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4 best dog shoes to buy for protecting your pet from the heat

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Which dog shoes will protect my dog’s paws in the heat?

Some dog clothing might seem frivolous, but our canine friends sometimes need protection from the elements like us. People can forget how hot pavement gets on a blistering summer day, but dogs don't. Your dog may be resistant to the idea of shoes at first. With the right pair and a little patience, you can get the best fit for your best friend. Don't miss our testing insights on the Qumy shoes, either.

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Things to consider before buying dog shoes

  • Ease of use: Dogs are often protective of their sensitive feet. It may take many treats, much patience and several attempts to get your dog used to wearing shoes. Ease of taking the shoes on and off is essential in this process.
  • Foot size: Measure each of your dog’s feet to ensure there aren’t significant size discrepancies that may not be visible. Then, choose the size that's closest to the manufacturer’s size guide. You can size up to make room for your dog’s toenails. Handling the dog’s feet at this point is an excellent way to get the dog used to having its feet touched.
  • Soles: Rubber soles with patterns that promote traction are vital. If there are no soles on the shoes, there's no protection against hot pavement. If there's no traction, your dog can slip and hurt themselves. Look for thick soles to get the best protection from the heat, objects on the ground and other things that could aggravate their feet if walked on bare.
  • Water: Consider waterproof shoes if there’s a chance your dog may come into contact with water. Humans and dogs alike do not like standing around in wet shoes. Alternatively, some dog shoes include mesh panels for breathability. If the pair isn’t waterproof, mesh panels increase airflow for a quicker drying time. The importance of waterproof materials or mesh panels depends on your dog’s activity and environment. Sea dogs and land dogs, for example, have different needs.

Dog shoe features

  • Color: Dog shoes come in a variety of colors ranging from sleek black to easy-to-spot bright orange. If you and your dog walk in darker places, a brightly colored shoe can increase visibility and safety.
  • Washability: Will your dog wear their shoes often enough that washing them by hand will become cumbersome? If so, machine washability should be a priority.
  • Weight: A finicky dog may dislike heavier shoes. They may prefer shoes with mesh panels since they're lighter.

Dog leggings

Dog leggings are a good alternative for dogs as opposed to shoes since they don’t squeeze your dog’s feet as much. They go over the feet and the ends come up over the shoulders and waist. They look like dog coveralls. It can still take your dog some time to get used to them, though.

Best dog shoes

Aokown Waterproof Dog Booties

For the active dog who is prone to encountering water, waterproof dog shoes are a must. Available in either a bright red or sleek black color, these work for any level of visibility.

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Qumy Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

Are you looking for dog boots in fashionable colors? These shoes are available in black, red, blue, pink, fuchsia and leopard print, so there’s a pair to match any outfit. Our tester found them easy to put on and take off, but recommends ordering a size down to help them stay on if your dog starts to run. They also found the rubber soles had a great non-slip pattern.

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Kooltail Anti-slip Dog Boots

Ideal for older dogs with traction issues, these taller dog shoes are more challenging for a dog to pull off on its own.

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Xsy&g Outdoor Dog Boots

These sturdy and simple boots help keep the dog’s feet protected from the elements and anything on the ground.

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