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Best manual lawn edger

Which manual lawn edger is best?

To have a truly superb, best-in-neighborhood kind of lawn, you’ll need to do more than just mow your grass; you need to edge your lawn around its exteriors and next to your pathways. A correctly edged lawn is the difference between looking nice and looking professionally managed. With a manual lawn edger, you can avoid all the hassles that an electrical version brings.

The best manual lawn edger is the Radius Garden Root Slayer Edger. This manual lawn edger uses an inverted V-shaped tip with a serrated edge to rip through anything in your lawn standing in the way, plus the extended shaft makes it easy for anyone of any height to get the proper leverage.

What to know before you buy a manual lawn edger

Standard vs. rotary

There are two main types of manual lawn edgers, standard and rotary.

Standard: Standard manual lawn edgers use the downward force of your foot to drive the blade into your yard, essentially like a shovel. Unlike a shovel, you won’t scoop out the dirt you’ve just displaced; all you’re doing is cutting a straight edge into the grass.

Rotary: Rotary manual lawn edgers have wheels and a blade that looks very similar to that of a throwing star. Thanks to the wheels, a rotary manual lawn edger can only be used along flat surfaces like a sidewalk or other pathway and along your driveway. The blade turns with the wheels and slices the edge as you go.

What to look for in a quality manual lawn edger


The blade is the most important part of your prospective manual lawn edger, which means it should be the highest priority to purchase one with the best material you can afford, preferably rust-resistant carbon steel. The shape can be selected based on the type of resistance you expect to meet in your yard, with more crescent shapes being best for rocking the edger to cut through tough materials; serrated blades also help with this task.

Also make sure your manual lawn edger blade has a wide enough blade and large enough lip to allow your foot to sit comfortably for easy application of pressure. Another benefit of wider blades is the chance to complete the edging process that much faster.


Comfort is first and foremost when narrowing down your purchase decision; while your foot and not your hands will apply the pressure you’ll need, a rough material handle can easily lead to blisters and other sores, not to mention increased fatigue.

There are two main shapes of handle: O and T. An O-shaped handle provides only a nominal increase in control over T, so pick the shape you find more personally comfortable.

How much you can expect to spend on a manual lawn edger

Most manual lawn edgers fall into roughly the same range of prices, no matter the design or brand. For less than $35, you’ll find most of your options, though they don’t feature the best level of ergonomics. The $35 to $55 range is where you start to find the really high-quality blades and the best available handles. Anything more than $55 and you’ll only be looking at powered lawn edgers.

Manual lawn edger FAQ

How often should a lawn be edged?

A. You should only need to maintain the edge of your lawn roughly once a month, though your particular lawn’s make-up could add or subtract from that time. A better practice is to examine the edges of your yard every time you need to mow, and if your edges are starting to lose their straight lines, then it’s time for a touch-up.

How often should I clean my manual lawn edger?

A. Best practices say that every time you finish using any lawn tool, you should clean it. This helps any of your tools to last longer and perform their tasks with greater efficiency; plus, if you move through diseased soil, a proper cleaning ensures you won’t spread it over the rest of your yard.

How should I clean my manual lawn edger then?

A. It’s easier to clean your manual lawn edger than it is to use; when you’ve completed your task, simply spray your manual lawn edger clean of all debris with your yard hose, wipe off what won’t be washed away and make sure it’s dry before being put away.

What are the best manual lawn edgers to buy?

Top manual lawn edger

Radius Garden Root Slayer Edger

What you need to know: This manual lawn edger is built to slice through roots and everything else like butter.

What you’ll love: The blade requires no other maintenance than regular cleaning to maintain its best performance.

What you should consider: While the blade is rarely reported to crack, this manual lawn edger has a lifetime guarantee for free replacement.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top manual lawn edger for the money

AMES Saw-Tooth Border Edger with T-Grip

What you need to know: This is a moderately priced manual lawn edger with a U-shaped and serrated blade.

What you’ll love: The U-shaped and serrated blade gives this manual lawn edger an equal strength against most any underground root.

What you should consider: The long-term durability of this manual lawn edger isn’t as good as other pricier options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kwik Edge Garden Edger

What you need to know: As a multipurpose manual lawn edger, the unique blade helps it better maintain your lawn’s edge.

What you’ll love: Not only does this manual lawn edger maintain your lawn’s edges, it will also condition your soil while it works.

What you should consider: It’s important to note that this manual lawn edger is NOT meant to create an edge, only maintain one.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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