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Best quiche pan

Which quiche pans are best?

Baking the perfect quiche isn’t just about the chef or the ingredients used. To achieve quiche perfection and impress your brunch guests, you need to invest in a proper quiche pan.

When searching for the perfect quiche pan, there are a number of things to take into consideration. The materials, shape and size will all affect the bake and the success of your quiche.

A top choice for a quiche pan is the Emile Henry Deep Flan, Mediterranean Blue Quiche Dish, a beautiful blue ceramic dish. 

What to know before you buy a quiche pan 


Quiche pans are often made from lightweight metal such as carbon steel. These pans are cheap and easy to use, and crack-proof. Tin is an excellent choice for those clumsy bakers who have a history of smashing pie dishes.

Ceramic and porcelain pans are a good investment piece and will give your quiche the perfect crust, and their attractive appearance makes them especially presentable.

Whichever material you choose for your quiche pan, you want to make sure that it is nonstick. 


The average quiche pan will measure 9.5 inches in diameter. Smaller pans are called tartlet pans and measure around 4 inches. The largest quiche pan you will find will measure 12 inches in diameter.

You don’t want a pan that is too deep, but you also don’t want the dish to be so shallow that you can’t fill it with enough mixture and pastry. A deep pan will also result in an uncooked center.

Purchasing a 9-inch pan will provide you with a versatile pan and is a great place to start. 


Your pan can either be circular or square. You are more likely to find circle pans, but some prefer a rectangular or square pan.

The sides of a quiche pan are what sets it apart from other pie dishes. The edges are typically ridged, which will leave you with a crispy crust. 

What to look for in a quality quiche pan

Removable bottom 

To avoid the mess of trying to lift a quiche out of the pan with two spatulas and a knife, choose a metal pan with a removable base. Ceramic or silicone pans won’t have this feature, but you’re more likely to get away with leaving the quiche in the pan as it will still look presentable. 


Buying a nonstick pan will keep your bakes clean and help you serve up perfect slices of quiche every time. Instead of scraping the pastry off of the bottom of the pan, you’ll be able to slide the spatula in and lift it with a bit of a nudge. 


The great thing about porcelain or ceramic pans is their ability to withstand temperature fluctuations. This means that you can take the quiche straight from the oven and put it in the freezer without it cracking.

Porcelain pans will also heat up more evenly and distribute the heat effectively, providing you with an even bake. 

How much you can expect to spend on a quiche pan

Metal quiche pans won’t cost you too much, with most averaging around $15. The ceramic or porcelain ones tend to have a bit more decoration added to them, so you’re looking at a pan that will cost $20 or more. 

Quiche pan FAQ

How deep should a quiche pan be? 

A. To get a good amount of filling without creating a quiche that will take ages to cook through, you should purchase a quiche pan that is a maximum of 3 inches deep. 

Do you need to grease a quiche pan? 

A. Sometimes adding grease to your pan will lead to soggy pastry. If your pan is nonstick, then you don’t need to worry about greasing it. 

What are the best quiche pans to buy?

Top quiche pan

Emile Henry Deep Flan, Mediterranean Blue Quiche Dish

What you need to know: This fun-colored pan is made by a trusted brand and will give you the crispiest of crusts. 

What you’ll love: This quiche pan is made from all-natural, heat-resistant materials, and it can withstand temperatures up to 520 degrees. The pan is scratch-resistant and quite durable, so you won’t have to worry if you knock it once or twice. 

What you should consider: The pan is quite heavy. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top quiche pan for the money

Fox Run Round Tartlet/Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom

What you need to know: This round metal quiche pan has a removable base. 

What you’ll love: This pan is 9.5 inches in diameter and has a 1-inch edge. The metal is a sleek tin-plated steel, and the easy-to-remove base makes cooling and removal seamless.

What you should consider: It is recommended that you hand-wash this pan. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Matfer Bourgeat Exopan Fluted Tart and Quiche Pan with Removable Bottom

What you need to know: This fluted quiche pan has a removable base. 

What you’ll love: This pan is made from a nonstick material that is PFOA-free and heat-resistant. Thanks to its removable bottom, you’ll be able to remove the quiche with ease. 

What you should consider: This pan is scratched easily. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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