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The best patio mister

Which patio misters are best?

In the heat of the summer, a comfortable patio can become too hot far too quickly, losing its relaxing atmosphere. A shade sail or an outdoor fan could be good options, but those take time to install, and many people want a quicker solution. 

A patio mister, such as the HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System, can solve your problems by lowering air temperatures by up to 20 degrees. It is a quick and easy fix that is affordable and arrives pre-assembled, making DIY installation possible for the average homeowner.

What to know before you buy a patio mister

What is a patio mister?

A patio mister uses water from your outdoor faucet to provide relief from the heat in one of two ways. The first type of mister gently sprays individuals, but this can create a wet environment that some individuals find uncomfortable. The second type of mister creates an ultra-fine mist that evaporates before it can be felt, effectively lowering the air temperature in the immediate vicinity.

The size of the water droplets is critical

The size of the water droplets determines whether you will feel wet or just cool when using your patio mister. When the water droplets are roughly 10 microns or smaller, they will evaporate before settling on a surface, cooling the air without making you wet. The larger droplets, on the other hand, will still provide a cooling effect, but they require more time to evaporate, making you feel wet.

What to look for in a quality patio mister


You can measure the size of a patio mister by either the length of the tubing or the number of nozzles. To get the maximum benefit from your mister, you need to find one that is long enough to reach all of the areas you want to cool and has enough nozzles to cover those areas with mist.

Ease of installation

Fortunately, patio misters are not difficult to install, but installation time varies from mister to mister. Some can be installed in seconds while others may take a bit longer to set up. For the easiest installation, look for a patio mister that features little to no assembly.


The misters with the easiest installation are generally not highly customizable, but that works well for most users. However, if your patio is an uncommon configuration, you may want to consider a patio mister that can be customized to your needs.


Patio misters cannot function with plastic nozzles like drip irrigation systems, and they require durable metal hardware that can be cleaned when it becomes clogged with mineral deposits.


If you’d like to take your patio misting experience to the next level, look for a misting fan. These handy devices combine the cooling effects of evaporation with a gentle breeze to maximize comfort levels.

How much you can expect to spend on a patio mister

The average patio mister costs between $20-$50. However, you can find one-nozzle misters for $10 or less, and more complex systems can cost $100 or more.

Patio mister FAQ

Where can you use a patio mister?

A. A patio mister can be used any location you’d like to cool, including on a patio, under a pergola, under an umbrella, in a garden or near the pool. However, misting can create a slippery surface, making bricks slick or creating dangerous conditions for trampolines or playground equipment and thus should not be placed in those locations. Additionally, patio mister nozzles should not be hung at the eye-level of children or adults.  

How much water does a patio mister use?

A. The exact amount of water used by a patio mister varies from system to system. The parameters range from roughly a half gallon to one-and-a-half gallons of water per nozzle per hour. By comparison, the average shower uses two-and-a-half gallons of water per minute.

What’s the best patio mister to buy?

Top patio mister

HOMENOTE Misting Cooling System

What you need to know: This comprehensive patio misting kit has a 59 foot misting line and 20 brass nozzles, making it capable of cooling a large area.

What you’ll love: This misting kit comes pre-assembled, and there are no special tools needed for installation. The system can be adapted to a wide variety of needs, working in patios, pools and parks.

What you should consider: The issues individuals tend to have with this product, such as the color of the zip ties, are fairly minor.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top patio mister for the money

Orbit Flex Cobra Portable Mist Stand

What you need to know: The clever design of this product makes it the easiest mister to set up and use.

What you’ll love: This freestanding, stiffened hose simply needs to be connected to a three-quarter-inch outlet (or hose), and you’re ready to go. It is flexible, allowing you to customize spray height and direction, and it comes with three misting nozzles.

What you should consider: This mister is best for smaller areas.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

REDTRON Mist Cooling System

What you need to know: If you are looking for a misting system that can be adapted to any situation, this is your best option.

What you’ll love: This fully customizable misting kit features 32.8 feet of UV-resistant flexible tubing and 10 metal nozzles. Assembly is achieved by cutting and pushing, no special tools are required.

What you should consider: This misting kit requires a little patience and attention to the instructions for a proper installation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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