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Best kickboxing bag

Which kickboxing bags are best?

Whether you’re looking for a total-body workout routine or you want to improve your boxing skills, a kickboxing bag can be a transformative addition to your home gym. Expect plenty of arm, core and even leg strengthening benefits as you implement more kickboxing into your weekly regime. 

The best kickboxing bag will hold up to even the most skillful mixed martial arts practice. Enhance your cardiovascular endurance and body strength with the top choice bag: Ringside Heritage Heavy Bag.

What to know before you buy a kickboxing bag

Keep your hands protected

A new kickboxing bag can be exciting. While you probably want to dive headfirst into your punching routines, it’s important to protect your hands before you start. A good pair of kickboxing gloves or even hand wraps can spare you scrapes, sprains and even breaks. Kickboxing bags are padded, but the impact from strong punches can be detrimental. If you are consistent with wrapping your hands and wearing padded gloves on your kickboxing bag, you can save yourself injuries and expensive hospital visits. 

A stand matters

Hanging a kickboxing bag from an unfinished beam in your basement is tempting, but it’s best avoided. Houses are built to withstand a lot of weight, knocks and jolts, but they aren’t designed to hold an 80-pound package of stuffing in the middle of a beam. Some apartments in repurposed warehouses may be able to support a hanging bag on a beam, but most homes and residential apartments can't. Find a reliable stand built to handle the weight of your desired bag. It may set you back an extra $150, but that’s cheaper than most home repairs. 

Prepare to work hard

Kickboxing is far more exhausting than you may anticipate. Punching, kicking and striking a durable kickboxing bag drains your energy fast. You can easily burn hundreds of calories with a high-intensity workout. If you’re just beginning kickboxing, then start with shorter sessions as you build up your endurance and cardiovascular strength. Properly hydrate and allow your body to heal and recuperate between sessions. 

What to look for in a quality kickboxing bag


Kickboxing bags come in a range of weights to serve different goals. There’s no reason to choose the highest weight possible just to feel impressive. The best weight for your kickboxing bag will match your abilities. Heavier bags provide far more resistance and can feel as if they fight back when you strike. That means they require more strength to use. A 70- to 80-pound bag is a great place to start since it offers enough resistance to keep from swaying wildly but isn’t too much for a decent workout.


If a kickboxing bag is packed too tight or made out of a material that’s too thick, it can cause pain and even injury. Consider how much absorbency you want in a bag and how you would prefer it to feel against your impact. Choose your level of stuffing from there.


You’re going to strike your kickboxing bag over and over, sometimes for many days in a row. The material must be durable and the seams should be reinforced. You don’t want to split a seam and send the interior material all over the room so go with durability over style.

Surface material

Most modern kickboxing bags are made of synthetic materials or leather. Vinyl, plastic and canvas are some of the most common materials. Leather tends to be far more expensive, but it is highly durable, comfortable and offers a classic appearance. Synthetic materials are better for humid spaces. Some are even designed to offer a leatherlike appearance to mimic the feel of leather at a lower cost. 

How much you can expect to spend on a kickboxing bag

You can find lower-quality kickboxing bags for as little as $100. A realistic range for a quality bag is $150-$400, while some high-end leather kickboxing bags can be as much as $800.

Kickboxing bag FAQ

How heavy of a bag do professionals use?

A. Professional athletes use a variety of weights for practice. Professionals and enthusiasts alike commonly enjoy 100-pound bags. 

What’s the best material to fill a kickboxing bag?

A. Sand and sawdust are common, inexpensive fillers for kickboxing bags. Some kickboxing bags are stuffed with rags or cloth for increased density. Grains are also used on occasion.

What’s the best kickboxing bag to buy?

Top kickboxing bag

Ringside Heritage 90-pound Heavy Bag

What you need to know: This champion among bags is a solid 90 pounds, making it perfect for beginner or expert boxers alike.

What you’ll love: Invest in a reliable training partner when you purchase this cowhide leather bag. The triple reinforced seams guarantee this bag a long life and excellent durability. Enjoy the soft strike surface and gentle absorbency. This bag will help you stay in shape or condition for competition.

What you should consider: This bag is on the expensive side of kickboxing bags, so many beginners may not feel comfortable with the investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top kickboxing bag for the money

Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

What you need to know: Get professional quality in this heavy-duty bag at a fraction of the professional cost. 

What you’ll love: This canvas boxing bag gives you plenty of flexibility in terms of filler material and weight. It comes with a chain for reliable hanging so you can punch away and trust it to hang tight. The heavy-duty material will stand up to training sessions or casual exercises.

What you should consider: Note that this bag comes unfilled. You will need to fill it yourself to meet your preferred weight.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag 69-inch 182-pound Heavy Boxing Bag

What you need to know: If you need a freestanding heavy bag to avoid purchasing a new stand, this one is a great choice. 

What you’ll love: This bag works on any even floor surface. The shock-absorbing system reduces the impact of punches to keep injuries to a minimum. You can remove the springs if you prefer less vibration or have high-intensity training goals. The tear-resistant material also holds up well against kicks and punches. 

What you should consider: Some users complain that it takes too many extra materials to keep this kickboxing bag stable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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