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Best Crocs slides

Which Crocs slides are best?

Cool and comfortable, slides are perfect sandals for casual wear. And you can increase your comfort even further by choosing Crocs slides. Made from lightweight closed-cell foam, it's almost like you're going barefoot. 

Before you buy, you'll need to decide what style of Crocs slides you prefer, and you might want to learn more about the materials used to make them. If you're looking for simple slides, Crocs Classic Slide Sandals are the top choice. 

What to know before you buy Crocs slides

Types of Crocs slides

Although all slides are relatively similar, you can still find several distinct styles. There's not much difference in the way they feel to wear, so you should choose whichever you prefer the look of. 

  • Single strap: These have one single large strap in a classic slider style. Most people find them comfortable to wear and many like the casual look that this brings. 
  • Double strap: Instead of one large strap, these have two separate slimmer straps, but you still slide your foot straight in and there's no ankle strap. This gives them a slightly more delicate look that some wearers prefer. 
  • Platform: Platform versions look like regular slides up top, but they have a chunky platform sole. If you're looking for something trendier than standard slides, these are perfect. 


Crocs are made out of either of its two proprietary foam resin materials: the original Crosslite and the newer LiteRide. 

  • Crosslite: Crosslite is a closed-cell foam resin. While it might look like plastic or rubber, it's neither. It's light and feels soft to the touch but your feet don't sink right into it, so it offers support. It's resistant to odor and fungal growth. 
  • LiteRide: LiteRide has all the same great properties as Crosslite, but it's 20% lighter and 40% softer. This means even more comfortable sandals. 


You can find Croc's slides in a wide range of sizes for adults and kids alike. In most cases, you should choose your usual size, since they fit more snugly than Crocs clogs. However, if you're between sizes, it's best to size down. Crocs sandals for women are sized differently from those for men, so make sure you're choosing the right size. For example, a women's size 8 is the same as a men's size 6. While Crocs shoes are divided by men's and women's sizes, people of any gender can wear any style of the slides.

What to look for in quality Crocs slides

Colors and prints

You can find Crocs slides in a wide range of solid colors and prints. Solid colors range from basics, such as black and white, to bold hues, such as hot pink and neon yellow. Popular prints include tie-dye, floral prints and camouflage.


You'll usually notice holes in the straps of slides made by Crocs. These provide ventilation to keep your feet cooler, but they also provide a place to attach Crocs Jibbitz charms. 


What's great about Crocs is that you can easily wipe them clean or wash them with soap and water. Water doesn't soak into them, so they dry extremely quickly. However, you can find some styles with parts that don't wipe clean easily, such as faux fur pom-poms. 

How much you can expect to spend on Crocs slides

Most cost $20-$40, but you can find some limited editions and collaborations for as much as $100.

Crocs slides FAQ

Are Crocs slides comfortable? 

A. Whether footwear is comfortable can vary depending on your foot size and shape. However, the vast majority of wearers find them comfortable. 

They're made of Crocs' patented lightweight foam, which is soft yet supportive. Some people who find flip-flops uncomfortable due to the post between the toes find slides more pleasant to wear. That said, it's worth noting that some people have experienced rubbing or chafing, especially those with wide feet. 

How should Crocs slides fit? 

A. Unlike Crocs clogs that are supposed to be loose, the brand's slides should fit snugly. Of course, they shouldn't be uncomfortably tight, but they should fit closely enough so they don't move around or slip off your feet. If you have to grip with your toes to keep them on your feet, they're too loose. Use your regular shoe size as a guideline.

How long do Crocs last? 

A. Crocs are extremely durable and can last as long as five years of daily wear. Since you're unlikely to wear sliders daily, all year round, you can expect yours to last as long as a decade if you take care of them properly.

What are the best Crocs slides to buy?

Top Crocs slides

Crocs Classic Slide Sandals

What you need to know: Excellent basic slides, these are great for everyday wear. 

What you’ll love: You can choose from black or white. They have a single strap with holes in it for ventilation and displaying charms. They come in over a dozen colors. 

What you should consider: They may be slightly loose on people with narrow feet and slightly tight on people with wide feet. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Crocs slides for the money

 Crocs Classic Two-Strap Slides

What you need to know: Thanks to their two-strap design, they stand apart from more common single-strap varieties. 

What you’ll love: Easy to wear and easy to clean, these are a great choice for casual wear. They're durable enough to stand up to regular use. You can choose from over a dozen colors. 

What you should consider: They run slightly wide. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Crocs Classic Cozzzy Platform Fuzzy Slippers Slides

What you need to know: Thanks to their two-strap design, they stand apart from more common single-strap varieties with the added bonus of a soft, fuzzy lining.  

What you’ll love: Easy to wear and easy to clean, these are a great choice for when you want a little softness beneath your feat. They have platform lift with a relaxed fit. You can choose from over a dozen colors. 

What you should consider: They are washable, but don't always dry well. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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