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Best Ruffwear dog harness

Which Ruffwear dog harness is best?

Long walks, short walks, overnight trips, hiking in the mountains, swimming in lakes, no matter what adventures you and your dog take together, keeping them safe is every dog owner’s top priority. Ruffwear understands how important it is to have your canine sidekick with you during every outdoor adventure, and they design their harnesses to keep them safe and comfortable.

Why to get a Ruffwear dog harness

Ruffwear is a performance dog gear company that makes it easy to include your pup in any outdoor activity. They have a passion for the canine-human connection and design their harness to enhance the relationship dog owners have with their four-legged best friends.

Dog harnesses are great for training puppies to walk, not pull on the leash, and harnesses make it easier to control large dogs that sometimes feel the need to dart off after a squirrel unexpectedly. While small dogs can be easier to control, they are prone to more injuries, especially when a collar pulls on their tiny necks. Harness discourages pulling in any size dog and reduces the strain on their bodies that a collar might cause.

Ruffwear harnesses disperse the pressure over your pet’s entire body, helping to prevent injury and giving you better control. A harness will keep your dog secure and prevent escape as long as you choose the right size. When picking a dog harness, you will want to measure your dog’s chest, also known as the girth. Their weight and girth measurements will determine the best size, guaranteeing that the harness will keep them safe and comfortable.

Check out Ruffwear’s harnesses and discover which style will work best for you and your pup. Once you find the right harness for your dog, check out this buyer’s guide for best dog leashes by BestReview.

What is the best Ruffwear dog harnesses to buy?

Best Ruffwear harness for training

RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness

If you have a new puppy in need of leash training, then the Front Range Harness is your best bet. It is suitable for everyday use and has extra padding to keep them comfortable. It has two leash attachment points, one on the back for ease and another on the chest to help puppies learn their leash manners. It has reflective trim and four points of adjustment, making it guaranteed to fit any dog.

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Most lightweight Ruffwear harness

RUFFWEAR, Hi & Light, Everyday Lightweight Dog Harness

This lightweight yet durable harness is perfect for those everyday adventures. The easy access release buttons make it ideal for hiking, running, and long walks. Day or night, the reflective trim will help your dog stand out, and it has one conveniently located attachment point for those more experienced walkers. Made of debris resistance liner that will help keep the harness and your dog clean and it comes in a wide range of sizes that work for even the smallest of dogs.

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Best multi-use Ruffwear harness

RUFFWEAR, Flagline Lightweight Multi-Purpose Harness for Dogs

Conquer any rough terrain with this lightweight harness that will keep you and your dog going on challenging outdoor adventures. This harness includes six adjustment points that cover both the chest and belly, providing comfort and support to your pup when lifting. The lifting handle has padding that makes it easy for you to help your dog when rock scrambling. Not only does this harness work for all outdoor activities, but it is a great option for dogs that need mobility assistance or for escape artists that always try to remove their harness.

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Best Ruffwear harness for all day adventures

RUFFWEAR, Switchbak Dog Harness

Carry all your pup’s essentials in this harness backpack with two convenient zip-up pockets. It features two leash attachments and a padded handle that makes it easy to lift your dog even when the pockets are full of their favorite treats. It is foam padded and has five adjustment points, making it easy for your dog to carry their supplies.

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Best Ruffwear harness for camping  

RUFFWEAR, Approach Dog Pack

Add this harness to your list of camping gear, and never worry about forgetting your dog’s overnight essentials. Its functional design makes it easy for your dog to explore without having to worry about the load slowing them down. The saddlebags were designed to stabilize the pack’s contents, but they recommend that the load be limited to 25% of your dog’s weight.

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Best Ruffwear harness for swimming

RUFFWEAR, Float Coat Dog Life Jacket

This life jacket incorporates a harnesses comfortable design features with strategically placed foam panels that will support your dog's natural swimming position. This canine flotation jacket has a strong handle that makes it easy to take your dog in and out of the water. You can connect your leash to the latch under the handle, and the life jacket comes in a range of bright colors to help increase visibility. Worry less about your water loving four-legged friend with the Float Coat Life Jacket that will help keep your pup safe and is designed to last.

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Best Ruffwear harness for road trips

RUFFWEAR Load Up Harness

If you are hitting the road with your dog, this crash-tested harness is a road trip must have. Pull your existing seatbelt through the belt loop located on the back of the harness and head out on your adventure with your dog safely buckled up in the back seat. The harness is secure and comfortable and allows your pet to move around during long drives safely.

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Best Ruffwear harness for cold weather

RUFFWEAR, Overcoat Fuse Jacket Harness

This jacket and harness combination is perfect for keeping your dog warm on those cold winter hikes. A leash can be attached directly to the coat, and the two small pockets can carry small essentials such as pick-up bags. The fleece lining and weather resistant outer fabric are sure to help keep your pup warm and dry no matter the amount of snow or rain.

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