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Appliances you can take to your dorm

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Don’t head off to college without these 5 essential dorm room appliances 

Bringing some appliances with you to school not only allows you to plan and cook meals but also helps provide a homey feel to your dorm room as you adjust to college life.

Every year, millions of students leave their home for the very first time and embark on a new adventure to college. While school supplies are obviously important, the biggest adjustment for most students is often living in a dorm room and learning how to sleep, eat and entertain in that space. Whether you have a compact kitchenette or are sharing a kitchen with the entire floor, bringing a few appliances can help turn your dorm room into a homey and useful space. So, if your university gives the go-ahead to bring your own cooking tools, here are the most beneficial appliances you’ll want in your dorm.

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Best Ninja Air Fryers

With its ability to quickly cook frozen foods and bring leftovers back to life, an air fryer is a must-have for any dorm room. It takes the place of several appliances and saves space in a compact area or kitchenette. Plus, it uses less oil, making it a healthier alternative to the fried foods in your college dining hall.

Best Countertop Microwaves

From heating up ramen noodles at 1 am to popping popcorn for a dorm room movie night, a microwave is capable of almost anything. The countertop microwave models are generally more budget-friendly than other options and compact enough to sit in a small space or move around from one dorm room to the next.

Best Nespresso Machines

Is it even possible to get through early-morning classes and late-night studying without coffee? Instead of taking extra trips to the campus cafe, put a Nespresso machine in your dorm room to save both time and money. Plus, they're designed to consistently craft drinks that rival any coffee shop and keep you prepared for a pop quiz or last-minute project.

Which mini rice cooker is best for compact kitchens?

If rice is a staple in your diet, consider bringing a mini rice cooker for your dorm room. Not only does it make the perfect amount of rice for one or two people, but it's also compact enough for any space. A rice cooker is also perfect for steaming dumplings.

Best Braun Blenders

Having a personal blender in your dorm room is a game changer when it comes to making healthy food with limited resources. Use it to blend a smoothie filled with fruits and vegetables before class, whip up dressing for your salad or craft a delicious dip for your study group.

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