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Ease your furry friend's worries with 10 best pet behavior and anxiety medications

What are the best pet behavior and anxiety medications?

Having a nervous pet can be stressful. Symptoms of pet anxiety, such as barking or aggression, can be harmful but shaking or pacing can still be problematic to your pet's health. Kennel time, training, exercise and a healthy diet can help balance your pet’s energy, however, some may still struggle with reactivity. Fortunately, helping your pet doesn’t necessarily have to begin with an expensive vet visit. There are over-the-counter options to reduce anxiety and behavioral issues.

What are the options for medicating anxiety or behavioral issues?

If your pet starts displaying anxiety symptoms or has behavioral problems, you should address it right away.

  • Pheromone Therapy: According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), pheromone therapy is useful for minimizing stress in unfamiliar environments and helps quell fears for pets who suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Herbal supplements: These are typically chewable and full of natural ingredients such as  L-Theanine, which according to the NIH, has been used to reduce anxiety in humans and animals.
  • Oil: Hemp and CBD oils are so popular in the human world that there are now less potent versions for your pet. Just a few drops can soothe nervous pets.
  • Prescription: When all else fails, take your pet to the vet. Prescription medications may be the best way to help your pet to focus while you work with it to desensitize anxiety triggers.

Best chewable supplement for pets

Chewable supplements include ingredients that bring sensations of calm to your pet once they are digested. Many begin taking effect within an hour, making it possible to quickly reduce your pet’s stress. It is one of the easiest ways to offer relaxation to your pet because most are made to taste as good as any other treat.

Top chewable supplement for dogs

Only Natural Pet Hemp Calming Support

This is a calming support chewable with chamomile and lemon balm for a natural relaxation effect. It has an aroma that is attractive to your dog and can be given to it before you leave for work, during a thunderstorm or other anxiety-inducing moment.

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Top chewable supplement for cats

Pet Naturals Calming Cat Chews

These cat chewables reduce anxiety within 30 minutes and include three calming ingredients: Thiamine, C3 and L-Theanine. You can give one to your cat before traveling, during fireworks or during other stressful situations.

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Top chewable supplement for birds

Equa Holistics Avian Calm

This calming supplement for birds helps to prevent feather picking and other nervous habits. You sprinkle it on your bird’s food daily to keep it calm using the relaxing L-Theanine agent.

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Best hemp oil for pets

Hemp oil for pets is similar to hemp oil for people, it helps with attitude and behavior. A great thing about hemp oil is that, according to the National Institutes of Health, it is often recommended by vets, but you don’t have to get a prescription. The container is typically a tinted glass that includes a dropper to carefully dose as instructed.

Top hemp oil for dogs and cats

Charlie & Buddy Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

This hemp oil acts quickly to relieve anxiety, pain and other discomforts your pet experiences. It improves focus and alertness while inducing calm, encouraging deep sleep in the evening.

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Top hemp oil for birds

Hemp Well Bird Hemp Oil

This is used to calm high-strung, destructive birds or those that display disruptive behaviors such as screaming or feather picking. It is organically sourced and offers Omega 3, Omega 6, protein, amino acids and natural antioxidants.

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Best calming collar for pets

Calming collars comfortably fit around your pet’s neck and use soothing aromas to calm your pet. The collars are typically waterproof and made from light rubber that attaches with an adjustable buckle. These are coated with a natural fragrance to relax your pet, which can last for a month or more.

Top calming collar for dogs

Royce Naturals Calming Collar for Dogs

This collar uses stress-relieving pheromones and is safe for use by any age of dog. It has a waterproof design, can start working in an hour and lasts for up to 30 days, so the four-pack will last up to 120 days.

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Top calming collar for cats

Pzlagia Calming Collar for Cats

This collar is made for cats and acts within an hour for 30 days worth of relaxation. It is waterproof, so even if it rains or you want to use the collar to give your cat a bath, it will not reduce the effects.

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Best additional pheromone therapies

If you a collar isn't ideal for your pet, there are other calming products. Calming sprays and toys can be the perfect thing to comfort your pet during stressful occasions. Help your pet get through storms or moments without you by offering something comforting that it can learn to associate with relaxation. Whether it is a spray, diffuser or even a cuddly toy, your pet has a reminder that everything will be OK.

Top calming spray for pets

De-Stress Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets

Spray this on your pet to ease their anxiety during storms, fireworks, or other anxiety-inducing events. It has a fresh scent that can be used during grooming visits as well to leave your pet comfortable, clean and relaxed.

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Top calming diffuser for pets

Relaxivet Calming Diffuser Kit

This kit comes with a plug-in diffuser to provide relaxation-inducing pheromones to your pet. There are versions for cats and dogs to help you reduce scratching, fighting, or agitation in your home.

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Top anxiety soothing toy

Smartpetlove Snuggle Puppy for Dogs

This stuffed toy pup operates as the perfect snuggle toy for your dog, and it's machine-washable. It has a heartbeat sound and a heating pad inside its core to relax your dog during kennel training.

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