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Best gourmet food items on Amazon

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What are the best gourmet food items currently available on Amazon?

Craving a homemade gourmet meal, or want to experiment with cooking international dishes? You’ll probably need a few unique ingredients. Rather than rushing to a gourmet grocery store or specialty shop, you’ll find a wealth of gourmet food items on Amazon.

Amazon now offers spices from around the world, condiments from around the country and several gourmet jams, snacks, chocolate and even popcorn from near and far. They’re ideal for punching up homemade recipes. You can even sign up for Subscribe & Save to make sure they’re always in your pantry. 

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What to know before buying gourmet food items on Amazon

What is gourmet?

Gourmet is a term that refers to high-quality or specialty foods that are considered superior to what’s readily available at the grocery store. Many gourmet foods are made with premium ingredients or produced in facilities with a high level of quality control. 

Garofalo Variety Pack Organic Pasta

Some hard-to-get or imported foods and ingredients are considered gourmet, such as this organic pasta made in Italy. It’s praised as being on par with pasta served at high-end restaurants. This truffle zest seasoning is considered gourmet because truffles are a coveted, expensive ingredient associated with fine dining. 

Is it worth spending the extra money on gourmet food items?

Many home cooks wonder whether it’s worth spending a premium on gourmet food items. It boils down to a few key considerations:

  • Specialty and international dishes often call for gourmet ingredients to punch up the flavor. Certain dishes require imported, pricey ingredients to achieve a specific flavor profile.
  • Many gourmet spices, sauces and oils have notably better quality than grocery store-grade alternatives. They’re often sourced from the finest farms and vineyards, and they aren’t cut or poured with cheap filler materials.
  • Some culinary enthusiasts view gourmet food items as investments in kitchen essentials. They serve a specific purpose and contribute to consistent quality in-home dining. 
  • Several gourmet food companies offer more transparency in terms of sourcing and manufacturing than regular food companies. 

What is Amazon’s Subscribe & Save?

If you’re thinking of buying gourmet food on Amazon, explore the benefits of Subscribe & Save before you order. 

The Gourmet Collection Seasoning Blends Roast Vegetables & Fries Spice Blend Seasoning

Amazon Prime members can schedule flexible, free deliveries on eligible products, like this gourmet roast vegetable seasoning, with this service. Prime members save up to 10% off with one to four subscriptions sent in a single delivery. When they have five or more, they save up to 15% off. 

How much you can expect to spend on gourmet food items on Amazon

Gourmet food items on Amazon have a broad range of $7 to $60 for particular items. Some gourmet items are only available for bulk purchase, in which case they arrive at the higher end of the price range.

Best gourmet food items on Amazon

Truffle-flavored hot sauce

Truff Gourmet Hot Sauce

A complex flavor profile with familiar flavors, Truff hot sauce steps up the heat of any dish. The sauce uses ripe red chili peppers, black truffle oil and organic agave nectar from Jalisco, Mexico. It’s packaged in a presentation-worthy bottle with a diamond-inspired cap.

Sold by Amazon

Gourmet BBQ spice sampler

Spicewalla Grill Seasoning Pack

This eclectic six-pack of grill seasonings adds flavor to any protein. The chef-quality spices are curated by an award-winning restaurateur and are used in kitchens worldwide. The spices are non-GMO, paleo-friendly, Keto and free of artificial flavors.

Sold by Amazon

A premium olive oil and vinegar assortment

Viva Olivia Premium Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars

Viva Olivia shares six of their most popular infusions in this sampler. From Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar to Tuscan Herb-Infused Olive Oil, it’s easy to enhance any Italian or Mediterranean dish with flavors like these.

Sold by Amazon

Hand-harvested sea salt flakes

Saltverk Lava Sea Salt

Sustainably sourced from the Westfjords of Iceland, these hand-harvested sea salt flakes offer a detoxifying touch to any meal. They add a subtle charcoal element to dishes as a light, airy garnish.

Sold by Amazon

A tin of saffron threads

Zaran Saffron All-Red Saffron Threads

Praised for purity, this Persian saffron is an essential spice for risotto and paella dishes. It comes in a secure tin with a twist-off lid that preserves flavor and freshness. It’s also suitable for Persian tea and other gourmet dishes.

Sold by Amazon


Fine Arabica coffee for espresso

Illy Classico Ground Coffee

Enjoy a cafe-quality cup of espresso with this Illy Classic Roast known for its aromatic, full-bodied flavor. It’s finely ground to deliver optimal extraction no matter which espresso machine you use.

Sold by Amazon

A raw honey sampler

Mountain Valley Raw Honey Gift Box

Enjoy six varieties of premium New Zealand Manuka honey with this sampler, including Native Bush Honey and Beech Honeydew Honey. Mountain Valley Honey donates $1 to sustainable agricultural projects in developing countries with each box purchased.

Sold by Amazon

Artisanal almond oil

La Tourangelle Roasted Almond Oil

From baking to sauteing, this premium roasted almond oil is considered a versatile gourmet kitchen staple. It adds a subtle, nutty flavor to dishes and is light enough to be used for dressings and dipping.

Sold by Amazon

An assorted biscotti set

Oh! Nuts Biscotti Gift Box

This collection of hand-decorated biscotti is suitable for gifting or personal enjoyment. The biscotti are baked to perfection and have rich chocolate and nut garnishes. The box is a favorite for corporate gifting, too.

Sold by Amazon

Organic Turkish figs

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Turkish Calimyrna Figs

Healthy and delectable, these USDA Organic figs are a favorite for snacking, salads and baking. They’re non-GMO, Kosher, gluten-free and vegan. The figs are flavor-rich and have a soft, chewy texture.

Sold by Amazon

Gourmet aioli garnish

Terrapin Ridge Farms Everything Aioli Sauce

Called the “everything” garnish, it’s a versatile alternative to everyday condiments. The sauce derives its exciting flavor from a unique ingredients blend featuring pickles, chilis, mustard, mayo and onion.

Sold by Amazon

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