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How to store kitchen knives correctly

Store knives safely

As is the case with many things, the answer to how to store knives correctly depends on various factors, such as whether or not you have kids, if you cook regularly and if you’re on a budget or don’t mind spending a couple hundred dollars. 

Take a look at some of these factors and other important considerations that can help you make an informed decision on how to best store your knives.

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Knife block

Easy to use and decorative

A basic knife block consists of a standing block made of wood, plastic or steel with 12 or 24 slots of different sizes to put on the kitchen counter and place your knives in when not in use. This is the go-to solution and perhaps the most used, though this doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Knife blocks look attractive and can work as a decorative piece, but they can be expensive, dangerous and require more cleaning than other options.

If you have kids, knife blocks may not be the best choice. The level of knife accessibility with knife blocks can be a hazard for small and curious children. Regarding the cleaning and maintenance of a knife block, you have to be thorough and careful to avoid rusting or damaging your knives.

If you want a decorative element in your kitchen and you don’t use more than 10-15 knives, the Shenzhen Knives Universal Bamboo Knife Block is an eco-friendly, affordable and convenient choice.

In-drawer wooden knife block

Safe and protective

When talking about knife storage, two of the most important criteria to consider are safety and knife protection. An in-drawer wooden knife block addresses both. This option consists of a wooden drawer insert with an average of 12 slots that fits right into your regular kitchen drawer; the amount of slots depends on the size of the knives’ handles, which you lay down and insert on the wooden block. In-drawer blocks are safer than other options and allow you to keep your knives protected from scratches and any potential damage.

However, this block style lacks space and efficiency. In-drawer knife blocks don’t provide you as much space to store your knives. On average, in-drawer knife blocks can only hold 10-12 knives. Also, if you need to have your knives close at hand, in-drawer knife blocks aren’t the right choice.

Magnetic knife strip

Convenient and efficient

For some, this may seem like an odd option; however, experts and chefs usually recommend a magnetic knife strip because it’s the most convenient choice. Magnetic knife strips are screwed into or attached to the wall, can be of different surface materials and allow you to access your knives in seconds.

This option doesn’t require much maintenance, but it does require some practice to secure your knives safely to the magnet. To avoid scratches when removing your knives from the magnetic strip, twist them so the sharp edge doesn’t touch the strip. The same applies when putting them back.

Aside from the convenience and efficiency of the magnetic knife strip, it’s also a good option if you have a knife collection you want to showcase, giving your kitchen a professional touch. HMmagnets Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder sports an attractive design, strong magnets and high durability. 

In-drawer knife cork dock

Low-cost and simple

If you’re looking for something practical, inexpensive and easily customizable, an in-drawer knife cork dock is the way to go. Similar to an in-drawer wooden knife block, the cork dock is a drawer insert but simpler — it’s made of cork dividers that you place at the bottom of the drawer, which function as docks for the blades of each knife.

You can build a knife cork dock or buy one. Either way, you have a decent space to fit a large collection of knives, it doesn’t cost much and it can even help to absorb the moisture of a freshly washed knife. It’s not the most decorative option, but it’s something worth trying.

Recommended products for storing knives

Shenzhen Knives Universal Bamboo Knife Block

A classic and easy-to-use bamboo block with 20 slots for multiple kinds of knives. This product is made to showcase your knife collection while keeping it perfectly organized. 

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Kitchendao Stainless Steel Universal Knife Block Holder

This is the right choice when you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-clean and small knife block to put on your kitchen counter. Its stainless steel, detachable design and make this a practical pick for small knife collections. Holds 8-12 knives.

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HMmagnets Premium 17-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

A strong and safe magnetic knife bar that will keep your knives neatly organized. If you’re looking for something practical and low-profile for mealtime, this magnetic holder is a viable option. 

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Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

At a lower price than your usual magnetic knife bar, this is a low-cost option that checks all the boxes of a great knife accessory. 

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