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Best Hydro Flask water bottle

Which Hydro Flask water bottle is best?

Most people could stand to drink more water. If that sounds like you, having water with you makes it more convenient to stay hydrated and healthier. Investing in a Hydro Flask is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated at home and on the go. If you aren’t sure which Hydro Flask is right for you, the Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth is a great bottle that fits almost anyone’s needs.

What to know before you buy a Hydro Flask water bottle


If you’re looking for the cheapest water bottle, a Hydro Flask isn’t your best choice. However, if you want something that will last, the high price eventually pays for itself. The claims Hydro Flask makes about its bottles’ ability to keep drinks hot/cold are true. The price is worth it, especially if you’re often on the go.


You could probably throw these off a cliff and still use them (although it isn’t recommended). Hydro Flask water bottles have a reputation for being beaten up and still be perfectly usable. If you’re a bit clumsy (no shame), these bottles can get a bit dented, but they hold strong.


If you don’t like the standard mouth or want some variety, you can purchase different lids for your Hydro Flask water bottle. You can add a straw lid, sport lid, closable lid or any other number of options. Hydro Flask also offers cleaning accessories and silicone boots to protect the bottom of your Hydro Flask from being dented or damaged.

What to look for in a quality Hydro Flask water bottle


With capacities ranging from 20 ounces to a massive 128 ounces, you’re sure to find a bottle that fits your needs.


While Hydro Flask is best known for its water bottles, it also has coffee mugs, tumblers and beer and wine holders. All of Hydro Flask’s other bottle styles have the same durability and trademark insulation properties that make Hydro Flask the household name it is.


Hydro Flask water bottles have plenty of color and style options. On the off chance you can’t find a style you like in your favorite color, you can customize your Hydro Flask with whatever color scheme and text you like. However, like most brands, Hydro Flask doesn’t offer returns on custom products, so make sure you’re happy with your final design before purchasing. Occasionally Hydro Flask puts out limited-edition collaborations with other brands.

How much you can expect to spend on a Hydro Flask water bottle

While Hydro Flask bottles range from $25-$125, expect to spend $35-$60.

Hydro Flask water bottle FAQ

Are Hydro Flask bottles just for water?

A. You can buy more specific ones for coffee, beer and wine, but honestly, you can use the water bottle to hold most liquids.

Are Hydro Flask water bottles heavy?

A. It depends on the size, but they’re definitely heavier than cheaper bottles due to insulation and durable materials.

What’s the best Hydro Flask water bottle to buy?

Top Hydro Flask water bottle

Hydro Flask 32-Ounce Wide Mouth

What you need to know: If you want the sweet spot between a high-capacity water bottle and something you can hope to fit into a cup holder, this is it.

What you’ll love: This bottle is fairly middle of the road in terms of price at around $40, but has a high enough volume that you won’t need to fill it up constantly throughout the day.

What you should consider: If you have an older or smaller car, this may not fit in the cup holder.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Top Hydro Flask water bottle for the money

Hydro Flask 21-Ounce Standard Mouth, Flex Lid

What you need to know: If you just want a small bottle to throw into a backpack or gym bag, a 21-ounce Hydro Flask fits the bill.

What you’ll love: Although it’s a smaller volume, it has a smaller footprint and weighs less. You should be able to fit this into most any cup holder. The flex lid is a nice bonus for the money. The smaller mouth can be convenient and less likely to spill.

What you should consider: With a lower capacity, you may need to fill up this bottle more often.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Worth checking out

Hydro Flask 24-Ounce Trail Series, Standard Mouth

What you need to know: If you want an insulated bottle made specifically for outdoor activities, this is it.

What you’ll love: Since it’s made for outdoor activities, it’s 25% lighter than the regular Hydro Flask 24-ounce with standard mouth. With a narrower footprint, you shouldn’t have trouble fitting it in the water-bottle pocket of your hiking backpack.

What you should consider: Unless you hike often or are concerned about your bottle’s weight, the extra cost might not be worth it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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