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Best birdcage liner

Which birdcage liner is best?

Pet birds may provide their owners with companionship and entertainment thanks to their distinct personalities, curiosity and high energy, but they also provide their owners with plenty of messes.

Droppings, spilled food, feathers and shredded toys all contribute to the chore of cleaning up after your pet bird. Birdcage liners such as Prevue Hendryx Pet Products T3 Cage Liners make this task easier by allowing you to custom fit and place an absorbent substrate at the bottom of your bird’s cage that you can quickly dispose of and replace. Birdcage liners come in a variety of materials. Some are already sized while others are sold by the roll.

What to know before you buy a birdcage liner

Birdcage liner rolls

You will need to cut a birdcage liner that comes in a roll to your desired measurements. These liners take a bit more work to prepare but allow for custom shapes and sizes.

Birdcage liner sheets

Birdcage liner sheets are available in predetermined sizes that generally fit most cages. You still may need to fold and cut to ensure a snug fit.


A quality cage has a grate or screen over its collection tray to prevent birds from reaching the cage liner. Placement of the liner under this grate is critical for parrot owners because these birds enjoy shredding and will make short work of any paper material they can access.

What to look for in a quality birdcage liner


Birdcage liners typically are made from paper. Thicker paper is more absorbent but it also is more expensive and challenging to cut. Some birds enjoy playing in water, making strong liners a must to avoid disintegration. Washable birdcage liners are available, but these are not recommended.


Measure the interior dimensions of your birdcage’s tray to determine what size liner will fit best. If you can’t find liners in that exact size, determine how many smaller ones you may need to fill the space. Purchasing birdcage liners by the roll may be a more economical choice in some cases.

Odor and microbe prevention

Some birdcage liners are treated with a special coating that controls odor and microbial growth. This can be helpful if you aren’t able to clean your pet’s cage every day or if you keep a large collection of birds. Avoid any cage substrate or liner that is scented as this can harm birds’ sensitive respiratory systems.

Sandpaper birdcage liners

Avoid sandpaper birdcage liners and perches. Sandpaper is not absorbent and the coarse texture of the material causes irritation and injury to the soft pads on birds’ feet.

How much you can expect to spend on birdcage liner

Large, high-quality birdcage liners come in packs of 100-200 sheets for around $50. Rolls or packs of smaller sheets made from lighter material typically cost $20-$30. Birdcage liners will be regularly soiled and thrown away, so consider your needs carefully to avoid overspending.

Birdcage liner FAQ

Are cage liners better than newspapers?

A. Many bird owners use newsprint to line their cages. This is an acceptable alternative as long as you can ensure no harmful inks or chemical odors are present in the paper. Cage liners specifically made for use with pet birds do not contain toxic additives.

How do you keep your bird from shredding the cage liner?

A. The only way to ensure your bird will not shred the cage liner is to keep the liner out of reach by placing it under the cage’s bottom grate. If your bird shows interest in ripping paper, provide it with safe alternatives to keep it happily occupied.

Is sandpaper bad for your bird?

A. Yes. In spite of its continued availability from pet stores and supply companies, sandpaper perches and liners cause pain and irritation to birds’ sensitive feet. Avoid bird products featuring sandpaper surfaces.

What’s the best birdcage liner to buy?

Top birdcage liner

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products T3 Cage Liners

What you need to know: This birdcage liner roll contains 100 feet of absorbent, 18-inch-wide material.

What you’ll love: This cage liner has markings on it to make it easier to cut to a perfect fit. It is made in the United States and features an antimicrobial coating.

What you should consider: Some users report this paper is difficult to lay flat because of having been packaged tightly in a roll.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Pet Smart and Chewy

Top birdcage liner for the money

BirdCageLiner Kraft Paper Liner

What you need to know: These natural, brown-paper birdcage liners are available in various thicknesses and custom sizes.

What you’ll love: Provide the interior measurements of your cage tray to purchase 150 liners cut to your specifications. These thick paper liners are made without harmful chemicals or additives.

What you should consider: Less expensive alternatives are available for those who don’t mind spending the extra time to cut their own liners.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bonaweite Disposable Non-Woven Birdcage Liners Papers

What you need to know: These soft, absorbent birdcage liners are available in multiple shapes and sizes.

What you’ll love: Available for both square and round birdcages, these dye-free and chemical-free liners have excellent moisture absorption. They are shipped and packaged flat in packs of 200.

What you should consider: These liners are only available in small sizes, meaning you likely will need more than one of them to fully cover the bottom of most cages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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