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Best cedar raised garden beds

A cedar raised garden bed is also great for gardeners with mobility concerns.

Which cedar raised garden bed is best?

Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding outdoor activities you can have. This is a delicious, visible connection to the earth that can improve both your health and your environment.

But what are your options when you have limited space or poor soil? These challenges are common in urban areas. To meet them, many people opt to use a cedar raised garden bed.

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Why choose a cedar raised garden bed

On the most basic level, a cedar raised garden bed is beneficial because:

  • It lets you start your garden sooner in the season.
  • It has better drainage.
  • You can customize the soil to whatever you're planting.
  • You can garden in areas with poor or potentially harmful soil.

Raised beds are also great for gardeners with mobility concerns. It can be challenging to get up and down off the ground during a long weeding session. Depending on the height, a raised bed with legs can be accessed while sitting, kneeling or standing. This makes gardening more accessible.

Finally, cedar in particular is both rot and pest resistant. Because of this, you don't need to use chemically treated wood or harmful sealant or paint to keep your raised bed from disintegrating after a couple of seasons.

Raised beds with or without legs

A raised bed can be as simple as a square boundary placed on top of already existing soil. Most raised beds without legs are 11 inches tall — a good height for most herbs, flowers and vegetables. This provides all of the benefits, but they can still be challenging for some gardeners to use.

If you like the idea of planting, weeding and harvesting at waist level, look for raised beds with legs. They have the same depth of bed, but legs that are 2-4  feet tall make this setup easier to use.

Which cedar raised garden bed is best?

Jumbl Raised Canadian Cedar Garden Bed

It’s available in four sizes. It is designed to work in small spaces but is deep enough for larger vegetables that require more room for roots. This raised bed comes with a liner and a one-year replacement warranty. No special tools are required to assemble.

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Greene’s Fence Original Cedar Elevated Garden Bed

If you are worried about chemicals, this is a great choice. The cedar is untreated which makes it safe for growing all types of herbs and vegetables. The rectangular shape optimizes this raised bed for balconies and patios. It assembles easily but requires a rubber mallet.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Boldly Growing Wooden Raised Garden Bed Kit

This untreated cedar bed is divided into 4-foot-by-4-foot raised boxes. The tongue-and-groove boards of the bed are smooth to prevent splinters. Each square is nearly a foot deep. It assembles easily with a screwdriver and comes with a one-year warranty.

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Miracle-Gro Cedar Raised Garden Bed

The narrow size of this raised garden bed is ideal for balconies, next to sidewalks and other places where there isn't much room. It is available in five lengths and two widths, and the simple construction means expansion is easy with other Miracle-Gro products.

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Greenes Fence Premium U-Shaped Cedar Raised Bed

The cedar boards lock simply into corner posts for assembly. Add decorative tops posts with a screwdriver. The u-shape is substantial and lets you plant a full garden in a small footprint. It is available in two sizes, with or without critter guards. These beds can also be stacked for deeper crops such as potatoes or to elevate the beds even further.

Sold by Amazon

Boldly Growing Store Cedar Raised Planter Box With Legs

Yellow cedar is strong and resistant to rot. It is unfinished and can be stained or sealed as you like. It is available in two sizes. This raised bed holds 5 cubic feet of soil and comes with a one-year warranty.

Sold by Amazon

Timberlane Gardens 3-tiered Western Red Cedar Raised Bed Kit

The sustainably managed western red cedar in this three-tiered bed is free of chemicals and connected with mortise and tenon joinery. No tools are needed to assemble. These can be used as three separate beds or stacked for one. Brackets for joining are included. This is made in the U.S. from native trees.

Sold by Amazon

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