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Best kitchen apron

Which kitchen apron is best?

Whether you’re making a casual dinner, baking a birthday cake, or preparing a holiday feast, it's easy to get messy in the kitchen. A kitchen apron will help protect your clothes while also keeping the dirt and germs they carry away from your food.

This guide will help you figure out what you need from a kitchen apron. We've also included a handful of recommendations, such as our top choice, the Arawak Brave Professional Cooking Apron, a sturdy choice with some handy features, such as pockets and a headphone loop.

What to know before you buy a kitchen apron?

Half apron vs. full apron

The majority of kitchen aprons are full aprons, which start from just below the collar and end anywhere from mid-thigh to the knee, depending on the height of the wearer. However, you can also buy half aprons, which start at the waist and reach down to the knees. The former is more popular for cooking because they offer a greater amount of coverage.


Cotton is a popular material for kitchen aprons because it's strong, easy to clean, and breathable (a huge plus in a hot kitchen), but you can also find options made from polyester or a cotton/poly blend, which are usually cheaper. Some cotton aprons are wax-coated for a waterproof outer layer that’s easy to wipe clean without compromising washability.


Kitchen aprons are almost exclusively sold in just one size, which can be tricky for particularly tall or short people. The best options have adjustable neck straps, which can help you achieve a better fit.

What to look for in a quality kitchen apron

Color or print

You can find kitchen aprons in all kinds of colors and prints. Plain black and plain white are both popular choices as are vertical stripes and plaid. However, you have countless options available to you, from patchwork prints to Star Wars designs and just about everything in between.


Some kitchen aprons are designed to be stain-resistant, which is an excellent feature for any particularly messy cooks out there.


The majority of kitchen aprons feature at least one pocket, but many have several pockets of varying sizes and locations. You can put almost anything you need to keep close at hands in your apron pocket, such as recipes, kitchen utensils, or jars of herbs. Although pockets aren't entirely essential, they're definitely a useful addition.

Headphone loop

Like to listen to music on headphones while you cook? Then look for a kitchen apron with a built-in headphone loop. You don’t want your earbuds to fall out of your ears and onto a hot stove or into a pot of soup. A headphone loop keeps the wires in place to prevent any mishaps.

How much you can expect to spend on a kitchen apron

Expect to pay anywhere between $10 and $100 for a kitchen apron, though you can find some excellent choices around $20 to $40.

Kitchen apron FAQ

Are there any other uses for kitchen aprons besides cooking and baking?

A. Yes, kitchen aprons don't need to be used in the kitchen only. They can be useful for gardening, messy crafts, woodworking, and decorating. Of course, it's not particularly hygienic to use an apron in the kitchen after using it for gardening or other outdoor uses, so it's best to have a dedicated cooking apron.

Why are so many kitchen aprons white? Doesn't white stain easily?

A. Yes, white does stain easily, but it can also be bleached to keep it looking bright and fresh, which is why professional kitchens often use white aprons and why they’re also popular for home use. Of course, there's no reason why you need to opt for a white apron if you prefer the look of dark colors or more adventurous patterns.

What are the best kitchen aprons to buy?

Top kitchen apron

Arawak Brave’s Professional Cooking Apron

Our take: This rugged unisex apron is designed with grilling in mind, but you can use it for all kinds of kitchen tasks.

What we like: Features a range of pockets for keeping utensils and other useful kitchen gadgets close. Adjustable straps mean they will fit most adults. The headphone loop is a welcome feature.

What we dislike: Attracts lint easily.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top kitchen apron for money

DII’s Cotton Adjustable Buffalo Check-Plaid Apron

Our take: A simple yet sturdy kitchen apron that offers excellent value for the money.

What we like: Adjustable neck strap for a personalized fit. Large front pocket. Comes in a range of plaid prints. Matching dish towels and potholders are also available.

What we dislike: Can only be dried in a cool cycle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Maison d' Hermine’s Colmar Cotton Apron

Our take: This 100% cotton apron is designed in Europe and has an attractive floral pattern that's also available in a range of other kitchen gear.

What we like: Durable cotton construction. Machine washable. Adjustable neck strap to fit people of varying heights.

What we dislike: Floral print might not appeal to some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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