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Best food processors for a large family

Which food processor is best for large families?

Getting dinner on the table when you’re cooking for a large family always seems to take longer than you’d like. Having the right tools and appliances in your kitchen can help you work more quickly, though.

Prep work like chopping veggies and herbs is often the most time-consuming kitchen task, which is why having a food processor large enough for your family can cut down on the time it takes to prepare meals. It can chop, slice, shred and even blend some recipes, making it highly versatile. For a large family, though, you have to be sure it has a work bowl big enough to hold all the food you need.

Are you looking for a food processor that can prepare enough food for your family? We’ve put together a list of some of the best food processors for large families to help cut down on your time in the kitchen. 

What size food processor do I need for a large family?

Food processors usually have work bowls that range from 4-16 cups in size. While the average model has a bowl that holds between 7-11 cups, you’ll want a large or extra-large food processor if you’re cooking for a big group. 

A food processor should hold at least 12 cups to handle the demands of a larger family. Depending on the size of your family, or whether you like to prepare large batch recipes to freeze, you may even want to choose a model with a 16-cup work bowl. 

Best food processors for a large family 2021

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

This large-capacity food processor makes it easy to get weeknight dinners on the table for a large family. It boasts a heavy-duty 720-watt motor that can get through large quantities of food with ease to reduce your time in the kitchen. Its extra-large food tube means you have to do less pre-cutting, too.

Sold by Amazon, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Wayfair

KitchenAid 14-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System and Dicing Kit

This food processor doesn’t just offer a large-capacity work bowl. It also comes with a commercial-grade dicing kit that can effortlessly dice food. It has high, low and pulse speed options for more precise control, and the ultra-tight seal on the bowl prevents leaks and messes.

Sold by Amazon

Breville Sous Chef 16-Cup Pro Food Processor

For a huge family or a household that likes to make large-batch freezer meals, you can’t do much better than this 16-cup food processor. With a powerful 1200-watt motor, it can handle even the most challenging foods with ease. It features simple on and pulse speed settings for easy operation, and the variable slicing disc has 24 settings for more precise processing. It includes a 2.5-cup bowl for smaller recipes, too.

Sold by Bed Bath & Beyond

AICOK 12 Cup Food Processor

This food processor is large enough for most families and offers 16 functions to make kitchen prep tasks much more manageable. It has four speeds to handle slicing, shredding, chopping and pureeing, and the wide-mouth feed chute allows you to do minimal prep work before adding food. It has suction feet to hold it in place on the counter, too.

Sold by Amazon

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor

This processor is an excellent option for large families on a budget, offering many top-notch features at an affordable price point. It features an easy stack-and-snap assembly, and its unique design doesn’t require twisting and locking like most food processor bowls. It also has an extra-large feed tube and a reversible slice disk.

Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

GE 12-Cup Food Processor

A food processor that can handle large family meals, this model has a 550-watt motor that can handle even the toughest fruits, vegetables and meats. It has suction cup feet to secure the appliance on your counter, and the built-in cord storage makes it easy to stash the appliance in a cabinet when not in use.

Sold by Wayfair

Magiccos 14 Cup Digital Food Processor

With its extra-large capacity and powerful 1000-watt motor, this food processor lets you prepare meals for your family quickly and easily. It features seven variable speeds and a simple rotary switch to control them. It also has an LCD screen.

Sold by Amazon

Cuisinart Elite 12-Cup Food Processor

This user-friendly food processor offers simple electronic touchpad controls and a heavy-duty motor for highly efficient operation. It has dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup and includes a second 4-cup bowl for smaller recipes.

Sold by Overstock and Wayfair

Decen 12 Cup Food Processor 

This food processor can chop, mince, puree, slice, shred and knead enough food for a large family. It offers a 600-watt motor and three speeds that are powerful enough for most tasks. The slicing/shredding discs are made of durable stainless steel, while the dough blade and bowl scraper are made of sturdy BPA-free plastic. All the attachments are dishwasher-safe, too.

Sold by Amazon

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Big Mouth Duo Plus Food Processor

Another versatile option, this food processor comes with a 12-cup bowl for family meals and a 4-cup bowl for smaller recipes. The touchpad controls are incredibly user-friendly, and the dishwasher-safe bowls, lids and blades make cleanup a breeze.

Sold by Amazon, Macy’s and Wayfair 

NutriChef 12-Cup Multifunction Food Processor

With six attachment blades, this food processor offers enough versatility to make preparing meals for your family quick and easy. The bowl can hold up to 12 cups of dry ingredients and 9 cups of liquid ingredients, making it large enough for a family, too. The food processor even features electronic overload protection to prevent the motor from overheating.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Courant 12-Cup Food Processor

This affordable food processor has a big work bowl that’s large enough for a family and a powerful motor to handle most chopping tasks. Its soft-touch control knob is easy to use, and the removable, dishwasher-safe parts allow for easy cleaning.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Cuisinart Elemental 13 Cup Food Processor

This generously sized food processor can easily prepare meals for a large family. It comes with a smaller 4-cup bowl for smaller servings. Its stainless steel blades are highly durable, and the 550-watt peak power motor can handle heavy-duty work without issue.

Sold by Amazon, Macy’s and Wayfair


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