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Best FoodSaver vacuum sealer

Which FoodSaver vacuum sealer is best?

With an estimated 40% of all food in the U.S. winding up in landfills annually, food waste is a pressing concern. But there is an easy solution: vacuum sealers. Vacuum sealers remove air from heavy-duty plastic pouches so that they can be stored in the fridge or freezer for long periods of time.

FoodSaver vacuum sealers are one of the original brands of this appliance. Their products fit a wide range of budgets and can help home cooks save money. Choosing the best FoodSaver vacuum sealer for you will depend on your budget and how much you’ll use the machine.

For excellent performance and durability, the FoodSaver FM5860 Vacuum Sealer is a great choice.

What to know before you buy a FoodSaver vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers offer home cooks another way to preserve extra food. These small kitchen appliances use suction to remove air from special bags. When the air is removed, heat is applied, and the bag is sealed. In this way, food is safe from oxidation and bacteria. This allows it to stay fresh longer. FoodSaver vacuum sealers are a trusted brand. Here are some important considerations.

Types of vacuum sealers

The type of vacuum sealer you buy depends on the amount of storage space you have and the tasks you want to accomplish. 

  • FoodSaver handheld vacuum sealers work best for small sealing jobs. If you want to save leftover deli meats or portion up individual servings of the week’s lunches, this type of vacuum sealer is a great choice.  
  • FoodSaver countertop vacuum sealers. These are the most common and versatile type of vacuum sealer. They easily handle large batches of food.

Bag cost

The best bags to use for FoodSaver vacuum sealers are the FoodSaver brand. They are designed to work in the machine.

That said, you can use your FoodSaver vacuum sealer to reseal potato chip bags made from Mylar. You can also seal zipper bags without creating a vacuum. This preserves food for a little longer than simply hand sealing, but it will not last as long as sealing with FoodSaver bags.

For best results and long-term freshness, use only FoodSaver bags with your FoodSaver vacuum sealer.

What to look for in a quality FoodSaver vacuum sealer

FoodSaver brand promise

FoodSaver prides itself on saving consumers money and eliminating food waste. That’s why it stands behind its vacuum sealers and promises that properly sealed food will last up to five times longer.

Reusable BPA-free bags

All FoodSaver vacuum bags are BPA-free.  As an added feature, bags can be resealed, too. Simply open the bag, remove the food you need, then use your FoodSaver vacuum sealer to reseal. The calibrated heat-sealing strip means that your seal is perfect every time.

Storage options

FoodSaver offers the option to purchase pre-sized quart and gallon bags or a roll of plastic material to create your own sized bags as needed. Both options are puncture- and tear-resistant.

Prefer a hard-sided container? Look for vacuum food containers that can be used with handheld vacuum sealers. 

Automatic bag and moisture detection

Some FoodSaver vacuums have automatic bag and moisture detection. These two features help ensure an airtight seal.

Custom settings

Dry food and wet food have different sealing requirements. Some FoodSaver vacuum sealers offer two presets to customize the seal.

Removable drip tray

Sometimes vacuum sealing gets messy. The FoodSaver removable drip tray makes cleanup easier.


Seal bottles and other odd-shaped containers with FoodSaver vacuum sealer accessories. These include wide-mouth jar adapters and bottle sealers.

How much you can expect to spend on a FoodSaver vacuum sealer

FoodSaver vacuum sealers range in price from $30 for a handheld sealer to $300 for the top-of-the-line model.

FoodSaver vacuum sealer FAQ

How long does food last when vacuum sealed?

A. Some examples of how long food lasts in the freezer when properly sealed include:

  • Beef/poultry: up to three years
  • Fish: up to two years
  • Whole coffee beans: up to three years
  • Vegetables: up to three years
  • Bread: up to three years

Can FoodSaver vacuum sealers work on nonfood items? 

A. Yes. FoodSaver vacuums are great for sealing liquids like shampoos and lotions for travel. You can also preserve photos in waterproof seals and keep nuts, bolts and other fasteners together by vacuum sealing. Anything that would benefit from a moisture- and oxygen-free environment can be protected by sealing with FoodSaver vacuum sealers.

What’s the best FoodSaver vacuum sealer to buy?

Top FoodSaver vacuum sealer

FoodSaver FM5860 Vacuum Sealer

What you need to know: This high-quality FoodSaver vacuum sealer is easy to use and fits in every home kitchen.

What you’ll love: Stainless steel and chrome look great on the counter. The extra-wide sealing strip with nonstick coating keeps seals safe and clean. This also comes with an auxiliary vacuum feature that allows you to marinate foods with no leaks.

What you should consider: Even with all of its features, this may be prohibitively expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top FoodSaver vacuum sealer for the money

FoodSaver PowerVac Compact Vacuum Sealing Machine

What you need to know: This machine packs a lot of power in a tiny package.

What you’ll love: This compact machine stores vertically to save space. It comes with wet/dry settings to get the best seal. It can also be connected to a handheld sealer for odd-sized containers and sous vide options.

What you should consider: Because of this size, this vacuum sealer is best for infrequent use and small sealing jobs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine With Automatic Vacuum Sealer Bag Detection

What you need to know: This has automatic bag detection.

What you’ll love: This machine comes with built-in roll storage and a bag cutter. The removable drip tray keeps things tidy. An easy-to-read LED display walks you through all stages of the sealing process. This vacuum sealer is backed by a five-year warranty.

What you should consider: Some users found that it was hard to get the top to close properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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