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Best oval dining table

Which oval dining table is best?

Dining tables are undeniably useful, but it can seem as if they all look the same. If you're searching for a less common shape, oval dining tables are worth considering. Not only are they attractive, but without corners, it's much easier to squeeze a few extra people in, should the need arise.

If you're considering an oval table, the All Modern Carlo Dining Table is a beautiful solid wood option that can easily seat six.

What to know before you buy an oval dining table


Consider what size dining table you need to seat your household and any potential guests. If you entertain regularly, you should account for this in the size you choose. Oval tables can seat anywhere from two to five on each side. Some comfortably accommodate an extra person on each end.

Don't just consider how many people a table fits around it, but look at the exact dimensions, as well. This will let you check how well it will fit in your dining room, kitchen or open-plan living room-dining room combo. It's especially important if you only have a small space to work with.


You can find standard, counter and bar height oval dining tables. While most buyers are looking for standard height tables, others like the casual feel or the appearance of taller ones.

  • Standard height: Standard height dining tables measure around 28 to 30 inches tall and fit regular dining chairs.
  • Counter height: Counter height tables measure 34 to 36 inches off the ground and fit counter height stools of roughly 24 inches.
  • Bar height: Bar height tables are around 40 to 42 inches tall and work with 28 to 30 inch bar stools.


Common table materials include solid wood, engineered wood, glass and metal.

  • Solid wood: A high-quality solid wood dining table can last for hundreds of years. However, just because it's solid wood, it doesn't mean it's high-quality — you'll also find some flimsy options that will barely last a decade.
  • Engineered wood: Although it gets bad press, good engineered wood tables are more solid than cheap solid wood ones. They can be covered in veneer or laminate of any color or finish.
  • Glass: Glass is used as a tabletop material. Because it's tempered, it's strong enough to withstand wear and tear. Plus, it looks modern and is easy to wipe clean.
  • Metal: Metal is usually used for table legs only and can be paired with solid wood, engineered wood or glass tops.

What to look for in a quality oval dining table

Color or finish

You can find dining tables in a wide range of colors and finishes. Common wood finishes include espresso, pine, cherry and walnut. However, you can also find painted wood or laminate finishes in colors such as white or gray.


Some dining tables have leaves to extend the length. This is ideal when you want to occasionally be able to accommodate extra people — for instance, on holidays — but you don't want an oversized table for every day.

Matching chairs

You can occasionally find dining tables that come in a set with matching chairs. Alternatively, some manufacturers sell matching chairs separately. Of course, there's no rule to say your dining chairs must match your dining table.

How much you can expect to spend on an oval dining table

You can spend anywhere from $150-$300 on a basic dining table to $1,000-$3,000 on a high-end, extremely durable version. You'll also find plenty of excellent midrange options.

Oval dining table FAQ

Do oval tables save space?

A. Since oval tables are much like rectangular tables with the corners cut off, they take up slightly less room. This makes a difference in extremely tight spaces, but overall, oval tables don't save a significant amount of space compared to rectangular tables of the same length. They also give the appearance of being smaller than they are, which makes compact rooms look more spacious.

The shape of an oval table makes it a good contender for narrow rooms, plus you can usually squeeze in a few extra places due to the rounded shape.

Are oval dining tables out of fashion?

A. While they're less common than rectangular or round dining tables, this doesn't mean they're out of style. It's more about the table design than its shape — some are extremely on trend, while others look dated. However, it's more important to choose a table that you love the look of rather than following fleeting trends.

What’s the best oval dining table to buy?

Top oval dining table

All Modern Carlo Dining Table

What you need to know: With its thick top made from solid acacia wood, this dining table is an extremely durable one.

What you’ll love: It looks great and could work with contemporary or modern decor. It's 72 inches long and large enough to comfortably seat six. Natural variations in the wood make each table unique.

What you should consider: It's pricey, so it won't suit all budgets.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Top oval dining table for the money

Corrigan Studio Conerly Dining Table

What you need to know: This midcentury-style table is the perfect size to seat four people comfortably.

What you’ll love: The relatively compact size makes it great for use in the kitchen or a small dining room. Although it has a delicate design, it feels sturdy. Its top has a shiny coating that's easy to wipe clean.

What you should consider: There are a small number of reports of these tables arriving with scuff marks on them.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

East West Furniture Butterfly-Leaf Oval Dinner Table

What you need to know: Its classic design makes this table a great choice for anyone who loves traditional decor.

What you’ll love: The dual pedestal legs look striking and let you squeeze extra guests in more easily when needed. It comes with a butterfly leaf to extend the tabletop. You can choose from light wood, dark wood and white finishes.

What you should consider: The tabletop dents and scratches a little too easily for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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