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Best wall-mount dip station

Which wall-mount dip station is best?

While dumbbells and barbells are standard in at-home settings, a dip station can be more challenging to manage, especially because they can take up space. That’s why wall-mount dip stations can be helpful as extra fitness equipment around the house or your gym while not taking up much space. Dip stations allow you to add a variety of calisthenics workouts to your regime. If you’re looking for a wall-mount dip station that’s stable and has a comfortable grip, the ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Dip Stand is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy a wall-mount dip station

Weight support

Wall-mount dip stations will vary in weight capacity, so pick one that has enough to hold your weight. If you have a dip station that can’t support your weight, you can damage it and the wall. There are dip stations that can hold over 800 pounds, so you can easily find one that will have enough weight support. 

Wall type

While some manufacturers may say otherwise, it’s not safe or generally recommended to mount dip stations and pull-up bars on drywall, hollow brick wall, plaster and cavity walls. Those types of walls are prone to weakening and breakage when mounting dip or pull-up stations. The best walls for mounting are brick, concrete, solid cement and tile. 


Unlike standing dip stations, the width of wall-mount dip stations generally can’t be adjusted, limiting you to one width of grip. However, wall-mount dip stations have different grip styles to help add dip variations to your workout. These types of dip stations tend to be on the more expensive side. 

What to look for in a quality wall-mount dip station


Wall-mount dip stations can come with a pull-up bar, along with armrest and backrest padding so you can do leg lifts. You can even take some off the wall mount easily so that you can put it on the floor to do push-up variations. 


Having a dip station with foam padding on the grips can feel much less strenuous on the hands than having to grip bare steel. Armrest padding helps cushion your arms when doing leg lifts on appropriate dip stations, as it would be painful to do them with no padding. Backrest padding helps keep your back straight when doing leg lifts instead of having your entire body swing when attempting the workout. 

Steel construction

Wall-mount dip stations with heavy-duty steel will keep the equipment stable, especially when in use. Whether a person is heavier or lighter in weight, poor construction in a dip station can result in the shakiness of the station. It may also not stay placed in the wall well enough. 

How much you can expect to spend on wall-mount dip station

Wall-mount dip ranges can cost anywhere from $25-$400. If you simply want a dip station to do dips and a few other exercises, you can get a cost-friendly one for $25-$50. If you want a dip station with pull-up bar attachments and extra padding, expect to pay $50-$150. Dip stations higher than $150 will have more attachments, padding and may even have adjustable heights for the dip station and other attachments. 

Wall-mount dip station FAQ

Can you do rows on a dip station?

A. You can perform inverted rows with a wall-mount dip station as long as the bars are around waist height so that you can pull yourself up when doing the exercise. 

How far apart should dip bars be?

A. It’s recommended that the dip bars be 18 to 24 inches apart from each other, depending on what muscles you want to target. If you want to focus more on the chest area, then wider distances are the better option. For more focus on the triceps, a narrower distance is most suitable. 

What’s the best wall-mount dip station to buy?

Top wall-mount dip station

ONETWOFIT Multifunctional Wall-Mounted Dip Stand

What you need to know: With an easy installation process, you can quickly switch to various workouts with this multifunctional dip station.

What you’ll love: Uses appropriate padding so you can do leg lifts and other exercises. The heavy-duty steel construction provides weight support up to 440 pounds. 

What you should consider: Assembly has been a hassle for some. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top wall-mount dip station for the money

Synergee Wall-Mounted Dip Station

What you need to know: This dip station has a simple build that requires minimal space in your home to install.

What you’ll love: Armrest padding allows you to do leg lift exercises as well. The station has a 400-pound weight capacity, which is considerably strong for its price. 

What you should consider: No pull-up bar attachment included. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out


What you need to know: Providing more than enough cushioning for whatever grips you’re using, this dip bar has tear-resistant padding.

What you’ll love: This option is versatile enough to be used as a pull-up bar or dip station, both with foam grips. There's a lock ring attachment that allows you to install a punching bag to the station.

What you should consider: The included instructions have been confusing for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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