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Don’t forget these top picks for your nontraditional pets on National Pet Day

Show your nontraditional pet that you care

National Pet Day comes but once a year. While your fish, lizard or chinchilla hasn't counted the days, it's a good excuse to show your appreciation. This year, the big day falls on April 11, but it's never too late to buy something for your nontraditional pet. Whether your pet swims, flies or scampers around, you have plenty of options. 

In this article: Penn-Plax Age-of-Magic Wizard’s Castle Aquarium Decoration, Repti Zoo Large 120-gallon Reptile Terrarium and Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel.

What to consider when buying for your nontraditional pet

  • Species-specific needs: All nontraditional pets have unique requirements, so it's essential to research your pet's needs. For example, reptiles require specific habitat lighting and temperature control, while small mammals need a particular diet.
  • Enrichment: Consider enriching your pet's environment. For instance, tank ornaments for fish give them more places to hide and explore, while toys keep birds from getting bored and engaging in harmful behaviors, such as plucking feathers.
  • Quality: Choose products that are well-made and durable. Nontraditional pets can be hard on their equipment, so it's important to invest in quality products that last.
  • Interactivity: Some nontraditional pets are social creatures and enjoy interacting with their owners, while others prefer to play or interact with their environments alone. Think about your pet's needs and preferences concerning interactivity. 

Best products for fish

Fluval Ultraslim Submersible Aquarium Heater

If you keep tropical fish, an aquarium heater is a must-have. This ultra-slim submersible model is an upgrade for fish living in a tank with a more basic heater. It maintains temperatures consistently and reliably, making it a great choice. 

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Penn-Plax Age-of-Magic Wizard’s Castle Aquarium Decoration

Aquarium decorations aren't just for show; they provide valuable hiding spots for fish, helping them feel safer in their environment. Measuring over 15 inches high, this is an excellent option for large tanks with several hiding spots to keep all your fish happy. 

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Best products for reptiles

Nature Zone Iguana Bites Soft Food

Lizards might not get excited by much, but lizard food and treats are ideal if you want to give yours something they'll like this National Pet Day. These soft, moist bites are irresistible to iguanas.

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Repti Zoo Dual Reptile Light Fixture

Perhaps your reptile's habitat is due for a lighting upgrade. In this case, this dual-light fixture is a perfect choice. It acts as an ultraviolet A basking lamp and a UVB daylight lamp. It has switches to control both lamps separately. 

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Repti Zoo Large 120-gallon Reptile Terrarium

Measuring 48 inches long, 24 inches high and 24 inches deep, this large tank is perfect for the reptile needing a habitat upgrade. Some reptiles quickly outgrow their first terrariums, so if you've been meaning to get a larger one, here's your sign to do so. 

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Best products for small mammals

Quality Cage Crafters Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

If you're looking for a safe, durable and well-made chinchilla wheel, this one ticks all the right boxes. It helps keep your chinchilla fit and adds extra enrichment to their environment. The wide running area makes it harder for your chinchilla to fall off. 

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Oxbow Simple Rewards Baked Treats

These apple and banana baked treats are suitable for many small mammals, including nontraditional pets, such as chinchillas, degus and rats. Made with high-fiber hay, they're great for digestion. 

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Meric Hideaway Seagrass Tunnel

Small mammals love having spots to hide in their habitat, and this seagrass tunnel provides just that. It has multiple entrances so pets don't feel trapped. Hiding spots can also prevent squabbles when you have more than one animal living in the same space. 

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Best products for birds

Featherland Paradise Knots N Blocks Bird Toy

Consisting of wooden blocks and string tied in knots, this bird toy might not look like much to human eyes, but for parrots, it's a playground. It helps keep birds busy and engages their brains to enrich their daily lives.

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Adnikia Bird Perch with Climbing Ladder

Part bird ladder, part perch, part play stand, plenty is happening here to entertain your feathered friend. It's made from untreated wood, so it's safe and nontoxic for your pet. 

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