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Traveling with pets? These gadgets will make it easier this summer

If your furry buddy will be a travel companion this summer, there are a few handy items to take along as well.

The right items will come in handy wherever you go with your pet

Traveling with your pet can be stressful, but the right gadgets will simplify trips with your best four-legged friend. Items that make it easy to give your pet food and water, and keep them secure and comfortable while en route are essential to arriving at your destination with minimal hassles along the way.

To help make your travels with your pet easier, we looked for must-have gadgets you’ll use every time you and your pet venture away from home.

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Considerations before traveling with a pet

Essentials you’ll need

When traveling with a pet, some items are essential. A carrier is vital to keep your pet contained and secure, as well as a leash and collar or harness that’s strong and easy to use. Snacks, such as pet food or dog or cat treats, are also necessities. It’s also vital to keep water handy for your dog or cat by toting it in a water bottle and bringing along a portable pet bowl.

Flying or driving

When you head out on your trip, will you fly or drive? While essential items are needed for either mode of transportation, some gadgets are required specifically for air or road travel. For example, before you fly, you’ll need to ensure your carrier is TSA-approved. When driving, a durable leash and collar or harness are must-haves for taking your dog for walks when you stop for breaks. Additionally, a pet seat and seat belt tether will provide additional security in the car.

ID your pet

Ensuring that your pet is identifiable is always important, but even more so when traveling. In addition to having your pet microchipped, adding an ID tag or plate to its collar will provide extra protection. Be sure to include your pet’s name as well as your name, address and phone number on the tag. A pet tracker with GPS is also an option to include with the collar and tag for even more peace of mind.

Best gadgets to simplify traveling with pets

SLSON 2-Pack Collapsible Pet Bowls

Because this bowl is flexible and collapses flat when not in use, it’s simple to stuff in a bag for travel. It’s made of silicone and is dishwasher-safe. It comes with a carabiner that makes it easy to carry.

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Petsfit Expandable Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

This TSA-approved soft-sided pet carrier is ideal for transporting cats and small dogs in comfort. It comes in several sizes for a good fit for your four-legged travel buddy. A plushy pad is included to line the bottom of the carrier and provide a soft spot for pets to relax.

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Heininger PortablePet Waterboy Travel Dog Water Bowl

The spill-resistant design of this water bowl makes it a good choice for dogs on a car trip. It provides easy access to water for thirsty canines without making a mess. It can accommodate up to three quarts of water.

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Gorilla Grip Waterproof Pet Pad

The waterproof construction of this pet pad makes it perfect for lining a carrier during travel. It stays put once in place, thanks to the slip-resistant bottom. You can choose from several sizes to fit your pet’s travel carrier.

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Kurgo Rover Dog Booster Seat

This travel seat for dogs will provide an ideal spot for your pet to perch during car travel. Installation is easy, whether you place it on a front or back seat of a vehicle. The waterproof material will keep your car seats protected. A seat belt tether is included.

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Whistle Go Explore Pet Health and Location Tracker

Should the unthinkable happen during travel, this tracker has your pet covered with built-in GPS. In addition to monitoring location, it also tracks pet fitness metrics. A full charge lasts as long as 20 days.

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Mobile Dog Gear Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

Any pet owner who travels with a dog needs a reliable water supply. This stainless steel bottle will hold up to 25 ounces to keep thirsty canines hydrated. What’s more, the durable lid doubles as a water bowl for quick drinks.

Sold by PetSmart

Petisfam Travel Cat Litter Box

With a zippered closure and lightweight, foldable design, this litter box is simple to take on your travels with your cat. It’s leakproof and traps odors. A litter scoop and collapsible bowl are included with purchase.

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Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Harness

It’s easy to keep your pup secure in the vehicle with this harness with a tether you can attach to a seatbelt. It also provides security on walks and is padded in the chest for a comfortable fit.

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