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10 best dog allergy medications for pets with moderate symptoms

Dogs are incredible creatures, as they often just seem so happy with life and live every moment with exuberance. Depending on your home location, a dog’s favorite pastime is running around the dog park or going on a hike with you.

And when they are outdoors, it’s challenging to control their movements. There are many plants and insects that can cause allergic reactions, some of which require immediate action or a trip to the vet. However, there are some medications for pets with moderate symptoms that help to relieve the irritation.

In this article: Jack & Pup Buddies Aller-Care, Well Loved Dog Allergy Chews and Native Pet Dog Allergy Relief

What to know about dog allergy medication

No pet owner wants to see their beloved pooch struggle with allergies. It can be heartbreaking to hear them constantly sneeze, look at you with red, watery eyes or scratch until there is no more fur.

Until it happens or you do some medical testing, there is no telling what your dog might be allergic to, so it can be challenging to treat at first. However, some natural options work great, which you should try before going to the vet.

When looking around for allergy medication for moderate symptoms, check whether it includes Quercetin. It is found in many fruits and vegetables, and while it protects against heart disease and cancer, it also helps stabilize the cells that release histamine.

In pets, it has an anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect, which stops their noses from running, their eyes from watering and their skin from itching. Bromelain is another ingredient that you should look out for. It is a natural group of enzymes found in the fruit and acts as a nasal decongestant while reducing pain and swelling.

Allergy medication often also contains ingredients that make it tastier for dogs. Some of these include fish oils, animal meat flavors and pumpkin powder. In addition to being tasty, they also help to promote healthy skin and coats, which is a primary reason why dogs scratch when having an allergic reaction.

Best dog allergy medications

Jack & Pup Buddies Aller-Care Soft Chew Bites

These soft chew bites come in a bottle of 60 and contain active ingredients such as Quercetin and Bromelain to control histamine levels and inflammation. It also contains other natural ingredients, such as pumpkin powder, to maintain healthy skin and fur. It is best suited for puppies, but larger dogs will benefit, too.

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Well Loved Dog Allergy Chews

Developed by a veterinarian, these tasty chews are safe and effective against irritated, dry skin, itchy ears and red and watery eyes. The natural ingredients include Omega-3 fish oil, turmeric, grape seed extract, quercetin for dogs, pumpkin powder and bromelain. It comes in a large container that stores 120 chews.

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Native Pet Dog Allergy Relief

The 6.2-ounce container of these allergy relief chews holds approximately 100 air-dried, chicken-flavored snacks. The natural ingredients help to regulate your dog’s histamine response and prevent itchy skin. The chews are made from a combination of spirulina, colostrum, probiotics and postbiotics.

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PetScy Dog Itch Relief with Fatty Acids

This dog itch-relief supplement is made from natural ingredients packed with Omega-3, biotin, zinc and vitamin E and C. The ingredients also help to keep a dog’s skin moisturized and itch-free while keeping coats shiny. They are pork-flavored, so they can easily be added to any meal as part of a balanced diet.

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Vet's Best Healthy Coat Shed & Itch Relief Dog Supplements

This allergy medication is suitable for all breeds of mature dogs and is formulated by a veterinarian to ensure they are chewy, tasty and effective. They are made from natural ingredients such as MSM, yellow dock root, quercetin and Omega fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat and reduce itching.

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Pet Chef Nutrition Organic Dog Allergy Chews

These bacon-flavored allergy chews are easily added to any meal or served as a tasty snack. In addition to preventing itchy skin and allergy symptoms, it also promotes fresh breath and a shiny coat. Some natural ingredients include hemp oil, colostrum, valerian root and licorice root. It also has over 90 billion probiotics and Omega-3 and six oils.

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Animal Essentials Seasonal Allergy Herbal Supplement for Dogs

Unlike the other soft chews, this allergy medication is a liquid you can add to a dog’s food or administer directly into its mouth. It contains nettle leaf, licorice root, burdock root and eyebright herb (which does contain a small amount of grain alcohol). The sweet-tasting liquid is also suitable for cats.

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Grateful Paws Allergy Relief Immune Chews

Made in the U.S.A, these immune chews come in a jar of 100 soft bites that effectively fight off itchy skin and seasonal allergies and help boost a healthy gut. It is made from natural ingredients containing no GMOs, preservatives or fillers. In addition to probiotics, it contains colostrum and salmon oil.

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Kinpur Natural Dog Allergy Chews with Omega

Suitable for dogs of all ages, these duck-flavored snacks come in a container of 180 chews. It helps to relieve the discomfort of itchy skin, runny nose and irritated eyes. In addition to salmon oil and apple cider vinegar, it contains a powerful five-strain probiotic blend and colostrum.

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Finn Allergy & Itch Supplement for Dogs

Powered by bee propolis, these allergy relief chews contain over 300 beneficial compounds and antioxidants such as quercetin, zinc and vitamin C. To ramp up the flavor for making digestion easier, the chews also contain wild-caught Alaskan salmon oil and beef liver flavoring. The container has 90 soft chews inside, and the lid is dog-proof.

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