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10 stylish cat beds that might as well be home decor

Cats are simple creatures. They only require that you love them unconditionally (when they are ready for love), always give in to their (sometimes frivolous) demands and have a full bowl of kibble ready at any hour of the day.

In exchange, you’ll get a feline friend who is mostly indifferent to everything around them, has energy bursts and sleeps a lot. The last point is important, as cats can snooze for up to 16 hours daily. And naturally, the king of your urban jungle needs a comfortable bed, and the more elegant it is, the better.    

In this article: Furhaven Mid-Century Modern Elevated Pet Bed, Gavenia Fluffy Self-Warming Cat Bed and Pickle & Polly A-Frame Tent for Cats.

Only the best for your fluffy friends

Pet owners naturally want to provide their furry friends with some comfortable furniture, but too often cat scratchers and loungers look ghastly. Most of the designs don’t seem to take into consideration that only a few people’s aesthetic is cardboard chic or sisal serene.

But cats don’t need to scratch and sleep in the same location. Having a scratcher is fine when it’s in a busy, high-traffic area, but for other quieter areas, felines feel most at home in a comfortable bed.

However, not just any bed will do. Apart from getting cat furniture that fits in with your decor, there are a few things to consider. If your cat prefers a space off the ground, consider an elevated bed that gives them a vantage point.

Also, take your cat’s weight into consideration. The thickness of a mattress might seem sufficient, but heavier cats will naturally need a bit more support and the frame should be able to handle it. Related to the mattress, consider the material that it’s made from, as some are better suited for colder months while others are more lightweight for summer.

Best cat beds that might as well be home decor

Furhaven Mid-Century Modern Elevated Pet Bed 

There is no better cat bed than this piece inspired by mid-century modern design. It looks good in any room, and at first glance, it doesn’t even seem like a bed for pets. It is 32 inches long and 22 inches wide and stands 9.8 inches tall. The wooden bed frame comes with pre-drilled partitions to make assembly easier, and it fits 20-inch by 30-inch mattresses. 

Sold by Amazon 

Gavenia Fluffy Self-Warming Cat Bed 

This ultra-fluffy doughnut-shaped cat bed fits in with any clean decor or carpeted room. It has a water- and dirt-resistant base that won’t slide around on the floor. There are three sizes, and the smallest bed measures 20 inches in diameter and is 7.5 inches thick. The filling is polypropylene cotton, which is warm and cozy.   

Sold by Amazon

Pickle & Polly A-Frame Tent for Cats 

This adorable cat bed is perfect for a home with a rustic decor scheme or a vintage aesthetic. The simple frame is made from sturdy wood and held together at the top with a dowl rod. The fabric tent neatly attaches to the frame through elegant bows and provides a comfortable space for any cat to catch some shut-eye.   

Sold by Amazon

PawHut Weaved Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Bed 

This cat bed can easily be mistaken for a plant holder or an elaborate storage space. The weaved banana leaf cat bed gives off a tropical or rustic vibe, yet also looks elegant. The entrance into the ball-shaped area where cats sleep is 15 inches in diameter, and it stands on a 6.7 inch base. The fluffy cushion is 1 inch thick and 19.7 inches in diameter.  

Sold by Amazon

The Refined Feline Faux Rattan Elevated Ball Cat Bed 

Similar to the banana leaf bed, this elevated ball cat bed stand 28 inches tall on a 17 inch base and the ball is 11 inches off the ground. The opening on the ball is 17 inches in diameter, which is large enough for most cats. It is made from faux rattan, which is durable and elegant. 

Sold by Amazon

Petmate Aspen Pet Sofa Bed with Pillow

This adorable cat couch is perfect for making your feline feel right at home while fitting in with the room’s decor. It is 20 inches long and 9 inches wide, with a plush ridge around the back edge. The sleeping area is covered in a synthetic lambswool and it even comes with a little pillow for comfort. 

Sold by Amazon

Wall-Mounted Hammock for Cats

If your cat prefers to gaze upon the world from above, then this wall-mounted hammock is the perfect option. The cream and brown color scheme complements any decor choice and provides a functional sleeping spot. The sturdy backing has a scratch pad and the hammock can easily support cats up to 22 pounds.

Sold by Amazon

Free-Standing Cat Hammock

This free-standing hammock resembles an ottoman, which is great if you want it to seem like it's part of the furniture. The simplistic metal frame is 19 inches wide and the hammock is 9.5 inches off the ground. The sleeping area is made from durable fabric is detaches from the frame for machine washing. 

Sold by Amazon

Lazy Lush Orthopedic Pet Bed

If humans can have a comfortable couch, then why can’t cats? This bed isn’t elevated off the floor, but it has a 3-inch mattress for comfort. Measuring 30 inches by 20 inches, there is a 3.5-inch shredded foam wall around three sides, which doubles up as a pillow. The mattress comprises a waterproof lining, orthopedic foam and soft fur on top.

Sold by Amazon

Asrug Soft Faux Fur Pet Bed

If a fur rug is part of your decor choices, then this cat bed will be hardly noticeable. Approximately 26 inches by 37 inches, it has a 2.5 inch thick fake fur pile that provides a luxurious space for daytime napping. It has a soft, ivory-colored suede backing to prevent slipping and is machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

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