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Jet-Puffed s’mores shoes are here, and they’re oddly appealing


Jet-Puffed steps into the fashion world with Kizik collaboration 

a person wearing the new S'mores shoes and black socks

Like some people, you might have difficulty finding the perfect shoe to wear when hanging out around the fire pit. It must be warm and cozy for when the temperature drops at night but also easy to clean. It also needs to be easy to slip on and off for when you go to refill your wine in the kitchen.

Until now, the perfect fire pit shoe didn't exist. But until now, Jet-Puffed — yes, the marshmallow brand — hadn't invented a shoe. The S'mores Shoes are here, and they are ready to make all your summer nights more cozy.

Jet-Puffed + Kizik = cozy perfection

a person wearing the new S'mores Shoes

To design the S'mores Shoe, Jet-Puffed partnered with shoe brand Kizik. While this is a collaboration no one saw coming, it actually kind of works — some of Kizik's shoe designs already look a bit like marshmallows, though none look quite as much like a marshmallow as the S'more Shoe.

With a white foam sole and a golden, pillow, plush top, these shoes look exactly like a lightly toasted marshmallow, ready to squish between chocolate and graham cracker layers.

"At Jet-Puffed, we take s'mores season very seriously as we aim to bring light and fluffy enjoyment to family and friends around the campfire," Christina Brown, associate brand manager at Jet-Puffed, said in a news release about the collab. "With nearly 40 million bags of our marshmallows sold over the summer season, the S'mores Shoe is a sweet treat for your feet — reminding you that Jet-Puffed marshmallows are the perfect ingredient for your summer s'mores."

S'more Shoes are available exclusively on the Kizik website in both men's and women's sizes. Get yours now, ahead of National S'mores Day on Aug. 10.

Why Kiziks are the perfect complement to s'mores

a pair of the new S'mores Shoes by Kizik

Kizik shoes are designed to slip on and off, completely hands-free — without looking like slip-on shoes. That means they're perfect for putting on and taking off when your fingers are sticky with gooey, toasted marshmallows (or when bending over risks spilling your glass of wine).

Where to buy S'mores Shoes (or another pair from Kizik)

Jet-Puffed x Kizik S'mores Shoes

It's an unlikely combo, but like pineapple on pizza, these S'mores Shoes work. Keep your feet as warm and toasty as a marshmallow with this s'mores-themed version of Kizik's classic Mars Roamer shoe. 

Sold by Kizik

Kizik Lima Sneaker

With Rabbit Foam outsoles and a breathable knit upper, these sneakers are bouncy and breathable, giving you a light, airy step wherever you go.

Sold by Kizik

Kizik Athens Sneaker

The sneaker that started it all has extra foam cushioning in the soles and a reinforced heel so you can confidently slide in and out — without ever bending down.

Sold by Kizik

Kizik Anaheim Sneaker for Kids

Get Kiziks for the whole family. These colorful sneakers feature the same foam cushion as the adult versions, plus they're easy to slide on and off without ever touching their laces.

Sold by Kizik


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