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12 best products that can be used to make s’mores

Fall is the best time of the year to bundle up next to a fire, gaze at the stars and make s’mores. There’s something nostalgic about making s’mores, taking that first bite and seeing the gooey marshmallows ooze out from between the crackers. While s’mores are most commonly made outside over a smoky campfire, thanks to convenient kitchen gadgets and tools, you can enjoy this classic treat wherever you are. So, whether you’re relaxing in your backyard, camping in the woods or stuck inside during a storm, here are the best products that can be used to make s’mores.

In this article: Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker, Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks and City Bonfires Mini Portable Fire Pit.

Tips to make the best s’mores

While making s’mores might seem pretty self-explanatory, some tips and tricks will simplify the process and help anyone create the perfect s’more.

Prepare the supplies

There’s nothing worse than roasting the perfect marshmallow and realizing the cracker and chocolate aren’t ready. Instead, create the entire s’more before roasting the marshmallow so you don’t have to open the chocolate with one hand while balancing a melted marshmallow.

Don’t rush the marshmallow

Some people are more particular about the doneness level of their marshmallows than they are their steak. Whether you prefer a slightly toasty exterior or a charred marshmallow, don’t rush the process. If you take it off the fire too soon, the middle won’t be melted.

Roast the chocolate

While you can’t stick a piece of chocolate on a roasting stick, setting it next to the fire while taking your time with the marshmallow will help it melt slightly. 

S’mores recipes

While classic s’mores with graham crackers, a bar of milk chocolate and a marshmallow are the most well-known, there are a ton of variations you can try, including:

  • Cookies and cream s’mores: Chocolate graham crackers, cookies and cream chocolate and marshmallow.
  • Peanut butter s’mores: Honey graham crackers, peanut butter cups and marshmallow.
  • Berry s’mores: Waffle cookies, chocolate bar, canned or roasted berries and marshmallow.
  • Nutella s’mores: Honey graham crackers, a layer of Nutella and marshmallow.

Best products to make s’mores

Nostalgia Indoor Electric Stainless Steel S'mores Maker

Not having a campfire is never an excuse for not making s’mores, thanks to this electric flameless heater. Not only is it safer than a traditional fire, but it’s also surrounded by a convenient storage tray to hold marshmallows, chocolate, crackers and more. Plus, it comes with two roasting sticks.

Sold by Amazon

Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Stay safely away from the fire while roasting marshmallows with these telescoping forks. This set of five roasting sticks is made with thick wooden handles and durable metal to handle the heat and weight of whatever is cooking. They also come with a heat-resistant carrying bag.

Sold by Amazon

City Bonfires Mini Portable Fire Pit

With this mini portable fire pit, it’s possible to make s’mores at the beach or on the patio. Each pit is handmade with 100% recyclable steel tins, nontoxic food-grade soy wax and plant-based briquettes that are biodegradable, eco-friendly and compostable. This kit comes with two portable fire pits.

Sold by Amazon

Amazon Basics Steel Lattice Fire Pit

Those looking for a more permanent fire pit for the backyard or patio will love this steel fire pit. The fire bowl is 23 inches in diameter, while the entire pit measures 27.8 inches in diameter and 35 inches high. Included are a spark screen and a fire poker.

Sold by Amazon

S'more to Love Six-S'more Maker

If you have a grill, oven or toaster oven, this gadget allows you to make s’mores without a campfire in just five minutes. It has spots to make six perfectly stacked treats all at once without any of the mess. Plus, it’s simple to clean with soap and water.

Sold by Amazon

Progressive Prep Solutions Microwave S'mores Maker

There’s still ooey-gooey hope for those without a fire, oven or grill. With this innovative tool, anyone with a microwave can create s’mores in just 30 seconds. It uses a water reservoir to evenly melt the chocolate and marshmallow and cute arms to keep the marshmallow from expanding.

Sold by Amazon

Hammond's Candies Gourmet Variety Pack Marshmallows

For a twist on the classic marshmallow, this variety pack contains four flavors — toasted coconut, vanilla bean, birthday cake and chocolate chip. Try out the different choices and see if you have a new favorite s’more.

Sold by Amazon

Hershey’s S'mores Caddy

Hauling around the supplies to make s’mores is often the most challenging part of the whole process. With this caddy, you can effortlessly carry chocolate, marshmallows, crackers and your other favorite s’more ingredients to the fire, lake or the patio.

Sold by Amazon

Sondiko Butane Torch

When there are no other options, this butane torch will perfectly melt and char a marshmallow to create s’mores wherever you go. It is small and portable and features a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition.

Sold by Amazon

Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers

There’s a reason honey graham crackers are the classic choice for making s’mores. The crunchy exterior and subtle taste blend perfectly with the soft marshmallow and rich chocolate.

Sold by Amazon

Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

When it comes to s’mores, not all marshmallows are created equally. Not only are these marshmallows the ideal size, they also melt evenly.

Sold by Amazon

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Snack-Size Bars

These snack-size bars fit perfectly on the graham cracker and provide just the right amount of milk chocolate. Plus, they're gluten-free and kosher.

Sold by Amazon

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