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Salad spinners, mandoline slicers and other tools for a fresh summer salad

Creating a light, delicious summer salad is easy with a few simple tools.

What are essential kitchen tools for making a fresh summer salad?

While summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year, this exciting season also brings hot and humid weather. Keeping it light is the best way to cool off during those scorching days, including wearing airy fabrics and eating refreshing salads. 

With an assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables available during the summer, it’s time to ensure you have the essential kitchen tools. So, whether you’re planning a summer picnic or enjoying an evening at home, here are the top kitchen tools for making a fresh summer salad. 

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How to make the perfect summer salad

Wash your produce 

Regardless of what you put in your salad, washing all your fresh produce is the most crucial step. Not only does it get rid of germs and bacteria, such as E.coli, but it also removes dirt or small rocks that you don’t want in your salad. Filling your sink or a large bowl with water is the best way to ensure you remove all the bad stuff. And if you don’t want to dry your veggies, be sure to get a salad spinner.

Choose a variety of greens

To really elevate your salad, choose more than one type of greens. Try to get greens with varying textures. For instance, romaine and iceberg have more crunch than arugula or spinach. So, you could choose romaine and arugula for a variety of textures and flavors.

Pick a protein

Protein adds another flavor, texture and helps keep you full longer. Chicken, salmon and even bacon are great options, or you can choose lunch meat, such as turkey or prosciutto. For a meatless salad, substitute tofu, cubed cheese or egg.

Pick a starch

Starches such as beans, grains or potatoes are filling and add more substance. This can include chickpeas, quinoa, sweet potatoes or even croutons if you want some crunch.

Pick fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables might be the most important component of a salad. If you’re aiming for a fresh summer salad, choose colorful vegetables or fruits that are more readily available in the summer. Also, don’t be afraid to mix your fruits and vegetables. If you're looking to cut or slice your fruits and veggies, using a mandoline can be very valuable.

Tips for making the perfect summer salad

  • Make your salad dressing. If you want a summer salad that tastes fresh, a light, homemade dressing is the key. They’re easier to make than you think and come together effortlessly with the help of a salad dressing shaker.
  • Season your greens. Even though you have dressing, seasoning the greens with just a touch of salt and pepper will add more flavor and depth.
  • Choose a bigger bowl than you think you need. You don’t just need everything to fit — you also need to mix or toss the salad.
  • Think about colors. While it may not add to the flavor, a colorful salad will seem more refreshing and fun. So, don’t choose fruits and vegetables that are all green.

Best products for a fresh summer salad 

Best salad tools under $12

Mr&Mrs White Trio Peeler Set

With just one handle and three replaceable peelers, you can peel vegetable skin, shred cabbage, slice cheese and julienne carrots with ease. Both the plastic handle and stainless steel blades are dishwasher-safe and functional for right and left-handers.

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Rachael Ray Stainless Steel Scraper

Never worry about dropping vegetables while carrying them from the cutting board to the bowl again. With this scraper, you can effortlessly scoop and transfer, and it’s sharp enough to slice some vegetables. Plus, it features a ribbed handle to help you grip it securely and is dishwasher-safe.

Sold by Amazon

Totally Bamboo Salad Hands

Not only are these bamboo salad hands adorable, but they’re also the perfect tool for mixing and serving a fresh summer salad. Each salad hand features a knob on the back, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping into the bowl. Also, as one of the most renewable resources, bamboo is easier on the environment than hard woods.

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Kolder Salad Dressing Bottle

No refreshing summer salad is complete without a light, homemade dressing. With measurements for eight classic salad dressings featured on the side of the bottle, this 13-ounce glass bottle can measure, mix and serve. As a bonus, the recipe markings won’t ever fade, even in the dishwasher.

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Best salad tools under $25

OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer

Whether you need citrus juice as part of your homemade dressing or are squeezing lemon juice right over your salad, this tool is ideal. The nonslip handles are pressure-absorbing, allowing you to effortlessly squeeze your lemons and limes. It’s also dishwasher-safe and strains out the pulp and seeds, leaving you with only the good stuff.

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Amazon Basics 12-Piece Color-Coded Kitchen Knife Set

Sharp knives make cutting fruits or vegetables a breeze. This set includes six knives with an ergonomic grip and coordinating covers, each in a unique color for easy identification. The kitchen knives feature a nonstick color coating to prevent food from sticking to the blade and are designed to hold a sharp edge.

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Bentgo Salad Stackable Lunch Container

If you’re taking a fresh summer salad to the office or a picnic, you’ll need a container that keeps it from getting soggy. This bowl features a large bowl and a bento-style tray with three separate compartments and a three-ounce sauce container. Its 54-ounce capacity is large enough to share or keep for yourself and comes with a built-in reusable fork.

Sold by Amazon

Trudeau Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

If you dislike standing at a cutting board chopping veggies, you’ll love these chopping tongs. The stainless steel blades feature micro-serrated edges that chop lettuce, tomatoes or fruit right in your salad bowl, and the soft handles have a lock to keep them safe while storing. Plus, they never need to be sharpened.

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Best salad tools under $50

OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner

One of the most useful tools when making a refreshing salad is a salad spinner, which ensures you never have to tirelessly dry your veggies again. After washing your lettuce, simply push on the pump mechanism with one hand and stop it with the brake button when you’re done. As a bonus, the basket doubles as a colander for other items, and the bowl is elegant enough for serving.

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Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

This vegetable chopper comes with four interchangeable blades that slice, chop, julienne and spiralize vegetables with ease. The 1.2-liter BPA-free container catches and stores all the veggies, so there’s no mess. Also, the blades are rust-resistant, heavy-duty and designed to retain their razor sharpness.

Sold by Amazon

Lipper International Acacia Wave Serving Bowl

A beautiful bowl is the best way to serve your summer salad, whether you’re enjoying it by yourself or with friends. This bowl is 12 by 7 inches and features a gorgeous wave design. It’s made of acacia and is hand-wash only.

Sold by Amazon

Rubbermaid Six-piece Produce Saver Containers

Whether you want to meal prep salads or have leftover veggies, these food storage containers are designed to keep your produce fresh. Each container features a filter that regulates airflow to create the optimal environment for your fruits and vegetables. Plus, they’re BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

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