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The best wall planters to save floor space and add style

Top wall planters to show off your house plants


Wall planters are a great way to save floor space and keep plants out of reach of pets. They help your plants access those perfect sunny nooks and serve double duty as decor. If you have an empty wall in your home, a wall planter is a great way to add a touch of art and greenery all at once.

How to choose a wall planter

When selecting a wall planter, consider four things: size, drainage, installation and style.

  • Size: A planter that fits common nursery pot sizes makes it simple to set your plants in the planter without having to repot them. This makes for easier watering and altogether less mess.
  • Drainage: Some wall planters come with drainage holes, and some don’t. They're useful if you plan to move your planter over a sink to water and want to let all the water drain out before re-hanging. Not having some lets you water directly into the planter without worrying about water dripping out. If you go this route, water gently and monitor your plant for root rot, as most plants don’t like to stay wet for long.
  • Installation: Unlike plant stands, many wall planters provide the hardware you need to mount them to a wall. If not, use appropriate anchors rated to support the total weight of your planter and plant, even when wet. Your plants will be happiest if you mount them according to their sunlight requirements. Remember that heat rises and smaller pots dry out fast, so you may need to adjust their watering schedule based on the temperature and humidity.
  • Style: Wall planters embody both form and function. Beyond holding your beloved plants at the perfect sunlit height, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes. If you want a versatile wall planter that goes with any look, opt for simple lines and classic materials such as metal or concrete.

Best wall planters

Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

This tiered hanging planter sits flush against the wall and offers three connected pots to display your plants. It’s ideal for small trailing plants or succulents that don’t need much room for their roots. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom to help prevent root rot.

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Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter 

You can’t go wrong with classic geometric shapes. These polished metal hangers come in brass, silver and gold, holding the triangular planters tightly to the wall. They come in small and large sizes, perfect for petite succulents or draping plants. There is no drainage hole, so water sparingly or set a pre-potted plant inside.

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Purzest Ceramic Geometric Wall Planters, Set of Six

These colorful ceramic planters are a decoration all on their own. Available in geometric and oblong pebble shapes, they are a fun way to display small or long-stemmed plants. Without a drainage hole, they’re best for pre-potted plants.

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Umbra Triflora Three-Piece Hanging Planter

If you’re looking to hang multiple plants at once, this sturdy hanging planter is a customizable solution. The lengths of the rod and ropes are adjustable. It features three identical 3-inch white pots and comes with either black or brass accent holders.

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August Grove Cardona Nine-Piece Pot Metal Wall Planter

For kitchen gardeners, this nine-piece planter puts fresh herbs at your fingertips. Three tiers of identical 4-inch-diameter pots let you grow your favorite vegetables, herbs or house plants all year. They're also removable for easy access. The handmade design adds a rustic aesthetic with distressed elements and all-metal construction.

Sold by Wayfair


Amiaedu Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf

For easy installation, opt for this one-hook macrame wall art and shelf. The macrame's twisted details create sturdy ropes that hold up the natural wood shelf. The shelf provides an accessible ledge to grow your favorite plants.

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