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Best garden tiller

Which garden tiller is best? 

Creating a garden that allows plants to grow and flourish often requires the use of a garden tiller. These machines are designed to break up soil to create a fresh bed for plants and flowers.

There are a few types of tillers available, and while each performs a similar function, there are differences you should learn about before purchase. The one you choose will depend on several factors, like the type of soil, size of the garden and your own personal preferences. 

What to consider before purchasing a garden tiller


Before purchasing a garden tiller, you’ll need to decide which type you need. Considering the machine’s power source and how it is constructed will help you make that decision. 

  • Electric: An electric garden tiller is smaller and lighter than gas tillers, allowing the user to till a garden with little effort and lots of control. Some require a power source nearby, as they must be plugged into an outlet during use. Others are cordless, with lithium-ion batteries that require charging. These models do not have the power of a gas tiller, but are great for small vegetable or flower gardens. 
  • Gas: Gas garden tillers generally have an abundance of power and are the better option for larger gardens. They come with either front or rear tines and are used for breaking up new ground, as well as regular maintenance of existing plots. These items are often more expensive than other models and require the user to regularly purchase and store gasoline.
  • Manual: Manual garden tillers do not require an outside power source or gas, as the user provides the power. Some items feature different styles of handles that allow the user to twist the metal tines back and forth to break up the soil. Others allow the operator to push it from behind, often featuring a single wheel and one or more tines for plowing and cultivating. These items are typically made of steel, are compact and come in a variety of sizes. This option is best for small, established gardens that do not require heavy-duty tilling, but cultivating. These are generally the easiest to organize in a tool shed or a garage.


The style of a garden tiller dictates how portable it is. Ideally, they can be easily moved from plot to plot, but some are more portable than others. Lightweight electric and manual tillers are the most portable, while gas models may require more work to transport. Some tillers may be designed for easier portability, with features like handles that can be folded down to make the item more compact. Some corded electric tillers may feature a retractable cord. 

Garden size

One of the most important factors in choosing the best garden tiller for your needs is garden size. A small flower bed or herb garden may only require using a compact, manual garden cultivator. An electric model is best for small vegetable or flower gardens. Corded models can handle larger gardens, but the power source is a factor. Cordless models are more portable, but typically only run for 30-40 minutes before requiring several hours to recharge. For large gardens and breaking new ground, a gas tiller is typically your best bet. These models provide power, speed and till deeply so plants run their roots further into the ground so gardens can flourish. 

Cost of a garden tiller

The best garden tillers are generally priced between $30-$1000, depending on the size, style and material used. Larger, more powerful tillers are priced higher than other options. 

Garden tiller FAQ

Are garden tillers multi-purpose? 

A. In addition to breaking up soil, the best garden tillers can be used like a cultivator to break up garden weeds for removal, or even bury them so they can break down and fertilize the soil. 

What is the most durable material that a garden tiller can be made from? 

A. The most durable material that a garden tiller can be made from is steel. While aluminum and plastic may be used in the body or handle, durable steel is typically used for tines and other heavy-duty parts.

Best manual garden tillers

Yard Butler Twist Tiller

This item is made from steel and is very durable. It is a handheld tool that offers users great control over a gardening project. The user operates it by twisting the handlebars and allowing the tines to break up the dirt. This item is not adjustable and is easily stored. It does not require any assembly and does not utilize a power source for operation.

Sold by Amazon

Earthway High Wheel Cultivator  

This item is made from heavy-duty steel and helps the user till or plow a garden plot. The handle is adjustable to the user's height. Entirely manual, it has a large front wheel that is good for use on rough soil. This item does not come entirely assembled, but is simple to use once it is set up.

Sold by Home Depot

Best electric garden tillers

Sun Joe Electric Tiller and Cultivator 

This corded electric tiller features six durable tines for breaking up the toughest dirt. This item is easily assembled and transported. The handle folds up entirely for storage purposes. It features an instant start and safety switch for the most convenient use and is easily controlled.

Sold by Amazon

Lawn Master Corded Electric Tiller 

This powerful, corded tiller is made with durable steel blades that are resistant to rust and break up tough soil with ease. This tiller is lightweight, easy to control and is able to fold down for compact storage.

Sold by Amazon

Best gas garden tillers

Troy-Bilt Super Bronco Rotating Gas Garden Tiller

This sturdy, durable and easy-to-use gas-powered model comes from one of the most well-known names in garden machinery. This Troy-Bilt tiller maneuvers easily, allowing users to work their way around the toughest ground. The handles are wide for greater control. Users can even run it with one hand. Some assembly is required before use.

Sold by Home Depot

Earthquake Mini Tiller and Cultivator 

This tiller features adjustable height and wheel options, making it easy to maneuver and transport. It comes with a Viper engine and overhand handles for greater control when operating, as well as a 5-year warranty.

Sold by Amazon

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