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Spalding basketball hoop vs. Goalrilla basketball hoop

Are Spalding or Goalrilla basketball hoops best? 

For aspiring athletes or basketball enthusiasts, getting a hoop installed at home is a great way to work on your shot or play with your friends whenever you want to. There are several types of basketball hoops available on the market and multiple different brands selling them. Two of the most popular brands are Spalding and Goalrilla. Both Spalding and Goalrilla sell multiple basketball hoop options at a number of price points. 

Spalding offers far more versatility in the options it sells and comes with the pro-style rims while Goalrilla basketball hoops have higher quality backboards and strong, durable poles. 

Spalding basketball hoop

Spalding basketball hoops are built with durable materials and are available in both portable and in-ground options. The hoops come at affordable prices and have a wide range of height adjustment options. 

Spalding basketball hoop pros

What Spalding offers that Goalrilla does not is versatility. The company has a wide range of different basketball hoops designed for portability as well as in-ground installation. If you have a more spacious backyard, a built-in hoop will offer more stability. If you are playing basketball in a driveway or smaller space, having a portable hoop will be easier to roll away if necessary. 

The hoops also come with different backboard materials including glass, acrylic and polycarbonate to best fit your personal preferences and needs.

With the large number of options from Spalding also comes a wide variety of price points as well. So, if you are shopping for a basketball hoop on a budget, Spalding has several hoops that will be more affordable. 

All Spalding products come with a height adjustment feature that allows you to play while on a shorter hoop. Most hoops have an adjustment range between 7.5-10 feet. Some options even come at 6-inch increments providing you with five different height options in comparison to the three that Goalrilla has on most of their models.

Spalding basketball hoop cons

While Spalding basketball hoops offer versatility, they lack long-term quality. The company does make durable products, but in comparison to Goalrilla, lacks the same longevity. This is especially true for its portable hoops where the bottom base can crack and leak out the water or sand that is holding them down. 

Furthermore, Spalding poles are thinner than Goalrilla counterparts. The thinner poles may also be more susceptible to damage from heavy impacts or strong winds. While Spalding poles still offer significant durability, Goalrilla’s additional thickness provides more strength and more resistance to the elements. 

Best Spalding basketball hoops

The best in-ground Spalding hoop is the Spalding U-Turn In-Ground Basketball Hoop. The hoop comes with a tempered glass backboard and a pro-style breakaway rim that can handle dunks and light hanging.

A great portable option from the company is the Spalding 52" Performance Acrylic Pro Glide Advanced Portable Basketball Hoop. This product is sold at an affordable price and comes with a rebounder on the base that makes it easier to get the basketball back after taking a shot. 

Goalrilla basketball hoop

Goalrilla basketball hoops have pro-level quality and durable in-ground products. These hoops are designed both for casual play and for athletic training with the company also selling several attachments meant to improve practicing. 

Goalrilla basketball hoop pros

The largest advantage that Goalrilla basketball hoops have over competitors is the durability and overall quality. Goalrilla hoops are built with tempered glass backboards and have a reinforced alloy steel frame. The materials provide a consistent feedback from the ball and are more durable than acrylic or polycarbonate backboards.

Goalrilla products also offer incredibly high levels of durability in its construction. With a pole that is about one inch thicker than similar Spalding hoops and an additional powder coating, the company offers resistance to weather and rust. 

All Goalrilla hoops come with a breakaway rim that stands up to aggressive weight and dunking that will allow you to hang on it without any damage or bending. 

The largest advantage the company has over other Spalding hoops is the additional attachments. Goalrilla offers attachable hoop lights and rebound netting which can help you keep playing at night or in smaller yards. The company also sells pole padding to prevent any injuries. 

Goalrilla basketball hoop cons

The largest downside to Goalrilla is the lack of versatility. While Spalding offers several types of basketball hoops including a number of portable options. Goalrilla only sells in-ground hoops which are a much larger commitment. If you live in a smaller home or an apartment, there may not be room to install an in-ground hoop in a backyard or outdoor space. 

Another major detractor from Goalrilla is the price. All options from the company cost more than $1,000. If you are looking for a basketball hoop while on a budget, this might put products from the company out of your price range. 

Best Goalrilla basketball hoops

The highest quality Goalrilla hoop is the Goalrilla FT72 Basketball Hoop. This hoop comes with a 72-inch backboard and structurally reinforced poles. The hoop also has an adjustable height feature that goes between 7.5-10 feet. 

Another option from the company is the Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop. This hoop comes with a lifetime warranty so you will be able to replace it if there is any major damage sustained. 

Should you get a Spalding or Goalrilla basketball hoop?

Spalding and Goalrilla both offer high quality basketball hoops with durable materials that will stand the test of time. 

If you are looking for a pro-level hoop, with the option for attachments that improve training quality and a lifetime warranty, Goalrilla has multiple options worth buying. However if you are looking for a more affordable or portable option, Spalding has a wider selection of hoops to choose from.

The bottom line is that for most shoppers, the wider selection of products, more affordable prices and brand recognition make Spalding the right choice.

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