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Best men's Vans

Which men’s Vans are best?

Established in 1966 by brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren, Vans manufactured and sold its unique brand of sneakers right out of its warehouse in Anaheim, California. The brand gained popularity among Southern California skateboarders in the early 1970s.

Over 50 years later, Vans has grown into a brand known for making quality, comfortable and affordable sneakers that can go with almost any outfit and you can wear them year-round. There are so many colors and designs that you can easily find a pair to fit your style and personality, but the best is the Vans Classic Slip-On

What to know before you buy men’s Vans

Type of shoe

Vans started out making skate shoes, and it still produces the classic styles that made the brand famous, but they now offer a variety of other options. In addition to the original low-tops, you can also get high-tops, mid-tops and slip-ons. Vans also make sneakers with platform soles, boot fit or Velcro closures as well as sandals, mules and surf boots. However, it doesn’t offer as many options for these designs, and not every style and type of sneaker is available in every size.


Since Vans were originally skate shoes, their vulcanized rubber construction made them durable and easy to break in. This construction allowed for extra grip and support when on the board. Since synthetic materials such as nylon tend to melt during the vulcanization process, most Vans sneakers are made from canvas and suede.


Vans' distinct minimalistic style makes their sneakers recognizable. In addition to solid colors, the checkerboard pattern is also popular and easy to identify. Other less-common patterns are animal print, tie-dye, skulls, hearts, floral, camouflage, flame, plaid, tropical and specialty patterns.

What to look for in quality men’s Vans


Men’s Vans are available in a variety of colors and color combinations. Black, white and blue are the most common solid colors, but they also come in brown, grey, red, green, beige, yellow, orange, pink, purple, tan, cream and multicolor options.

Collapsible heel

This feature does exactly what it sounds like, and it makes taking the shoes on and off much easier because the heel is flexible and bends without doing any damage. You can even fold down the heel and wear the shoe as a slip-on.


Vans are known for being comfortable, but they took this one step further by creating the ComfyCush line, which adds foam to the shoe's midsole and makes it lighter. The sole on these designs are a little thicker, but that foam lining does become noticeable after wearing these shoes for an extended period.

How much can you expect to spend on men’s Vans?

The price of men's Vans varies depending on the size and style. They start at $44 and go up to $160, but most cost between $60-$80.

Men’s Vans FAQ

What sizes do men’s Vans come in?

A.  Men's Vans start at 6 1/2 and go all the way up to 18, with half sizes available up to 12 and only full sizes between 13 and 18. However, not every model of Vans is available in every size.

Can I order custom Vans?

A.  Yes! You can order custom shoes in the patterns, styles and fabrics available on their website. However, you can only submit images that you own the rights to, it can't be obscene or offensive and Vans can choose to reject images that don't meet their standards.

How do I clean a pair of Vans?

A.  First, remove stuck-on dirt using a shoe brush, and then pre-treat significant stains with stain remover for 15 minutes before hand-washing your shoes with warm water and mild detergent. You can clean the insoles using a toothbrush with mild detergent and baking soda and wash laces separately using warm water and detergent. When done, remove any excess water before leaving your shoes out to air dry. Putting the shoes in the washing machine is not recommended.

What are the best men's Vans to buy?

Top men’s Vans

Vans Classic Slip-On

What you need to know: This simple design is casual and comfortable. A popular, stylish shoe without being flashy, you can wear these with jeans, slacks or shorts. 

What you’ll love: These sturdy slip-ons come with an elastic side accent, padded collars, canvas uppers and the classic rubber waffle outsoles. The slip-on design means you don't have to worry about laces, and it's easy to take these shoes on and off at any time.

What you should consider: These shoes are durable and made to last, but they lack arch support.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s Vans for the money

Vans Low-Top Sneakers

What you need to know: This classic lace-up style sneaker is comfortable and has been popular for decades. The older models were initially made famous by the Z-boys in Santa Monica back in the 1970s. It's a good shoe for skating and casual everyday wear.

What you’ll love: The double-stitched upper, padded tongue and rubber waffle sole bottom make the shoe sturdy and durable. They come in 19 styles and color combinations.

What you should consider: This is shipped from the United Kingdom, so double-check the size before purchasing.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Vans Sk8-Hi Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

What you need to know: This is an updated version of the classic Vans high-top first made famous back in 1978.

What you’ll love: The high-top style provides extra support, while the suede and canvas uppers, reinforced toe caps, padded collars and rubber sole makes this shoe comfortable and secure. This model comes in a variety of colors. This was the second-ever shoe to feature the iconic jazz-stripe Vans logo on the side.

What you should consider: Some customers have found these newer models take longer to break in than the original high-tops.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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