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Solo Stove Mesa review

Solo Stove introduces a new tabletop fire pit

A fire pit is a great addition to a backyard or even a camping trip. It gives you a place to gather, sets the mood and provides warmth. However, individuals who live in an urban area might not have room for a full-size fire pit. A compact model that safely functions in a limited space, such as on a picnic table, is ideal for someone who doesn't have a backyard.

Solo Stove is a trusted name in fire pits. The company is known for its innovative and highly efficient products. The latest model is called the Mesa, and it’s specifically designed for use on an outdoor table. This compact, smokeless fire pit employs the company’s signature 360-degree airflow technology, and it can be used with small pieces of wood or pellets.

This sounded like an excellent addition to the company’s line, but we were curious if the Solo Stove Mesa lived up to the high bar other Solo Stove models have set. We tested the new tabletop fire pit, and this is what we found.

Testing the Solo Stove Mesa

Our tester has extensive experience with outdoor products such as fire pits. They were a scout and their family camped out often while growing up. Now that our tester is an adult, they frequently host outdoor events. Besides being familiar with a more traditional bowl-shaped fire pit, our tester has used a number of Solo Stove’s products and had a positive experience with each.

When using the Mesa, our tester paid attention to ease of setup, portability, stability and how easy the fire pit was to clean.

What is the Solo Stove Mesa?

The Solo Stove Mesa is a tabletop fire pit that might be best described as “cute and tiny.” It’s only 6.8 inches tall (with its stand) and 5.1 inches wide. We particularly like that the company finally addressed one of the design areas that we had long been hoping they would. The Mesa is the first Solo Stove fire pit that’s available in six color options: stainless steel, deep olive, mulberry, bone, ash and water.

Because it’s so small, we were curious about Mesa’s weight. When we placed it on a kitchen scale, the diminutive fire pit weighed just under 1 1/2 pounds. This weight included the pellet adapter and the convenient drawstring bag that fits the unit nicely.

Regarding the size of this model, it really is small enough to fit on any table. The Mesa uses tiny pieces of wood or the adapter to supply pellets for fuel. The heat is suitable for about four people who are seated within marshmallow-roasting range. 

Solo Stove Mesa price and where to buy

The Solo Stove Mesa tabletop fire pit costs $79.99, and it’s available at Solo Stove.

How to use Solo Stove Mesa

Solo Stove’s Mesa only has four pieces. It’s simple enough to assemble without even looking at the directions. However, we recommend reading them to make sure each piece is placed where it belongs and is facing the proper direction.

The Mesa must only be used with the included stand. Before using, unfold the legs. This allows you to safely place the fire pit directly on wood, grass, wicker, plastic, metal or composite materials.

If you prefer, you can use the Mesa with the included pellet adapter to modify the unit so it can be used with pellet fuel. This is a little more convenient because you won’t need to chop up wood into tiny pieces before use.

When the tabletop fire pit has completely cooled, you’ll find there isn’t much left inside. This is because of the efficient design. To clean, simply turn the unit upside-down over a bag or a can and give it a shake until the ash falls free. It’s a simple and straightforward cleaning process.

Solo Stove Mesa benefits

The Mesa is lightweight, portable, features a durable design and burns with extreme efficiency. There’s barely any smoke once the fire gets started, and it provides a surprising amount of heat for such a tiny unit. We love that you now have color choices when purchasing, plus the convenience of burning wood or pellets. It cleans without effort and makes a fun addition to any backyard, patio or porch space.

Solo Stove Mesa drawbacks

This tabletop fire pit has only one minor design flaw that we could find during our extensive testing. The folding feet which give the Mesa its stability don’t always work well on slatted wood, because the feet might line up with the spaces and create an unstable condition. However, this is not a deal-breaker as a paving stone, tile, small piece of wood paneling or nearly any other flat object can be placed under the fire pit to solve the slat-gap problem. 

Should you get the Solo Stove Mesa?

While this isn’t the type of fire pit that will warm you on a crisp night, it’s a nearly flawless product that delivers everything it promises. If you live in an urban area where there isn’t a lot of outdoor space or if you want a portable tabletop fire pit that you can take anywhere, there’s simply no better option available than the Solo Stove Mesa.

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