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The 12 best bread boxes on Amazon

Which bread boxes are best?

Approximately 24 million slices of bread are thrown out each day worldwide. If you have the right bread box, it will keep loaves fresher for longer. Whether you only need one compact bread box or your household goes through multiple loaves each week, there's an option to fit your needs. With the right bread box, your baked goods will last longer than ever. 

What are bread boxes for?

Too much air turns bread stale, while humidity leads to quicker mold growth. Bread boxes address both these issues by covering the bread so it doesn't get too much air but still allows a small amount of airflow to regulate humidity and inhibit mold. 

Loaves of bread are the most common items people store in bread bins, but you can also use them to store other bread products, such as rolls and pastries. 

What to look for in a bread box

Before you start your search, consider what you need from a bread box. This will help you find one that best fits your household's bread consumption habits. 


Bread boxes vary in size. Some only hold a single loaf comfortably, while others fit as many as four loaves. In some households, everyone has their own bread preference. One person might like white sliced loaves, but another may prefer whole wheat bread or sourdough. In these cases, it makes sense to have a bread box that fits multiple loaves.

Large boxes are also great for anyone who wants to store other bread products alongside a loaf. However, they take up more counter space, which can be an issue for some buyers. 

Lid type

Roll-top lids are common because they're easy to open and close and aren't fully airtight, so humidity won't build. Some people prefer lift-off lids because there's less chance of them breaking or sticking over time. However, they can fit too tightly and increase humidity. Some boxes also feature doors rather than lids. These may lift up or open outward. 


A window in the lid or door lets you check your bread without opening it up and looking inside. This makes you less likely to run out of bread or pick up more bread from the store when you don't need it. 


You can find bread boxes in a wide range of styles, from classic farmhouse designs to modern ones with clean lines. Consider your existing kitchen decor and pick a bread box that complements it.  

Best roll-top bread boxes

Brabantia Bread Box

Available in a medium size that fits one loaf or a large size that fits two loaves, there's something to suit most buyers. It's made primarily of steel with a choice of 11 finishes, including red, white and mint. Sold by Amazon


RoyalHouse Natural Bamboo Roll Top Bread Box

This large bamboo box is roomy enough to fit two loaves. It looks great with a natural bamboo finish. It does require assembly, which some buyers find frustrating. Sold by Amazon


Oggi Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Box

The body is made from food-grade stainless steel with a choice of steel, frosted glass or tempered glass lids. It's big enough to fit two large loaves, four small loaves or a combination of bread products. Sold by Amazon


Premium Presents Large Bread Box

Deep enough to hold a couple of standard loaves, this is a roomy choice for households with varying bread preferences. The bamboo design gives it a classic look that works in most kitchens. It comes fully assembled. Sold by Amazon

Best bread boxes with lift-off lids

Cooler Kitchen Extra Large Bread Box

Thanks to the vertical design, this box easily holds two loaves without taking up too much counter space. The lift-off lid only seals lightly to allow proper airflow and reduce the speed at which mold grows. Sold by Amazon


Outshine Extra Large Bread Box

Available in white, mint or royal blue, this painted metal box has a traditional farmhouse style that looks great in country kitchens. It holds two loaves of average size, with a little space left for other bread products. Sold by Amazon


AVV Farmhouse Bread Box

This box offers a contemporary take on a classic farmhouse style, with a white metal body and a wooden lid. This lid isn't airtight to allow decent airflow inside and doubles as a breadboard. Sold by Amazon


Baie Mason Extra Large White Farmhouse Bread Box

With a white finish and a wooden lift-off lid, it has an appealing farmhouse style. The lid doesn't fit too tightly, which allows for the necessary airflow to keep mold at bay. Sold by Amazon

Best two-tier bread boxes

Laura's Green Kitchen Bamboo Bread Box 

Thanks to its two-tier design, there's plenty of room for multiple loaves and other bread products. You can even use one tier for loaves and others for other baked goods. The windows let you easily see what's inside. Sold by Amazon


Pitmoly Stainless Steel Bread Box

With two tiers, there's plenty of storage space for a couple of loaves and other baked goods, but it doesn't take up too much counter space. It comes in either black or sage green. Sold by Amazon


LuvURkitchen Large Bread Box

The classic design features two tiers with outward-opening doors and a natural bamboo finish. It comes with a bonus bread knife and cutting board. Sold by Amazon


Arise Stylish Bamboo Bread Box

This dual-layer bread box has enough room on the bottom tier for two standard loaves, plus room for around six to eight pastries, croissants or muffins up top. It's made from bamboo with clear windows in the doors. Sold by Amazon


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