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Best freezer organizer

Which freezer organizer is best?

It can be stressful to open up your freezer to find a mismanaged bundle of frozen goods. But there are ways to manage your frozen goods more effectively. Freezer organizers are the kind of product you don’t know you need until you have it. They offer users an easy way to keep track of and access frozen foods. Freezer organizers come in various configurations, sizes and shapes, so it’s easy to find something that works for your needs.

This HOOJO Eight-Pack of Fridge and Freezer Organizer Bins is a great pick for nearly anyone looking to restructure their food organization. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and offers easy management for several different foods at an affordable price.

What to know before you buy a freezer organizer


You can use most refrigerator and pantry organizers as freezer organizers. This is why you’ll rarely find a product titled explicitly as a freezer organizer. Still, the best fridge organizers for your home may depend largely on your space. You’ll want to take time to assess how much space you have in your freezer, the overall shape and where you plan to place your organizer.


The freezer organizer you pick may also depend on what type of freezer you have. Each freezer is a little different from the next and may require something a little specific. The three most common freezer types are refrigerator top freezers, refrigerator bottom freezers and upright freezers. Again, measure out your space before making a purchase so you find the right fit.

Bins vs. shelves

There are a number of freezer organizers available from online retailers, but the two most common types tend to be freezer organizer bins and freezer organizer shelves. While both are useful in certain situations, your freezer type and space will determine which one is best for your situation.

What to look for in a quality freezer organizer


A freezer organizer should be sturdy enough to hold all your food items without bending or breaking. Both freezer bins and freezer shelves tend to be sturdy and work for most foods. If you’re planning on storing something heavy, you may want to consider other heavy-duty organizing solutions.


Make sure your freezer organizer has enough space for you to store a substantial amount of goods without them overflowing. Also, consider what kind of foods will fit where. For example, frozen fruits and vegetables may be a bit more flexible than ice or packaged frozen foods. Even though it may seem like freezer organizers take up a good amount of room, you can probably get the most out of the otherwise odd and hard-to-fill space by utilizing these tools.


Ultimately, finding a practical way to manage your freezer is the most important thing. Do your research to make the most out of your freezer organizer. Take time to check reviews for hacks or tips and look for additional features. For example, you might want something that stacks, works well with a specific type of food or rearranges easily.

How much you can expect to spend on a freezer organizer

In general, you can expect to pay around $15-$45 on bulk sets of freezer organizers. Single freezer organizing tools often only cost between $10-$15. The most cost-effective option is to buy a bulk set. 

Freezer organizer FAQ

Are there upright freezer organizer bins?

A. Yes, you can find an array of upright freezer organizer bins varying in shape and size. It can be helpful to measure your freezer’s dimensions to ensure your organizer is a good fit.

Do freezer organizer shelves work better than bins?

A. Since there are so many different freezer setups, it’s tough to say if one freezer organizer solution works better than another. If you have a top freezer, you may find shelves are the most useful option. Those with upright and bottom freezers may benefit more from bins, bags or other options.

What’s the best freezer organizer to buy?

Top freezer organizer

HOOJO Eight-Pack of Refrigerator and Freezer Organizer Bins

What you need to know: If you need a storage bin for both the refrigerator and freezer, this is a great option. It’s 12.5 inches long, easy to customize and comes with up to eight bins.

What you’ll love: These refrigerator and freezer organizers are a great way to compartmentalize your frozen goods at an affordable price. They have a convenient handle for sliding in and out and come in quantities of two, four, six or eight.

What you should consider: These are not dishwasher safe.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top freezer organizer for the money

Seseno Six-Pack of Plastic Stackable Fridge and Freezer Organizer Bins with Handles

What you need to know: These refrigerator and freezer organizer bins feature a 10-inch, stackable design providing you an easy way to keep your freezer tidy.

What you’ll love: It’s more affordable than most six-pack freezer organizer bins. They also offer a convenient handle that makes it easy to move them around. 

What you should consider: Some people reported they received broken bins.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Deco Brothers Two-Pack of Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

What you need to know: While these are technically designed for kitchen cabinets, they are a great pick for the freezer too, offering stackable storage for a variety of items.

What you’ll love: These add tons of extra storage space, especially when you stack them. This bundle also comes with two shelves and you can purchase them either in chrome or black.

What you should consider: These shelves aren’t as sturdy as some other organizing solutions are.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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