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Best jersey frame

What is the best jersey frame?

Around the world, nearly $200 billion is spent annually on sports apparel. Sports fans love their teams, and many show their support by buying their favorite player’s jersey. While some fans wear the jerseys in public, others prefer to preserve the jersey with a frame that not only protects it but can showcase it for others to see.

Jersey frames also are great for your own jersey when you competed athletically or perhaps an autographed piece of apparel that you want to save as an investment and discussion piece. There are different sizes and styles of jersey frames. The best jersey frame is the DisplayGifts XL Jersey Display Frame due to its capacity to hold extra-large jerseys.

What to know before you buy a jersey frame

Jersey size

Jersey frames come in different sizes, just as jerseys do. Football and hockey jerseys are the biggest jerseys. Fold your jersey and measure it squarely to see which dimensions work best for your frame. Make sure to calculate any matting that may run the perimeter of the cover. Shadow boxes are typically better for smaller jerseys, although a few are big enough for larger jerseys. 

Types of jersey frames

The two main types of frames are flat box and shadow box frames. Shadow boxes have three-dimensional depth and are typically combined with other memorabilia to display alongside the jersey. Look for high-quality wood frames that look stylish and will last a long time. Plastic frames may be less expensive but often are less sturdy and not as durable.

Display options 

Will you hang your jersey frame on a wall or keep it freestanding on a table or display rack? If hanging on a wall, make sure the frame comes with mounting hardware. Shadow boxes are sometimes displayed on a counter or table due to the challenge of hanging the extra depth on a wall.

What to look for in a quality jersey frame

Locking door

If your jersey is extra valuable, consider a frame with a locking door. This will keep curious hands from getting a hold of it.

Acrylic cover

Most frames have an acrylic cover for protection from dust and fingerprints. Acrylic covers with ultraviolet protection are the best option since they will keep harmful sun rays from fading the colors on your favorite jersey. Faded jerseys lose their value in addition to their overall appeal. Acrylic covers also keep heat and humidity from affecting the jersey. 


The mounting material should be acid-free to protect the jersey over time. If you plan to showcase other memorabilia like a ticket stub or souvenir, look for frames with an additional side panel or designated place for these items to be attached.

How much you can expect to spend on a jersey frame

Smaller jersey frames and shadow boxes with plastic or lower quality wood cost $30-$60. Most jersey frames with high-quality wood panels and acrylic fronts cost between $60-$100, depending on the size of the frame and type of wood. Extra-large frames with matting and side spaces for other memorabilia cost $100-$175.

Jersey frame FAQ

What is a shadow box?

A. A shadow box is a framed box with a glass or acrylic front. It showcases jerseys or other valuable collectibles with a slight depth perception for artistic display.

What’s the best way to display a jersey?

A. The jersey should be folded so that the name, number and arm decals are showing. Iron the jersey on the folds to give it a smooth appearance. To hold the jersey in place, use stainless steel framing pins to pin it against the frame backing. Stainless steel pins will not rust or damage the jersey material.

Should a jersey be washed before framing it?

A. If the jersey has been autographed, you should frame the jersey as is. Washing an autographed jersey risks bleeding the ink or possibly removing it completely. You should only wash unsigned jerseys if the appearance is stained by grass or dirt. Some collectors want the grass or dirt on the jersey, though, to show that it was used in an actual game setting.

What is the best jersey frame to buy?

Top jersey frame

DisplayGifts XL Jersey Display Frame

What you need to know: This jersey frame holds an extra-large jersey and includes an acrylic cover with ultraviolet protection.

What you’ll love: The frame is made from solid wood with a felt background made from acid-free material. There is no assembly required. It hangs easily with metal brackets and includes a hanger. It is ideal for large football and hockey jerseys.

What you should consider: This frame is more expensive than smaller frames of similar quality.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top jersey frame for the money

Snap Sports Jersey Wall Display Case

What you need to know: This shadow box is made from strong plastic that will last a long time.

What you’ll love: The perimeter is 21 by 31 inches with a smooth black finish and has a lightweight acrylic cover. The foamboard is removable for pinning memorabilia to the display. It can be hung on a wall or used as a tabletop display.

What you should consider: This is not the highest quality shadow box, but it should fulfill most purposes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Umbra Black T-Frame

What you need to know: This frame is shaped in the form of an actual jersey for a unique display on any wall.

What you’ll love: This jersey-shaped frame comes in three different sizes. The t-frame design is award-winning and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. It holds jerseys for football, baseball, soccer and hockey.

What you should consider: You will need to make sure that your jersey meets the frame specifications since there is no room for improvising.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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