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Best volleyball set


Volleyball is a great sport for people of all ages. With the right volleyball set, you can quickly set up the net and court dimensions and be ready for the first serve. There are many options for prospective courts, where several areas can be the backdrop for hours of fun and exercise, including indoors, your backyard or the local beach.

Volleyball sets provide all the components needed to lift the net and keep it in place, while often providing a volleyball, sideline markers and even a carrying case. For its backyard design and durability, the best volleyball set is the Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set With Case.

What to know before you buy a volleyball set

How often will you be playing?

If you are planning to play on a regular basis, you should consider a higher-priced set that has stronger materials to withstand weather and frequent use. Also look at permanent sets that are designed to remain in places like your backyard. If you only play occasionally, a lower-priced portable set will likely be a better investment.

Where will you be playing?

The local park or beach won’t let you set up a permanent volleyball court, so if you are playing on public property, you will need a portable set that can be quickly set up and taken down. If you plan to install a set for many years to come at your home or business, look at permanent sets that are designed for long-term use.

How competitive are your matches?

While many sets come with a standard size net, beginning players, older players or players in a tight space might require a smaller net. You also may have players that would benefit from a shorter net. Look for sets that have adjustable nets that can be lowered to a height that makes the game more fun for everyone.

What to look for in a quality volleyball set


The net is one of the most important features. Nylon nets with extra support around the edges will typically last longer. Make sure that the attachment to the poles is tight so that the net doesn’t sag — it should remain taut throughout the match.


The support poles for the net are usually made from steel or aluminum. Poles that are adjustable or telescoping are easier to pack up. Poles in portable sets tend to be smaller and lighter than permanent sets.

Ground stakes

Holding the poles in place is important to keep the net from sagging or falling over. Some stakes are tethered to the ground with a wire or cord, while others are hammered into the ground. The sturdier your ground stakes are in place, the better your day will go without having to reset a fallen net.

Carrying case

For portable sets, look for those with carrying bags where the components fit all the way inside. You don’t want poles or the net sticking out where they can get caught on something. Sets without carrying cases can be challenging to collect and store.

How much you can expect to spend on a volleyball set

Portable volleyball sets that are intended for a quick setup and tear-down cost $25-$75, while higher-quality portable sets that can stand up to rough play and weather cost $75-$250. Permanent sets with the best quality components cost $250-$2,500.

Volleyball set FAQ

What is the best way to secure the poles for a portable set?

A. Most portable sets come with stakes and ties to secure the poles to the ground. Other sets simply drive the poles into the ground. For extra stability, consider filling a large bucket with sand, dirt or cement, and placing a PVC pipe in the middle for holding the pole. The weight of the buckets should keep the net from falling over.

What is the correct height for a volleyball net?

A. You should set the volleyball net at the best height for you and the other players. The standard net height for men is 7 feet, 11.625 inches, and 7 feet, 4.125 inches for women. However, if you have younger or older players, you may want to lower the net so everyone can have more fun getting the ball over the net.

What’s the best volleyball set to buy?

Top volleyball set

Park & Sun Sports Spectrum Classic Volleyball Set With Case

What you need to know: A full-size net sets up quickly for competitive outdoor players with three height adjustments.

What you’ll love: A special loop system keeps the net taut. It features push-button telescoping poles. There are 12-inch steel stakes for securing the poles in the ground. It comes in an equipment bag for easy storage.

What you should consider: The full-size length can be challenging to store in smaller car trunks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top volleyball set for the money

Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

What you need to know: A great set for families that features both volleyball and badminton, including all the equipment you will need to get started.

What you’ll love: An extra-wide net allows for multiple setups for different games. There are adjustable steel poles and tension pull-down handles. The set features waterproof edges and nylon rope to withstand weather and rough play.

What you should consider: The volleyball included with the set is a not the regulation size, and the badminton equipment is not very durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Patiassy Professional Portable Volleyball Set

What you need to know: A fully adjustable net allows for different heights while attached to two rust-free aluminum poles.

What you’ll love: The net is the standard size (32 feet long by 3 feet wide) with PVC net protection for extra longevity. A sturdy duffel bag carries the full set without any protruding parts. It comes with its own volleyball.

What you should consider: The net has been reported to droop if it gets wet, so indoor storage is recommended.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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