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Fairy garden ideas for adding mystique to your yard

What is a fairy garden?


With whimsical characters and intriguing surroundings, a fairy garden is a magical land that you can incorporate into your yard. Setting up the garden is fun for kids, but it's just as entertaining for adults who love the mystical atmosphere of these imaginary worlds. 

There are various ways to set up a fairy garden and numerous types of accessories for creating an eye-catching design. Whether you want to turn an entire flower garden into a fairy wonderland or put together a small fairy garden in a pot, you have options to consider to create a mythical escape in your yard. 

About fairy gardens  

Fairies are tiny mythical beings that fly and work their magical powers for good. They have been the subject of European folklore for generations. Fairy gardens are thought to have originated in Ireland but have caught on in recent years in the United States and worldwide for their captivating charm that adds a touch of fantasy to any outdoor living space. 

How to set up a fairy garden


There are different ways to add a fairy garden to your yard. One way is to give a flower garden a fantasy-like design by adding fairy garden statues among the plants and flowers. These adorable statues range from 5 to 12 inches in height and come in designs that fit a fairy garden, including mushrooms, bunnies, birds, flowers, cottages and fairies. Complementing the statuary with pebbles, stepping stones and solar-powered lighting will turn any garden into a mythical land. 

Miniature gardens

Whether you don’t have much yard or garden space or simply want a small fairy garden, miniature figurines and other fairy garden accessories are also available. These items include a wide selection of characters, cottages, doors, animals and more for creating a magical scene. While complete fairy garden kits are available, pieces can also be purchased individually to create a customized look or to add to an existing mini fairy garden. 

Small fairy gardens can be placed in a designated garden section or in a large pot or planter. Adding potting soil, plants and landscaping elements, such as sand, moss and pebbles, will complete the design. 


When shopping for fairy garden pieces, it’s important to consider the material. Quality items are typically constructed of weather-resistant resin durable enough to withstand the elements. What’s more, many hand-painted options feature bright colors and intricate details for eye-catching appeal in an outdoor space. 

Best items for a fairy garden

Plow & Hearth Fairies on Mushrooms Garden Stakes

These adorable fairies on mushrooms are on stakes that make them easy to secure in the ground. The set includes four fairies constructed of durable resin that hold up well to the weather.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Arcadia Garden Products Simplicity Square Terra Cotta Pot

This pot is perfect for setting up a small fairy garden. It’s made of a unique blend of wood dust, recycled plastic and stone powder that’s lightweight yet weather-resistant. It comes in a choice of three attractive colors.

Sold by Home Depot

August Groves Fairy House for Fairy Gardens

Fairy garden enthusiasts will love this fairy house’s bright colors and intricate details that are painted by hand. It has a built-in LED light powered by the sun. The strong resin material is crafted to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Sold by Wayfair

WILD PIXY Fairy Garden Kit

This cute kit includes 13 accessories for creating a complete miniature fairy garden. It comes with a cottage that features appealing details and a solar-powered light. The whimsical design is ideal for all ages but especially appeals to kids setting up their first fairy garden.

Sold by Amazon

GlitZGlam Miniature Duck Pond for Fairy Gardens

The details of this cute hand-painted duck pond make it a nice addition to any fairy garden. It’s made of resin that’s built to last.

Sold by Amazon

Trinx Fairy Garden Kit

Although small, this kit includes the accessories needed to set up an adorable fairy garden. The pieces are well-made and will turn any pot or planter into a mythical showpiece.

Sold by Wayfair

Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden Door

This door looks great in any fairy garden and showcases attention to detail and durable construction. It’s made of weather-resistant resin.

Sold by Amazon

Jack & Rose Flower Solar Garden Lights

Not your typical solar lights, this pack of four fairy lights sports a floral design that looks great in a garden. The multicolored lights illuminate for as long as 10 hours with each complete charge.

Sold by Amazon 

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