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Owala’s FreeSip Twist is the next viral water bottle — and already selling out

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We tried the Owala FreeSip Twist and it’s worth the hype

If you're looking for an alternative to a Stanley Quencher tumbler that's safer and more affordable, Owala might have just what you need. You just have to act fast, because the Owala FreeSip Twist, the next big thing in water bottles, is already selling out.

So why are people — including BestReviews editors — loving the FreeSip Twist?

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What's so great about the Owala FreeSip Twist?

BestReviews editors got a chance to test the Owala FreeSip Twist and loved it.

"The size is easy to grasp and fits into any water bottle holder — at the gym or in the car. You can also carry it in a purse or bag without it taking up all the space," one wrote. "It comes with a handy rope attachment on the top that makes it easy to carry."

She also noted that she loved having the option to either sip through the built-in straw or take a bigger swig — and that the FreeSip Twist could handle carbonated and hot drinks, and keep cold drinks cool for 24 hours.

Did we mention that this bottle is tween-approved? Our editor's has been begging her for it since she got it.

No lead in Owala's water bottles

And unlike Stanley, Owala doesn't use lead in their manufacturing process.

"Owala bottles are lead-free. Always have been. Always will be," the company writes on its website. "In light of recent media attention on the subject, we affirm our commitment to consumer safety by highlighting the fact that all Owala bottles and tumblers—including the award-winning Owala FreeSip bottle—are and always have been lead-free."

Other Owala FreeSip Twist features

  • Two sizes: 18 and 24 ounces
  • Triple-layer insulated
  • Stainless steel
  • Leak-proof, twist-top lid
  • Carry loop for easy transport
  • Cupholder friendly
  • Bisphenol A- and phthalate-free
  • Easy to clean

Where to get the Owala FreeSip Twist

The Owala FreeSip Twist is already selling out, but here's where you can still get it:

Owala FreeSip Twist in Sleepy Lavender from Owala

Owala FreeSip Twist in Rock On from Owala

Owala FreeSip Twist from REI

More Owala water bottles we love

Owala FreeSip

The original Owala FreeSip was already loved by BestReviews testers before the FreeSip Twist was released. It got perfect marks across the board when we looked at how leakproof its design is, how easy it is to drink from, how long it keeps liquids cold or hot, whether it fits in a cupholder, its durability, its price and how easy it is to clean. The premium insulation lives up to its promise to keep drinks at temperature, and the unique cap that lets you choose whether you sip through a straw or a wider opening is a great perk.

Owala 40-ounce Tumbler

If you're a die-hard Stanley fan, this is Owala's closest equivalent. Like the Quencher, it has a 40-ounce capacity to keep you hydrated all day. It also has a side handle for easy carrying and a narrow base to fit in cupholders (also like Stanley). Like FreeSip bottles, you can choose to sip from the straw or swig from a wider opening. And this bottle is splash-resistant and easy to clean.

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