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Amazon offers Prime shoppers $10 if they opt for pickup

Amazon's new incentive pays you to help reduce theft


According to an article on NewsNation, porch pirates stole about 260 million packages last year in the U.S. To help combat this problem, Amazon has launched a new incentive program. By using Amazon's pickup option, not only are customers guaranteed to always get what they ordered, but they get paid to do it, too. That's a win/win.

How does Amazon's incentive work?

While Amazon hasn't yet released the details, such as how long the incentive program will last, how frequently you can use it or how customers will be paid — rebate or credit — there are four specifics that we do know. First, the service is only available to Prime members. Second, the order must be over $25. Third, you must pick up your order at a designated Amazon-approved location, such as Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods or Kohl's. And fourth, you get $10 for doing this.

Amazon's plan benefits everyone — even Amazon

Amazon isn't doing this to give away free money to their loyal customer base. It benefits Amazon as well. People are creatures of habit. They are more agreeable to doing what they already do or know how to do. Having customers travel to an Amazon-approved location can help train them to drop off returns to these stores instead of using a third party, such as UPS or FedEx.

Additionally, having you do the driving helps Amazon tighten its belts a little. In case you haven't noticed, even Amazon is taking a hit because prices are going up everywhere. Not only is the cost of products creeping up, but membership fees for Amazon Prime are climbing as well. Using a streamlined network that keeps third-party shipping costs and local delivery costs in check can help Amazon stay on budget as well. 

Products that are too appealing to porch pirates to have delivered

LG C2 Series 42-inch Class OLED TV
Expensive items that are easily identifiable, such as a 4K TV, are not safe on your porch. Even from a distance, it is obvious that you have a flat-screen TV leaning against your door. Any high-ticket items, like the LG C2 Series 42-inch Class OLED TV, are best sent to an Amazon pickup location.
Sold by Amazon

Apple Watch Series 8 
Another easy target for porch pirates is the small package. It is almost too easy to swing by a house, drop a smartwatch in your pocket and walk away like you did nothing wrong. Tiny, expensive, easy-to-grab electronics, such as smartwatches, are another candidate for pickup.
Sold by Amazon

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper
A few years ago, people would have laughed at the notion that the most valuable item in your home was a roll of toilet paper. Essential products that you use every day, and would disrupt your daily life if you did not have them, are key items to have sent to a pickup location.
Sold by Amazon

Cricut Maker 3
If you have a business, there are products you need to have to keep that business running. For instance, if you are a crafter who has saved up to get the latest Cricut machine for an upcoming show, you don't want your means of making an income stolen from your front step. Get that Cricut Maker 3 delivered to a safe pickup location.
Sold by Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell 3
How ironic would it be if the security camera you ordered from Amazon was stolen before you could use it? That's why security devices are another top choice for pickup rather than delivery.
Sold by Amazon

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