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Best Callaway drivers

Which Callaway driver is best?

Callaway has long been one of the most respected names in golf equipment. Like many manufacturers, Callaway has a staff of professional golfers who use and endorse their clubs, balls and golf peripherals. Three of the top players on the team that uses Callaway drivers are Jon Rahm, the top-ranked player in the world, Phil Mickelson and the newly-crowned 2020 Olympic gold medal winner, Xander Schauffle.

Few play golf anywhere near the level of these three, but many share their equipment preference because they know Callaway uses only the finest materials and craftsmanship in their drivers. If you want to play the same Callaway driver that won the Olympics, the Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver is the driver for you.

What to know before you buy a Callaway driver

The three critical things to consider when shopping for a Callaway driver are the loft angle of the clubface, the clubhead size and shape, the clubhead weighting system and the club shaft.

Loft angle: This is the angle at which the clubface launches the ball off the tee. Callaway builds drivers with lofts ranging from 8 to 14 degrees. Generally speaking, better golfers favor Callaway drivers with lower loft angles and high handicap golfers play better with higher-loft drivers. 

Clubheads: Callaway’s driver heads use 440 and 460 cubic centimeter sizes. All the clubhead shapes are aerodynamic, and some are more pleasing to look at than others, adding to a golfer’s confidence.

Weight system: Callaway drivers use weights to distribute the clubhead’s mass so that your shots fly straighter. Some Callaway drivers allow you to adjust the weight to suit your desired ball flight.

What to look for in a quality Callaway driver


Drivers that have adjustable weighting systems, launch angles and the left and right bias are better choices than drivers that come in only a single configuration. 


Callaway drivers use very high-tech alloys, carbon fiber and graphite materials. Drivers are the lightest, strongest and highest-performing clubs Callaway can make. Look at what types of carbon fiber and metal alloys go into making the Callaway driver you want.


Here is where you need to balance how far the golf ball flies far and how straight it goes. Longer shafts deliver faster clubhead speeds for greater distance but do so at the expense of direction. Just like longer shafts, lighter shafts are also better for distance but harder to control. Callaway offers a range of shaft lengths from 44 to 48 inches and several different choices of shaft materials that fine-tune your Callaway driver’s performance even more.


Callaway drivers all have clubheads with the same basic shape, optimized to reduce drag and increase clubhead speed. Because confidence is an integral part of every golfer’s game, choose a Callaway driver that looks good to your eye from above, the way you will be looking at it when you play.

How much you can expect to spend on a Callaway driver

Current model year drivers from Callaway cost from $300-$600. One or two-year-old drivers usually cost from $150-$400. The most expensive drivers are the ones with the most adjustability and made with the most premium materials.

Callaway driver FAQ

Can’t I just buy a good used Callaway driver for less?

A. Yes, you can, but you should only trust refurbished drivers from a reputable source. Otherwise, you have no way of knowing if the previous owner or owners abused their drivers in ways that will affect your club’s performance. The best way to ensure reliability and prolonged use is to buy a new Callaway driver and use it with confidence for years to come.

How long will a new Callaway driver last?

A. Average players find their Callaway drivers last about five years. Those who take excellent care of their drivers find they last even longer.

What is the point of a headcover?

A. Headcovers are used to protect clubs and shafts from being damaged or from damaging each other. Headcovers are essential for drivers and fairway woods because their hollow heads of thin, lightweight metal are more susceptible to damage than irons made of thicker solid metal.

What’s the best Callaway driver to buy?

Top Callaway driver 

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed Driver

What you need to know: This is the driver Xander Schauffle used to win the Gold Medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

What you’ll love: This driver uses the exacting specifications of PGA Tour players, so if you want what the pros play, this is the one for you. This driver also uses Callaway’s Jailbreak Speed Frame that improves horizontal and torsional stability. The advanced aerodynamic construction of the clubhead delivers lower drag for faster speed. Callaway’s Flash Face promotes faster clubhead speeds across a wider area. 

What you should consider: This driver will be too pricey for all but those who want only the best driver money can buy.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Callaway driver for the money

Callaway Golf Mavrik Driver

What you need to know: This is last season’s hottest driver and is steeply discounted for the budget-minded golfer.

What you’ll love: This driver is loaded with player improvement technology to be more forgiving and thus ideal for golfers with high handicaps who need more distance. The new face design uses FS2S titanium that is 6 grams lighter than traditional alloys. Choose from 30 combinations of right or left-handed drivers with five shaft flexes and weights and three launches of 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees or 12.5 degrees.

What you should consider: Because this club is more forgiving, better players will not like how they cannot shape their drives as much as they want.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Callaway Golf Big Bertha B21 Driver

What you need to know: This is the modern version of the driver that started the big clubhead movement that took over golf.

What you’ll love: The extra-wide and extra forgiving face on this driver makes it easier for all players to strike the ball in the oversized sweet spot. Less consistent golfers can hit more long and straight drives with the Big Bertha design because the face of this driver produces less spin. 

What you should consider: This driver has a high launch angle and is not for golfers who hit their drives with higher-than-usual ball trajectory.

Where to buy: Amazon


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