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What does your cat need for long car rides?

Tips for long car rides with cats 

It's no secret that cats don't like to be in a car. Unlike dogs, a moving vehicle's motion and unfamiliar sights and sounds are often too much to bear. But depending on circumstances, that might be unavoidable.

Your cat will probably be anxious at first, but that's why it's important to ensure that they're as comfortable as possible. Cats can often be calmed when they smell something from home, but you can get a few other things to make the journey less stressful. 

Best cat carrier and seat for a long car ride

Sherpa Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

It would be great if cats could sit as still in a car as dogs do, but unfortunately, that isn't the case. This carrier from Sherpa is perfect for keeping them safe in the vehicle while still allowing them to see what is happening around them. It has see-through mesh on all sides and can be opened with zippers at the top and the front, making it easy to put dry cat food down. It comes with a lamb's wool liner and is available in two sizes. Sold by Chewy

Meadowlark Cat Seat Cover

If your feline friend is somewhat all right with riding in a car, perhaps this seat cover will do the trick. Designed to fit on top of the backseat, it provides a contained area for pets to move around in. This prevents them from causing a distraction while still being comfortable, as it has a mesh window for the cat to see through. Sold by Chewy

Snoozer Lookout II Cat Car Seat

The Lookout II is the perfect accessory for the more discerning cat to keep them safe while also giving them a view of the road ahead. Placed on the backseat and held securely with the seatbelt, the basket has a quilted exterior while lined with lamb's wool on the inside. It creates a neat and cozy box in which cats can easily fall asleep. It comes with a built-in storage tray for treats and toys and has a strap on the inside that clips onto a harness or collar. Sold by Chewy   

Best cat travel and water bowl

Mr. Peanut's Premium Collapsible Silicone Cat Bowls

All pets need to have a drink of water and a snack during a road trip. The trick to making nervous cats fill their belly is to have a bowl at hand for their favorite meal. Collapsible silicone bowls are ideal, as they take up no space, are easy to clean and won't spill everywhere. This set from Mr. Peanut comes as a four-pack in different colors and measures 5 inches across, 2 inches deep and 3 1/2 inches at the base, which can hold about 12 liquid ounces. Because of their design, you can expand or contract the sides to the size you need. Sold by Chewy

Frisco Travel Collapsible Silicone Cat Bowl

Resembling a compact disc holder, this collapsible silicone bowl unzips in the middle to reveal a bowl on each side — one for water and another for food. To expand the bowls, you pull them up gently to the correct height for your cat. It measures 6 inches across when opened, and each bowl is 1.1 inches in height. It comes with a metal carabiner clip for easy storage and is dishwasher-safe. Sold by Chewy

Ethical Pet Handi-Drink Instant Bottle

For water breaks on the go, the Handi-Drink is the perfect accessory for quick access to clean water. The water bottle is attached to a drink pan that folds out. When you gently squeeze the bottle, the water will slowly flow into the pan. All you have to do is hold it in front of your cat to lap up the liquid. It comes with a 60-inch carry strap, a belt clip and is available in two colors. Sold by Chewy

Best cat calmer for travel

Sentry Good Behavior Calming Collar for Cats

Despite your best efforts are soothing your cat companion, you sometimes need a little bit of help. The best way to do that when going on a long car ride is to put a calming collar on them. Through patented pheromone technology, the collar mimics that of a mother cat when calming her kittens. It helps to reduce stress, fear, clawing or excessive vocalization. One collar will produce pheromones for up to 30 days and can be used on cats of all ages. Sold by Chewy

Rescue Remedy Stress Relief

Before you hit the road, put a few drops of Rescue Remedy's Stress Relief in your cat's food or water. The homeopathic liquid is a great option for pets afraid to travel, thunderstorms or with general anxiety. It contains extracts from the Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Clematis flowers. Sold by Chewy

Pet Naturals Calming Cat Chews

Another great way to destress and relax your cat is by giving them a few calming chews. Made from natural ingredients like rosemary extract and canola oil, the chicken-flavored chews lower their stress and anxiety. The chews are non-sedative and won't change your cat's personality. Sold by Chewy

Nature's Miracle Just For Cats Calming Spray

Available in an 8-ounce bottle, this non-sedating spray can be applied to the inside of your car on spray inside the cat carrier. The natural ingredients have been formulated to calm anxious cats, prevent hyperactivity and reduce stress. The liquid contains water, herbal and flower extracts and essential oils. Sold by Chewy

Best litter box for car rides

EcoPetBox Disposable Cat Litter Box

Cats can be very fickle when it comes to answering nature's call. To make them feel at home no matter where they are, this three-pack disposable cat litter box will do the trick. Made from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials, it is hygienic, lightweight and much better than traveling with a plastic litter tray. If you combine it with eco-friendly cat litter, you can throw it away in a regular garbage bin. Sold by Chewy


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