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Best cheap golf balls

Which cheap golf balls are best?

Ready to hit the green with a new set of golf balls? Whether you’re just starting out as a beginner or have been on the golfing range for some time, everyone needs affordable golf balls. 

If you’re brand new to golf, you’ll likely want some golf balls you can lose while you learn to improve your game. A well-made, affordable golf ball can be just the thing to help you grow as a player and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Below you’ll find a buying guide crafted to help you find the best cheap golf ball. A top choice is Titleist TruFeel golf balls, which are popular for their great price point and durability. 

What to know before you buy cheap golf balls

Know USGA standards for golf balls

To maximize your game, choose a ball that fits the United States Golf Association (USGA) criteria. If you choose to play with a low-quality ball, you’re more likely to practice improper form. USGA stipulations for golf balls are as follows:

  • Symmetrically dimpled with even texture and no scratches
  • Spherical without and holes, dents or spikes
  • Does not exceed 1.62 ounces in weight
  • Does not exceed 1.68 inches in diameter

Pick golf balls based on how much you play

The more you play, the more you can invest in higher-quality golf balls. That said, you’ll want to give yourself a little time to adjust to golfing. So if you’re just learning, find some mid-range golf balls to practice with. Then you can opt for some more expensive balls when you hit the green.

What to look for in quality affordable golf balls

Golfing is one of the few sports where you’re allowed to bring your own ball. Take time to find a ball that aligns with what you’re looking for in build and features.


Golf balls come in five varieties, one for each layer. Each layer consists of either liquid, solid rubber or plastic. Typically, the more layers a golf ball has, the more distance and control the player has. However, this comes with a price increase. If you’re a beginner or intermediate player, you can invest in one to two-layer golf balls while you improve your game.


All golf balls should conform to the USGA standard of 1.62 ounces or less. However, balls lighter than 1.62 will have a different play feel and may be preferable to some players when they’re practicing on the range. 


The spin of a golf ball plays a big role in how easily it stops and where it lands. Spinning helps you control the ball to a degree, but too much spin can hinder potential distance. Learn how much a ball tends to spin so you can tailor your game accordingly.


The feel of a golf ball may seem elusive. It essentially boils down to how the ball feels when a player hits the ball with their club. The feel of a ball can affect the range and drive of play, so check user reviews to get an idea about the feel of a golf ball to make an informed decision.

How much you can expect to spend on cheap golf balls

On average, a beginning to intermediate level golf ball ranges between $10-$40 per dozen balls. The golf balls in this guide range from $15-$35 per dozen.

Affordable golf balls FAQ

How are golf balls made?

A. Modern golf balls, unlike their historical leather counterparts, are made of rubber and plastic. Depending on how many layers the ball has, it typically consists of a rubber or synthetic core, various levels of rubber or plastic coatings, and a final plastic coating with the recognizable dimpled, white exterior. You can also play with brightly colored balls if you want to find them easily on the golf course.

Does the weather affect how far a golf ball will go?

A. It’s common knowledge that a strong headwind can be a golfer’s worst nightmare. However, few realize that cold weather shortens a ball’s flight. This is because air is denser when it’s cold, which pulls down on the ball and limits its range. Sunny, warm days make for perfect golfing weather, not just because it’s nice outside but also because your golf balls will fly further!

Which are the best affordable golf balls to buy?

Top affordable golf balls

Titleist TruFeel golf balls

Our take: An iconic brand in the golfing business that offers an effective golf ball at an affordable price.

What we like: Customers report a soft feel and low spin that makes the ball easy for beginners and pros alike. Designed with a dynamic core and polyurethane exterior for long drives as well as short puts. Comes in red, yellow or classic white.

What we dislike: It doesn’t offer the more advanced features you might expect from a high-end golf ball.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Top affordable golf balls for the money

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft golf balls

Our take: Economical and well-designed, these golf balls are made to last and have all the features you’d look for in a quality ball.

What we like: Users report a good feel and spin on these balls. Their soft finish gives them a nice bounce. Great price point.

What we dislike: Only available in standard white. Basic build doesn’t offer upper-level features that pros would want.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Volvik Crystal golf balls

Our take: Customizable and colorful, this line of golf balls comes with upgraded features.

What we like: Comes in a multitude of unique colors and customizations. Golfers rate them highly for feel, spin and reliability.

What we dislike: This is the most expensive pick in this guide and may be out of price range for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods


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