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Best personal safety alarm for runners

Which personal safety alarms for runners are best?

Although running can be a simple exercise, there is always something bad that can happen. You could injure yourself and become physically incapable of moving. You also never know when there might be dangerous people on your route. A personal safety alarm can be a lifesaver, as it can alert people nearby that you need help. If you’re looking for a personal safety alarm that has a long shelf life and easy activation, the BSAU eAlarm is the best choice.  

What to know before you buy a personal safety alarm for runners


Volume is the most important factor in a personal safety alarm for runners. An alarm that’s not loud enough will render the device pretty much useless. The volume of personal safety alarms is measured in decibels. You should look for an alarm that has a volume of at least 120 decibels. The more decibels, the better. This will help to make sure that others nearby can hear the alert so you can get help more quickly.


Personal safety alarms for runners should be easy to carry with you when going traveling outdoors or in fitness environments. A personal alarm should be able to easily fit in the palm of your hand and should be easy to attach to your pockets, bag, bike and other items. Many personal alarms will have a keychain ring or a clip that allows you to attach the alarm to your clothing discreetly. Those features will also help keep the item out of your way when exercising.


Personal safety alarms will have various types of batteries. The most common types of batteries used in these devices are button cell batteries and AA or AAA batteries. When choosing a device, ensure that the device has a battery life of at least a year when not in use. You don’t want to have a safety alarm that drains out in a few months. A personal safety alarm should also have a siren that’s capable of lasting at least 30 minutes when activated.  

What to look for in a quality personal safety alarm for runners

LED lighting

Many personal safety alarms for runners will have a built-in LED light. The light is useful for when you can't see certain areas or when you are trying to capture someone’s attention after the siren has been triggered. This can be especially helpful when you’re jogging outside during times of day that are dark. 

GPS tracking

Even if it never reaches a point where the safety alarm is activated, GPS tracking allows your friends and family to track you when you’re out. When you’re in danger, the GPS feature can usually send an SOS signal that notifies people tracking your location. The GPS is also useful for when you lose the device and need to find it quickly. 


A personal safety alarm can be completely vulnerable if it doesn’t have some type of outdoor protection. Waterproof models will be able to withstand wet conditions like running in the rain or other wet environments. Some devices may even be capable of being submerged underwater while you swim. If you’re someone who likes to run outside a lot, make sure that you find a sensor that is waterproof to make sure you stay protected in any type of weather.

How much you can expect to spend on personal safety alarms for runners

Personal safety alarms for runners can cost anywhere between $5-$50.  You can find budget-friendly alarms for $5-$15, those with a few added features like a flashlight for $15-$30 and those with advanced features like GPS and Bluetooth capabilities from $30-$50.

Personal safety alarm for runners FAQ

When should you use a personal alarm?

A. You should use a personal alarm as soon as you suspect that you are in any kind of danger. Don’t be afraid to use it and do your best to activate it before you’re assaulted. 

Will a personal alarm scare a bear away?

A. Personal alarms can be useful for scaring away bears, as bears do not like loud noises. If you have a personal alarm that’s louder than 150 decibels, that’s even better. However, you should never approach a bear.

What’s the best personal safety alarm for runners to buy?

Top personal safety alarm for runners

BASU eAlarm Plus

What you need to know: Backed by Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, this personal safety alarm is TSA-approved.

What you’ll love: The device has pin-pull activation, which allows it to be used as a tripwire when you attach string to both sides. The rugged rubber outer shell provides water resistance.  

What you should consider: The activation clip loosens over time. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top personal safety alarm for runners for the money

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

What you need to know: Featuring a 140-decibel siren, this alarm’s noise can be heard from distances as far as 606.9 feet. 

What you’ll love: The device can be used as a flashlight with a simple light button. It’s built with a hard plastic outer cover that keeps it resistant to falls, crushes and high temperatures. 

What you should consider: Some users have reported problems with the alarm sound not working every time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Alphahom Care Go Personal Alarm

What you need to know: This personal alarm works perfectly with your phone, as the device has Bluetooth capability and uses its own app.

What you’ll love: With Bluetooth capability, users can find the device, and loved ones can locate you when you’re out. There’s a one-year warranty if you’re not happy with the item. 

What you should consider: It may be expensive for those on a budget, so if you’re low on cash, this might not be the right personal alarm for you.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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