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Best hunting blind

Which hunting blinds are best? 

The key to a successful hunt isn’t always gear or marksmanship. Animals are skittish by nature, and when they see a human, they will know that something is brewing. That is why you need a hunting blind.

The pop-up devices act as cover to hide behind and obscure yourself from your target’s view. Several designs and camouflage types are available, but if you want to remain practically invisible, the Primos Hunting Double Bull Surround View Blind is an excellent option.

What to know before you buy a hunting blind

Hard-sided vs. soft-sided

Most people think of a hunting blind as a piece of cloth or a small tent. While that isn’t incorrect, there are also hard-sided blinds. As the name implies, these aren’t made from fabric but plastic. As a result, they are naturally more robust than fabric blinds but not as portable. On the other hand, fabric blinds have excellent mobility but poorly shield you from the elements. 

The size of the blind matters

You must consider the size of the blind if you want to guarantee a successful hunt. A smaller one-person blind will be perfect if you are hunting by yourself. But you also need to consider your gear as you’ll need more room when hunting with a recurve bow. If you get a blind that’s too large, you might struggle to break it down and move to a new location quickly.

The camouflage can work against you

There are several camouflage designs available and for a good reason. Animals have different eyesight and smell, and if you use the wrong pattern to blend in, they could easily spot you. For example, if you hunt deer, get a blind you can cover with brush or leaves. A blind pattern doesn’t matter too much for hunting smaller animals like turkeys. Then you’ll need a blind that you can move quickly.

What to look for in a quality hunting blind

Many windows for optimal coverage

The key to a hunting blind is to remain hidden while having a few of everything around you. Good-quality hunting blinds will have at least one window per side, letting you see 270-degrees. If you don’t have enough windows, you could miss a target or lose sight of it. The size of the blind can also determine the number of windows.

One-way windows

While the number of windows is critical, animals mustn’t see you through it. That is why a good-quality hunting blind will have one-way windows so that you can see out, but the animals can’t see in. It is achieved through special layers and fabrics and gives you the maximum concealment. 

Waterproof outer layer

There are few things as irritating when on the hunt as water dripping on your or your gear. To prevent this from happening, a good-quality hunting blind will have a waterproof outer layer or be coated with a water-resistant element. Just remember to air out your blind after every hunt if it got exposed to moisture - otherwise, mold could build up.

How much you can expect to spend on a hunting blind

The average price of a hunting blind will depend on the construction materials, the size and the manufacturer. A hunting blind with few windows can retail for $70-$90, while larger, more complex blinds can retail for $200-$400.

Hunting blind FAQ

How do you secure a hunting blind?

A. You don’t want the slightest of breezes to flap or lift your blind. To secure it to the ground, many blinds come with stakes that you can easily peg into the ground for stability. 

What can you use instead of a hunting blind?

A. If you don’t want a square or domed hunting blind, you can opt for a sheet of camouflage fabric to drape over yourself. This will keep you concealed and is highly mobile. You can also invest in a hunting table that has a sleeping bag of sorts on top to remain hidden.

What’s the best hunting blind to buy?

Top hunting blind

Primos Hunting Double Bull Surround View Blind

What you need to know: Animals will find it very difficult to spot you, as this hunting blind features one-way walls. This lets you see your surroundings at 270-degrees, and it has a rear blackout wall too. 

What you’ll love: Standing 55 inches by 70 inches, this hunting blind has seven shooting ports, making sure that you can stay on track with the animal’s movements. It comes in a Truth camo pattern, uses the Power Hub framework and weighs 21 pounds.

What you should consider: The blind doesn’t have a floor or groundsheet, so if the exposed ground is of concern to you, it will be better to use your own. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hunting blind for the money

Guide Gear Deluxe Pop-Up Hunting Ground Blind

What you need to know: Taking on a domed shape, this hunting blind is the perfect size for one to two people. It has three full-zip windows and four smaller shooting holes.

What you’ll love: It is very easy to set up and only weighs nine pounds, so you can move it in a hurry if you have to. It’s weather-resistant and flame-retardant and comes in a fall camo pattern.

What you should consider: Due to its smaller size, it’s best for use with shotgun or rifles, but not for recurve bows.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Ameristep Care Taker Kick Out Pop-Up Ground Blind

What you need to know: Perfect for two people, the mossy oak country camo pattern hunting blind has two windows on two sides and a zippered entrance.

What you’ll love: Measuring 60 inches high and 55 inches in width and length, the Care Taker features a black ShadowGuard coating on the inside so that animals don’t see your shadow or silhouette. It comes with a carry bag, ground stakes and high wind tie-downs.

What you should consider: You could use this blind for bow hunting, but some users have indicated that you need to tilt the bow slightly for it to fit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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