What you need to know: These durable goggles provide skiers with the protection they need when hitting the slopes and come in six stylish colors.

What you’ll love: These goggles have a large frameless design for an enhanced view and special prism lenses that help you identify every knoll as you ski. The oversized strap makes them ideal for pairing with helmets of any size, and they come in a protective microfiber bag.

What you should consider: These goggles have a replaceable lens, but you can get goggles of nearly the same quality at a comparable price.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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