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Opening Day is around the corner. These six products will enhance your baseball season

What are the six best baseball products?

Opening day for the upcoming 2022 MLB season is scheduled for March 31, meaning that many other recreational and competitive baseball leagues will also be kicking off soon. It’s still early, but if you’re considering upgrading your equipment for the upcoming season, it’s not a bad idea to get ahead of the curve.

If you want that extra edge over the competition all season long, it’s a good idea to invest in a new bat, fielding glove and cleats, as well as other gear like batting gloves and backpacks.

Essential gear upgrades

Baseball bat

Your baseball bat is arguably your most important piece of equipment, so it’s crucial always to have one that’s reliable and high-quality. If you have an old, shoddy bat, you won’t feel as confident at the plate, and chances are you won’t make proper contact with the ball very often.

An old bat, especially a wooden one, is also at a higher risk for breaking or shattering. A broken bat can be demoralizing for a batter because it can result in an easy out and affect their performance for the rest of the game.

Choosing the right bat can be challenging, but you want something lightweight and easy to swing. If your bat is too heavy, you might not be able to get enough speed on your swing and, therefore, won’t generate the power necessary to hit a ball far enough for at least a base hit.

Fielding glove

A reliable fielding glove is essential for playing good defense, because you want to be able to catch any batted ball efficiently. Whether it’s a fly ball or a blazing-fast line drive, your glove should have plenty of padding to keep your catching hand well-protected.

A good fielding glove will also let you retrieve a caught ball with your throwing hand quickly, so you can pass the ball to a teammate quicker and make plays more easily.


It’s true of any sport that wearing old or worn shoes can not only hinder your performance, but also potentially lead to injury. It depends on how many games you play, but due to the nature of the sport, your cleats will naturally take a beating and become more worn with each game you play. That’s why it’s common for baseball players to replace their cleats every year, and some even go through more than one pair in a single season.

Your cleats must be durable and fit comfortably and should also offer enough flexibility and grip to enhance your performance while baserunning.

Optional gear upgrades

Batting gloves

Batting gloves aren’t necessary, but they provide a better grip on a bat, making it easier to control and swing with precision. In addition, gloves are helpful in warm weather as a player’s hands tend to sweat in such conditions, making gripping the bat with proper control more challenging.

Gloves also add a layer of protection many players find reassuring. They reduce the risk of blisters, and the vibration transferred from the bat to the hands upon contact with the ball is minimized significantly. They also help protect the hands during baserunning and are especially helpful if a player decides to slide.


Helmets are vital for protecting your head and face while at the plate, but they can endure several seasons of regular play and rarely need replacing. However, it’s never a bad idea to consider a helmet upgrade, especially if you own one that looks worn.

There are three main types: open-face, fastpitch and jaw guard. Open-face helmets protect only the head, fastpitch headgear has a metal faceguard for protecting teeth, and jaw guard helmets have a plastic shield on one side protecting your face from direct contact with the ball.

Some recreational baseball leagues have specific safety requirements, so it’s a good idea to find out what kind of helmet is required to play in your league before purchasing one.


You certainly don’t need a baseball backpack, but they’re convenient for carrying all your equipment in one place. Baseball backpacks have many compartments for bats, gloves, cleats, helmets and water bottles. Many also have smaller pockets for holding personal items such as your wallet, keys, headphones and small valuables.

What you need to buy to enhance your baseball season

Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta

This aluminum bat has a durable EKO composite barrel with a three-piece design that provides a stiff feel upon contact. It’s an excellent bat for players of all skill levels since it offers a balanced combination of speed and power.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Rawling Sandlot Series Baseball Glove

This glove is manufactured with high-grade leather and has padded lining for extra finger protection. It’s durable, has a classic look and doesn’t require much breaking-in.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

New Balance Men’s 3000v4 Baseball Shoe

These shoes are comfortable cleats and will provide you with enough support throughout a full game. They have plush cushioning and a mesh upper for maximum breathability.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult Series Batting Gloves

These gloves are manufactured using premium leather material and have flexible palms for better grip without limiting finger mobility.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Easton Senior Elite X Baseball Batting Helmet With Universal Jaw Guard

This helmet provides excellent protection for batters thanks to an extended jaw guard flap and a lightweight thermoplastic shell.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods   

Under Armour Utility Printed ’21 Backpack

This weather-resistant backpack makes traveling to your games easy, as it has enough room to hold all your baseball gear and includes four bat compartments.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods


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