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Keurig vs. Mr. Coffee coffee maker

Which coffee maker is better?

For coffee drinkers, a coffee maker is an essential part of the home, letting you have your caffeinated beverage exactly when and how you want it. While some drinkers prefer a single-serve coffee pod, others opt to drink fresh drip coffee brewed right into a pot with a standard coffee maker.

Keurig and Mr. Coffee, two of the industry leaders, offer both types of machines, as well as some products that include both options. Here’s what to know about Keurig and Mr. Coffee to find the best coffee maker.


Keurig is credited with popularizing single-serve coffee pods called K-Cups, introducing its first machine in 1998. It partnered with popular brands such as Starbucks and sold cups of tea and hot chocolate alongside various flavors of coffee.

The Keurig machine lineup is now diversified, however. While most still exclusively use pods, some machines also let you brew drip coffee.

Keurig pros

  • Convenience: Keurig champions ease of use; it only takes minutes to pop in a pod, hit brew and enjoy your coffee.
  • Supply: K-cups are made by a wide range of popular brands and offer an array of exciting flavors. They are not exclusive to a single online website or retail store.
  • Colors: Some models come in a few colors, including bold red and pastel blue that may accentuate or complement kitchen decor.

Keurig cons

  • Size: While Keurig offers a few compact machines, most are bulky and tall. You’ll need to mind the cabinets above, as Keurig machines are top-loading.
  • Price: Keurig's smallest machines are mid-range in price compared to competitors. Its largest machines exceed the price of competitors' top-of-the-line products.
  • Waste: K-Cups are single-use only. Most communities cannot recycle K-Cup pods, so they make for a great deal of waste.

Best Keurigs

K-Duo Coffee Maker

This large, versatile machine lets you use both K-Cups and ground coffee to make your drink. A large water reservoir, auto-brew programming and strong brew personalize offer convenience. Sold by KeurigAmazon and Kohl's

K-Mini Coffee Maker

This compact machine brews from a single pod quickly and easily. With its small footprint, it can live on the counter or be stored conveniently in a cabinet. It also comes in a variety of attractive colors, including dusty rose and poppy red. Sold by KeurigAmazon and Kohl's

Mr. Coffee coffee maker

For over 50 years, Mr. Coffee has offered convenient, versatile coffee machines. It has both inexpensive models and more durable, personalized coffee makers.

Mr. Coffee specializes in drip coffee, but the company does offer a few coffee makers that use coffee pods. Most machines are programmable so you can set the precise time you want to enjoy your coffee.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker pros

  • Thermal carafe: Several machines include a thermal carafe instead of a glass one, which is more durable and keeps coffee hotter and fresher longer. You also can buy a thermal carafe separately to replace or supplement a glass one.
  • Capacity: Mr. Coffee offers some of the largest coffee makers available, with machines brewing 10, 12 or even 14 cups at a time.
  • Personalization: Some of the more elaborate machines offer a few ways to personalize your coffee. Buttons let you set a time to brew, toggle brew strength and pause mid-brew to grab a quick cup.

Mr. Coffee coffee maker cons

  • Speed: Mr. Coffee machines aren’t the fastest, so be patient when you're in need of coffee. Use the programmable feature if possible.
  • Bulk: Most Mr. Coffee machines are rather wide and large, taking up valuable counter space. You’ll need clearance above the machine as well to load water and grinds.
  • Material: While Mr. Coffee does sell inexpensive makers, these tend to be made of plastic, which means they can easily wear down over time. 

Best Mr. Coffee coffee makers

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffee Maker

This stainless steel machine includes a thermal carafe to keep coffee fresh longer. With a permanent filter, durable construction and 10-cup capacity, it will serve a coffee-drinking house well for a long time. Sold by Amazon

Mr. Coffee Iced + Hot Coffee Maker

A compact machine offering a quick single serving, this versatile coffee maker produces both hot drip coffee and iced coffee. It also includes a compatible, reusable tumbler. Sold by Amazon and Kohl's

Should you get a Keurig or Mr. Coffee coffee maker?

While Keurig popularized the coffee pod, other companies, including Mr. Coffee, have made them more accessible and convenient. For those who prefer the pods, Mr. Coffee offers similar machines for a lower price, including options that welcome both coffee pods and grinds. As many are programmable, mid-range Mr. Coffee machines that include thermal carafes provide the best value.

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