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These kitchen gadgets are worth making space for in your tiny kitchen


Whether you live in the city, just got your first apartment or enjoy tiny house living, there's a high probability you're learning how to function in a small kitchen. While small kitchens have a ton of benefits, learning how to cook and move in a compact space takes time and a few adjustments. However, with the right tools, you can meal prep for the week, bake several dozen cookies or host a dinner party with ease. 

If you're wondering how to make the most of your situation, here are the best kitchen gadgets that are worth making space for in your tiny kitchen.

How to organize a tiny kitchen

Store items close to where they are used

Whether you have a big or small kitchen, one of the best organizational hacks is to store items close to where they are used. For example, the spices and spatulas should be kept near the stove since you'll use them most often while cooking or baking. This is especially important when more than one person is preparing food at the same time. With this organizational scheme, you won't need to cross into each other's space.

Also, items used most often should be stored down low, with things only used now and then stored on a high shelf. So, if you're a coffee drinker, you should place coffee mugs on a lower shelf. 

Maximize prep space

Prep space is vital in any kitchen, including countertops and an area for cutting boards. Those who have a tiny kitchen may benefit from a rolling kitchen cart or burner covers that add space to the oven when it's not in use.

Don't be afraid to display

Instead of storing all your items in cabinets and drawers, don't be afraid to display items in the open. For example, a pot rack can display your favorite cookware and free up cabinet space. Or, you could create a coffee bar and store your coffee cups and espresso machine

Tips to thrive in a tiny kitchen

Living with a tiny kitchen isn't so much about sacrifice as it is about compromise. You don't have to give up your beloved KitchenAid mixer or espresso machine just because you have a small space. Here are a few ways to thrive in your small kitchen.

  • Don't forget to look up and utilize the space above the cabinets.
  • Clean as you cook. You may even need to wash and reuse a pan, utensil or bowl multiple times.
  • Put away items as you finish using them.
  • Store seasonal cookware and items that you don't use very often. For example, you don't need access to the Christmas cookie cutters or canning pot all year long.  
  • Check to see if your kitchen cabinet shelves are adjustable.

Best kitchen gadgets for a tiny kitchen

SimpleHouseware Expandable Stackable Shelf

Kitchen cabinets often leave way too much unused space when storing short items like coffee cups or a small stack of plates. Adding a shelf will double the space and help your cabinets stay organized.

Sold by Amazon


COSORI Pro II Air Fryer Oven Combo

With this air fryer, you'll not only save time by skipping the deep fryer but you’ll also eat healthier with up to 85% less fat. In addition, it's straightforward to use and features presets for common meals, such as chicken and french fries.

Sold by Amazon

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Dutch Oven

Investing in quality multi-purpose items like this Dutch oven is not only a necessity but will save a ton of space in the kitchen. You can use it for baking bread, steaming seafood, slow-cooking and more. Plus, it comes in several colors and will look great if it has to live on your countertop.

Sold by Amazon

Kitchen Gizmo Snap’N Strain Pot Strainer

With this kitchen gadget, you'll be able to strain any food item without removing it from the pot. It fits almost all round pots, pans and bowls. Plus, it doesn't take up much space.

Sold by Amazon

Instant Pot Pro 6-Quart 10-in-1 Pressure Cooker

With this single appliance, you can pressure cook, sous vide, slow cook, saute, make yogurt, cook rice, steam food and more. The 6-quart size is also large enough to prepare food for several people but small enough to fit in a compact kitchen.

Sold by Amazon and Macy's

Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor

While a food processor may not seem like a must-have item for a small kitchen, it can do many of the same tasks as a grater, mandolin and blender. This 14-cup food processor can slice, chop, shred and puree. It can also make bread dough, cookie dough or cake batter.

Sold by Amazon

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer

One of the most coveted kitchen gadgets is a KitchenAid stand mixer. Regardless of your kitchen size, this KitchenAid mixer is a must-have and will help you complete a ton of cooking and baking tasks with ease.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Lodge 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

A cast-iron skillet is one kitchen gadget you will have for your entire life. It's versatile and can be used on the stove, in the oven, over a campfire or on the grill. Plus, this one is pre-seasoned and ready to use.

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

De'Longhi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

This is the ideal kitchen gadget if you enjoy a daily cappuccino and don't want to pay an arm and a leg at the local coffee shop. It's user-friendly and easy for beginners to learn while creating quality espresso. 

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide

Whether you're a professional cook or a beginner, this sous vide is a must-have kitchen gadget to elevate your cooking game. It ensures food is cooked at the exact temperature every time, so you produce consistent results time after time.

Sold by Amazon

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