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Best xylophone for kids

Which xylophones for kids are best?

Xylophones are a popular first instrument for kids because they are easy to use, require little dexterity and are often fun, brilliant colors. Unlike guitars and keyboards, which can be fragile and expensive, or drum kits, which are loud and heavy, xylophones allow children to explore their interest in music in a minimally disruptive, affordable way.

The Xylophone 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel in Case is great for kids who are ready to begin learning music. It includes song cards that teach a variety of classic childrens’ songs that fit neatly inside of a plastic carrying case.

What to consider before you buy a xylophone for kids

Age and ability

While even the youngest children enjoy toys and objects that react to them with noise and music, it’s important to consider the age of the child you intend to purchase a xylophone for. Older children who have developed their own personal taste may have preferences when it comes to color and design. Try to select an instrument that is age-appropriate and accommodates the child’s physical abilities.


Be sure to inspect the xylophone you intend to buy for small parts that could potentially pose a choking hazard. Heavy xylophones made of metal can cause damage or injury if dropped.


Providing a child with a xylophone may help them to develop curiosity with regard to music. However, it also may simply be another noisemaker to add to their collection of toys. Encourage exploration and musical creativity, but keep in mind that every child will develop their own interests over time.

What to look for in a quality xylophone for kids


Xylophones for kids will typically be made of wood or metal. Some feature plastic construction, but these will still include wooden or metal keys, as plastic is not ideal for making noise. Select a xylophone that is rugged enough to withstand a child’s rough use. Be sure to take note of any potential sharp edges on metal keys.


Kids’ xylophones are often available in a rainbow of colors. Their separate keys allow for each note to be represented in a different hue, which can greatly aid in music education. Older children may quickly outgrow the childish look of some instruments, however, so keep in mind your recipient’s personal taste.

Song guides

Some xylophones include cards or booklets that contain instructions on how to play songs on the instrument. These accessories are excellent for those who want to familiarize children with the fun associated with playing familiar tunes and the sense of accomplishment felt after success. 

Targeted age

Some xylophones are specifically designed for toddlers and include wheels, pull strings and only a few keys. Others are built for older children and allow for more complex musicality in a more “grown-up” looking package. Xylophones for older kids often include song guides or other literature to teach basic music fundamentals. For the most value, try to select a xylophone that can grow with the child.

Tips for encouraging kids to explore music

  • From toy lawnmowers to shopping carts brimming with plastic food, kids delight in mimicking the activities that they watch adults do on a daily basis. Showing an interest in music yourself, whether by singing or playing an instrument, automatically makes little ones want to engage. 

  • The joy felt listening to your favorite song isn’t just for adults! While the days of record, tape and CD collections may be in the past, allowing youngsters to feel ownership over the music they enjoy is empowering and therapeutic. Create a playlist of their most loved songs and invite them to select the tracks they want to hear.

  • Very young children may not be good candidates for complex instruments, like guitars or violins, but instruments like xylophones and pianos that allow them to see their hands at work provide less frustration and a more immediate understanding of how to make music.

How much you can expect to spend on a xylophone for kids

Depending on the model you choose, xylophones for very young children can cost as little as $9. Models with more keys, heavier construction and accessories geared towards older kids can cost as much as $60.

Xylophone for kids FAQ

Can you actually play songs on a xylophone?

A. Yes. Commonly associated with children, the xylophone is indeed a classical instrument capable of a wide range of songs and styles depending on how it is used and how many keys the instrument has.

Are xylophone mallets dangerous for children?

A. As with all toys, it is recommended that children be supervised while using their xylophone. While made of plastic or wood for most kids’ xylophones, the mallets used to strike keys can potentially cause injury if used to whack small fingers or toes.

What are the benefits of giving a child a xylophone?

A. An appreciation and understanding of music fostered at a young age can result in benefits that will last a lifetime. While most children will not pursue careers as musicians, the ability to use creativity as both an outlet and a means by which to communicate provides both intellectual and emotional enrichment.

What’s the best xylophone for kids to buy?

Top xylophone for kids

Xylophone 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel in Case

What you need to know: This xylophone comes in a carrying case and includes instructions on how to play classic songs.

What you’ll love: Available in three colors, this metal xylophone is great for classrooms and for individual children. It includes a card set that features color-coded instructions on how to play 23 songs, and it all fits into a plastic carrying case.

What you should consider: The number of keys in this instrument may be overwhelming for very young kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top xylophone for kids for the money

Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone

What you need to know: This classic, simple toy still has its place among today’s technological gadgets.

What you’ll love: With its wheels and tethered mallet, this xylophone is great for allowing toddlers to develop motor skills. Its color-coded keys can also be used to play simple songs.

What you should consider: Only suitable for very young children.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone

What you need to know: This xylophone’s fun design and song card make for a great introduction to music.

What you’ll love: Shaped like a friendly caterpillar and featuring rainbow-colored keys, this xylophone is great for little ones ready to start exploring music. It includes a song card that teaches how to play “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and is made from soft, rounded wood.

What you should consider: Including instructions on how to play more than one song would have been ideal.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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